Target: All Detergent $1.50?

If you didn’t have the insert coupon to price match the  just wanted to mention that has a coupon for $1 off one All Detergent bottle.  Bring the Big Lots ad that has the All detergent on sale for $2.50 each.  This $1/1 All detergent printable coupon and get a bottle of detergent for $1.50 after price match and coupon.

So, did anyone try price matching the Big Lots ad at Target yesterday?  How did it go?

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  • There’s also a generic Target coupon for laundry detergent in the Flip, Clip, Save mailed flier that went out last week. I can’t remember how much it’s for.

  • Mandy

    I price-matched last night. It went perfectly: first, she scanned them ($4.99 at my store for small & mighty), then manually changed each one to $2.50. Then, she scanned the coupons. I bought 4 and use 3 – $2/1 and 1 – $1/1 and my total was $3 + tax!

  • Sharon Weston

    Why do you need to price match? Does Big Lots not accept coupons?

    • Mercedes

      Hi Sharon

      big lots doesn’t take coupons.


  • Kristy

    I price matched at Wal-Mart last night, no problem whatsoever. This was my first time to price match so I was kinda nervous, but it was as easy as can be!

  • Alicia

    Just wondering can you take a printed copy of the ad in or does it have to be one from your newspaper? I’ve never priced matched before.

  • Jessica

    I did not find a circular in the Houston paper nor at my local Big Lots. There is a weekly ad online with the All deal, but my Target would not accept a print out. Bummer.

    • ZM

      Jessica, we did get it in the Houston Chronicles I got. If you live close to Sugar Land/Katy area I have spare ads.

      And heads up for everyone, the fine print on the ad says 2/$5 or $3 each so make sure you buy in groups of 2 🙂

      • Jessica

        Thank you!!!!
        I sent an email to you via your website.

  • Jessica

    Also, if you can do this deal at your store, use RP 1/3 coupons to sweeten it.

  • Tania

    Worked for me! They just checked the ad & adjusted the price to $2.50. I got 6 and used 4-$1/1 & 1-$3/2 coupons. Got all 6 for $7.50 + tax. What a deal!!!

  • Sheila

    I price matched mine at Wal-mart last night for the All detergent and had no problems. They don’t carry the 64oz. bottle of snuggle – they had a 50oz. one. I asked if I could price match it with that and they let me – I guess it doesn’t hurt to ask. I used the $2 coupon for snuggle and got it free.

    • Tammy

      Hi which snuggle coupon did you use.

      • Sheila

        The $2.00 one that was in the same paper as the All detergent one

  • Tammi

    Has anybody tried doing the price match with the baby All?

  • I missed this yesterday! If I can round up a Big Lots ad I’ll be doing this.

    Thanks for the tip!

  • Amber

    Walmart will price match if is it a current ad, so as long as your print out says weekly ad with the dates they should except it. Target, you have to have the actual ad in order for them to price match.

  • I did the price match at Walmart Sunday afternoon! No problems whatsoever!

  • Jennier

    The cashier at my Wal-Mart said they don’t price match Big Lots because it is a discounted store. Anyone else ever hear this? Is it valid?

    • Carol Smith

      My Wal-Mart would not price match. The cashier really couldn’t explain a reason….just said that they did not price match Big Logs.

  • Jessica Davis

    I’ve never price matched before, so I have what may seem like a silly question, but can I do price match at the register, or do I have to go through customer service?

  • tammy

    If you can, i would price match at walmart. At walmart you do not have to go to customer service you can just go to a regulare lane. Also as of recently Walmarts price matching policy has changed: They now price match ads that have a club card or membership associated with them. I have an official printed out policy from walmarts website that I can post the link to if Mercedes allows it? I printed this out and now carry out with me. Just to double check I did call Walmart corporates number and they confirmed the policy change. They told me if I have any trouble with a cashier or manager allowing me to price match an ad with a club card, just to call corporate on the spot or have them do it, and they would correct them. This new policy has saved me sooooo much time!

  • Jessica,

    When they first started price matching, I tried to price match at customer service at my local Target and they told me to go through the check-out lane. The cashier in the lane adjusted it with no problem.

  • I used the price match at walmart and used the coupon, I had a $3.00/2 All coupon bringing the total to $1.00 each..Plus I found a three pack of Dove soap for $1.07 and used $1.00/1 making it $.07 !!! (No price match was needed for the bars of soap)

  • I price matched at Walmart last night (at the register with the ad) without a problem. I bought two bottles and used the $3/2 coupon.

  • Jeanette

    I price matched today @ Target. I was told I had to do it at customer. Because the price worked out to fifty cents (I had the two dollar off coupon) the cashier thought that was too cheap and called for a manager. The manager said they will only price match to a single item so since the ad price was two for five dollars or three dollars each, they would only price match for three dollars, not two fifty. Still an okay deal, but it aggravates me that a store offers a policy but tries to find anyway to get out of actually doing the policy.

  • Natalie

    Worked for me in Chico, CA! Got 8 for $8! Used (4) $3/2 🙂 Super exciting! I picked up a rain check for the Nivea body wash while I was there too…

  • Sonjia

    I priced matched at my Target here in Orlando, and the cashier at the CS desk had no problem doing it- she even asked me if Big Lots took coupons. I had a $3 and change gift card left over from my Prevacid deal last week, so I paid .83 for 7 bottles of ALL. My shelves are stocked once again, which is awesome. Thanks for posting this deal!

    In regard to Target, it seems to be hit or miss with the quality of the CS we receive. I never have an issue at my local stores, and I would choose them over Walmart any day because my local stores are quite a hassle (Remember the Black Friday riot over the laptops? LOL), and it seems to be the opposite for some of you living in other states. As consumers, I think we all win when stores start competing for our business. I know the recession has hurt many, but I am grateful that stores have returned to a policy of pleasing their customers by going beyond to provide a A+ experience.

  • Daisy

    My Target would not price match. They debated about it for several minutes–checked the ad date, the item size, and finally said they wouldn’t do it because the “scent” of the one I was purchasing was different than the Big Lots pictured item. It always seems like they look for a way not to price match at Target. I went to Walmart and they took care of the price match with no problem. It was so easy there that I would suggest you try Walmart if your Target won’t do it for you!

  • JMo

    I did my first Target price match tonight. They did the price match but would not allow me to use the manufacturer coupons after the price match. Unfortunately I didn’t have the price match policy printed out and I was too tired to fight it at 9:30 on Saturday night. $2.50 for All is still a good price (normally $5.24).

    I showed my husband the price match policy when we got home and he is mad and going back tomorrow to get discuss with the manager and try to get the coupons accepted. 🙂

    • JMo

      I went back to Target CS on Sunday with my receipt from Sat night, the Big Lots ad, all 6 bottles of All, and a printed copy of the Target Price Match Policy. Two CS reps were really nasty to me. The manager asked to see the ad and the exact bottles that I purchased, then he eventually gave me $8 cash back – the value of my coupons. As he was handing me the money, he begrudging apologized. I ended up getting 6 bottles for $1.16 each!