Target: All Detergent $0.50, Free Bodywash and Other Deals + a Rant

Have you tried price matching at Target yet?  If not then maybe you would like to try this deal:  Price match the Big Lots ad at Target this week to get All Laundry Detergent for only $.50 each.  All detergent is on sale at Big Lots 2/$5.  Use the $2/1 manufacturer coupon from 1/3 RP insert to pay only 50 cents per bottle.  Thanks Frugal Fun and Fortune!

The Nivea Bodywash is on sale for $2.99. Use the $2/1 Nivea body wash coupon from 1/3RP insert PLUS this $1/1 Nivea Skin care coupon target store coupon to get it free.  Thanks Earn Things!

Ok, now here comes my rant: a couple of weeks back I tried to price match an item in my grocery store’s ad at Target and was denied.  I was denied because the item on the circular said that I needed my store’s customer loyalty store to get the price and Target doesn’t price match items like that.  So, I wonder, a lot of grocery sales require a loyalty or preferred card to get the sale price, so who is Target price matching to exactly?  I just think Target needs to rethink some of the requirements of their Target Price Match Policy to  make it more customer friendly.

Back to the deals now! It is a bit of a slow week at Target but here are some deals still available:

Red Baron singles 2/$5
Use $1/1 Red Baron singles printable coupon
Pay $1.50 each after coupon

Yo Plus and Fiber One Yogurt 4ct pack $1.50 (temporary price cut)
Use $1/1 Yo Plus Yogurt coupon from 1/3 SS insert OR
Use $1/1 Yo Plus printable coupon (print another one here)
Use $1/1 Fiber One printable coupon (print another one here)
Pay only 50 cents each!

Johnson’s Buddies Bars $0.97
Use $1/1 manufacturer coupon from 1/3 RP insert
FREE after coupon

Rolaids (3 pk) – $1.57/ea
Use $4/2 in 10/4 Red Plum insert (exp 1/4/10)
Free plus overage after coupon

GE Reveal, 4-pack 60 watt Lightbulbs $2.00
Use $1.50/1 – GE Lightning Product, manufacturer coupon
Pay $0.50 each after coupon Thanks Krazy Coupon Lady!

Juicy Juice Brain Development $3.19
Use $1.00/1 – Juicy Juice Brain Development Juice Target store coupon
Use $1.00/1 – Juicy Juice Brain Development  manufacturer coupon
Pay $1.19 each after coupons Thanks Krazy Coupon Lady!

Check out all of this week’s Target deals over at Stretching a Buck.

Planning a shopping trip to Target? Take with you a copy of their Coupon Policy and Price Match FAQ for a smoother experience.

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  • Erin

    Thank you! Just wondering… Does BigLots not accept coupons? Why couldn’t you just buy it there and use the coupons instead of price matching somewhere?

    • Erin,

      big Lots does not accept any manufacturer coupons. sorry,


  • TracyZ

    The same thing happened to me at Walmart a while ago. They were saying that the price was with the store card only. So I whipped out my Roundy’s card and said there it is. They gave me the product reluctantly but I won that day at least. How stupid. I’m still upset about that one. Glad to hear I’m not the only one to run into such stupidity.

  • kat

    Target and Walmart are each other’s direct competitor so that is who they target for price matching. So the price matching policy is aimed at each other. I live in Utah and have not had a problem yet price matching at Walmart. I believe there is only one store left, Smiths (Kroger), in this area that has a loyalty card. But I have not had a problem price matching from their ad. In fact, my local walmart has all the nearby grocery stores ads posted on a bulleting board with a huge sign that says we price match. But as I mentioned most grocery stores around here do not have loyalty cards.

  • ingrid

    i ran into that problem too. they had to look it up because they weren’t sure but in some manual they had it said that the price match policy excludes customer loyalty cards. most of the stores here have loyalty cards and they wouldn’t price match from CVS. i happily went to my cvs another time but i was just hoping to save myself a trip with my crabby teething toddler. i really want more all (LOVE SMALL AND MIGHTY!!!) but i don’t want the hassle either so i might pass on this. i agree, if they want the business they should broaden the scope of the price match policy.

  • Chrissy Larkin

    I had the same problem with our Target. When I told them I would take my business over to Wal-Mart then, I was told by the manager that if that is how I felt then they didn’t want my business.

