Target Deals Update: Free Chex Mix, Hershey’s Bliss and Fiber One Yogurt


I am happy to report that not only are the Fiber One bars and cereals included in the gift card offer at Target this week, but also the toaster pastries and yogurt.  The yogurt is reportedly priced at $1.92-$2.39.  the toaster pastries are around $1.79.  Here’s how the math would work for these two new products:

$7.68-$9.56 for four Fiber One Yogurt Packs
-$4 when you use four $1/1 printable FF link or IE (you would need access to two computers to be able to print 4 coupons)
=Pay as little as $3.68 plus tax out of pocket and get a $5 Target Gift card back at check out.

For the Toaster Pastries:
$7.16 for four boxes of Fiber one Toaster Pastries
-$2 use $0.50/1 coupons from 4/19 SS insert
=$5.16 plus tax out of pocket and get a $5 Target GC

Of course you can always mix and match to better suit your needs.  There are also a couple of more freebies you can get a Target:

  • Target has small bags of Chex Mix by the checkout for $0.99.  Use the $1/1 Target printable coupon to get them free.
  • Banana Boat Sunscreen in the Travel Area for $0.99.  Use the $1.00/1 Coupon from 5/3 insert.  Free after coupon!  Thanks Heather!
  • Small bags of Pringles by the Checkout for $0.69; use the $0.50/1 Target Store Coupon.  Pay $0.19 each.  Thanks Heather!

Happy Savings!

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  • Amy

    I cant get the yogurt coupon to print.

    • Please check my FAQ section for help.


  • Tatiana

    Do you know if yogurt can be frozen? I would like to do this deal but not sure if i could eat that much yogurt before it spoils.

  • heidi

    I wanted to let you know that at our Target, some of the Fiber 1 cereals (Honey Clusters included) have a coupon on the back of the box for BIG1 on the yogurt! Makes the deal even sweeter!!

  • Amy

    I still cant get it to work

  • I’ve never seen the Money Saving Mom’s website linked to by her first name. It confused me (:

  • Sorry Amy,

    But not being in front of your computer and seeing what kind of error message you are getting, it’s impossible for me to help you.


  • Here are 2 more deals at Target.

    I found Banana Boat Sunscreen in the Travel Area for $0.99
    Used the $1.00/1 Coupon from Sunday’s Paper (5/3 insert)
    and got it for Free!

    Also, there are Pringles by the Checkout for $0.69
    Use the $0.50/1 Target Store Coupon
    = $0.19 each!

    Just thought I would pass them along!

  • Amy

    it says Error! (OCAP)

  • ashleigh

    i haven’t done this fiber one deal this week, but when i did the special k deal last week (buy 5 participating products get $5 gc) i bought 10 products in one transaction and got 2 gc. the cashier didn’t know if it would work or not and said “let’s just try and see if it will work” after the first 5 were scanned it prompted her to scan the gc and the same happened after the second 5 were scanned.

  • Can you do the Fiber One deal more than once in one transaction? Like if you buy 8 qualifying products in one transaction, will you get two $5 gift cards?


  • I am not sure Stephanie. Hopefully someone who has done this deal already can helps us with your question.

  • Tatiana

    I am getting the same ERROR OCAP message.

    • I am so sorry guys I can’t help you. I have just printed this coupon and it worked for me.


  • heidi

    I did 2 of the Infiniti pads deal this morning and had no problem getting 2 gift cards. I don’t see why it shouldn’t work for the Fiber 1 as well? Good luck!

  • heidi

    the yogurt coupon for IE has a problem – it’s not just that it won’t print it – the link shows an error message

  • jen

    did anyone find the hershey’s bliss at their target? i didnt have any luck.

  • Sun Lutz

    Heidi, I did exactly that. The first transaction I bought 2 honey cluster fiber 1 + 2 other fiber 1 items. Then, I went back, and used (2) B1g1 free coupons from the cereal box + (2)$1 off from the link on this web site. My total was $2, and got back $5 in gift card – thanks!
    Stephanie, I bought (2) set of the deal, no problem. It prompted the cashier twice. Got (2) sets of gift card
    Those that are having problems printing. Try a different browser. Sometimes Firefox does not work, and sometimes I does not work. I often have to go back between the two.

  • Tatiana

    What is the Infiniti pad deal? I dont see it in the ad.

  • Tatiana- the Infiniti pads are on sale at Target for $8.99 and when you buy 2 you also get a $5 gift card at checkout. If you buy 2 for $17.98 and use 2 $4.00 off coupons from Sundays paper it makes them only $2.50 each after the gc! Great Deal!

  • Jenny

    My target won’t let me use the coupons on the .99 cent Chex and Bliss Bars. They said they can’t use a coupon that’s worth more than the item. Has anyone else had this problem? I’ve done it before there but she called all sorts of managers to the checkout and they said the same thing. I told them for one the coupon doesn’t specify WHICH bag of Chex or which Hershey’s Bliss item. I don’t get it.

  • target cashier

    Hi, everyone. I am a cashier and do sign prep at target. I found this site looking for fiber one coupons and thought i could clear a few things up.

    Just a friendly note, there are limitations on target web coupons. It says on the bottom of the coupon “one per transaction.” my supervisors have said we can take a web coupon for say cheetos and one web coupon for hershey’s bliss, but not two coupons on two cheetos. (I have had people expecting to get 20 or 30 items for free).

    Also, it is actually illegal for us to accept a coupon for an amount higher than the purchase price of an item. If we accept a coupon for $1 on a $.99 item we are reimbursed the full $1, meaning we made money on the transaction. The cheetos coupon for $1 off can’t be used on a $.99 bag of cheetos (the price in my store).

    I know my store lost thousands of dollars last year because of improperly used coupons.

    Also, as someone noted you can buy a few “sets” of free gift card items (buy # get a free giftcard). We gladly do this, but stores reserve the right to limit purchases to a reasonable family quantity. (You most likely won’t be allowed to buy 10 “sets”)

    I hope this is helpful

  • Laura

    I called corporate about the overage issue and was told that it IS Target’s policy to adjust coupons down. I. e., if you have a coupon for $1 on an item that costs $0.99, you WILL be allowed to use the coupon–the cashier just needs to adjust the coupon to $0.99. You can find a copy of Target’s coupon policy online if you dig around, or you can request one to be e-mailed to you. The lady at corporate said that if I had any trouble, I should tell the cashier to call corporate and they would resolve the issue. This is a relief, because my manager was VERY snotty about any form of coupon use, and flat out refused to adjust a manu. coupon down the last time I was in….