    I gladly took my add and business to Wal-Mart. Our Wal-Mart will price match CVS adds even when the sale price is after the Extra Care Bucks.

  • Another thing that Target and other stores will not price match is, if an item in a competitors ad doesn’t specify EXACTLY a brand name and items size. For example, lots of ad will say “Blueberries, $1.00 lb.” – But, “blueberries” is not a brand, so they would not price match that. I have noticed in my area (Twin Cities, MN) since the big price match war started, that ads are becoming more and more generic (not stating brands and sizes) which makes them impossible to be price matched under everyone’s policies. Everytime I see a WalMart or Target price match ad on TV, it just makes me laugh (and not in a good way) because they make is so difficult to do it, it’s sometimes less work to just make the extra trip to the other store. Target’s customer service has really gone down the drain in the last year too, which doesn’t move me to want to try to price match there.

  • Veronica

    At a Wal-mart in Indiana, all you have to do is TELL them the price of an item that another store (any store) in the same town is selling it for or in an ad and the cashiers are to adjust the price without question!!! It’s a store that’s very high on customer service and is committed to not losing business to competitors. What a great business model — committed to the CUSTOMERS!!

  • Carmila

    I have a question. With Target coupons, can you only use manufacturer’s OR Target coupon? They have Cascadian Farms cereal and bars on clearance. I think around $1.72 each. If you go to the Cascadian Farms website, if you sign up for their emails you get to print a $1.00 off any product coupon. So sign up with 2 emails, and get two $1.00 coupons and pay .72 cents each! On top of it, Target on their website has a $1 off 2 Cascadian Farms cereal coupon. Target would not let me use both though, and said I needed more items, the woman would NOT push them through. So I just bought the 5 boxes of cereal for $3.60 (normally $3.00+ a box so still a steal!)Anyone have tips for me dealing with Target coupons? I am new to using them there.

    Also, they would NOT let me get the Buddy Bars for the Johnsons Baby $1 off coupon OR push through the Hello Kitty Band Aids that are .97 for the $1 off Band Aid coupon Sad cause I know people are using them there. There was about 100 boxes of Hello Kitty band aids 2 days ago. I went last night and only 3 left! I have 10 band aid coupons, so I am really hoping they will let me use them.

    Again, any tips on Target couponing? Any help is appreciated!

    • Jen

      Next time, bring the store policy on coupons with you. Targets allow for Manufacture’s cpns as well as in store ON TOP of sale prices or price matchs. However, if you have enough cpns to make something free or in the negative…such as your cereal, you need to make sure you have a balance. Target will not pay you to shop there, but if you buy the cereal at $1.72 and have a manfuc cpn for $1 and a store cpn for $1, buy something that is about 50 cents as well so you have a positive total. Works for me everytime. But ALWAYS have a print out of their price match and cpn policy

  • jennym

    I had the same expereience- UGH! And then they couldnt put it back on their shelves- Silly- They could have sold it to me for the reduced price and made some money. I hadnt left the store either and wondered where this policy was posted.

  • Brandy Ketler

    I tried to price match the all detergent tonight and had problems. She rang it up and I thought things were going good until I pulled out my coupon and she said she couldn’t use it because it exceeded the price. UNTRUE! They were 2 for $5 and the coupon was for $3 off 2. But, she said since she has to ring it up for $2.50 each she couldn’t do the coupon becuase it was $3 off. I tried to have her read it that it was on 2 products not $3 off 1 but, she wasn’t having it. Makes no sense!

  • Amy

    I price-matched the All detergent this morning at Target in Austin, Texas – no problems at all. Thanks Mercedes!

  • heavenbound

    At Walmart I price matched the Big Lots ad for the All detergent and used the $2 off coupon. Had 6 coupons so I got 6 bottles for $3.00. Woo hoo!

    • Wow! what a great deal! way to go!


  • Amanda

    I had trouble with this tonight. I price matched at Walmart and they told me I couldn’t price match and use a coupon. The cashier wouldn’t even try to scan the coupon. I have to pick up some pictures at another Walmart tomorrow so I am going to try it there (we really need laundry soap.) Just wondering if anyone else ever had this happen to them at Walmart or Target and if they had any advice?

    • Carrie

      I would take a copy of the price match policy with you – it states that you can use a coupon with a price match.