Target: Febreze Noticeable Warmer Money Maker

This week Target is offering a free $5 Target gift card when you buy five Febreze products.  You can do the following deal and get paid to buy these products:

Buy four Febreze Noticeables Warmer $2.50 each
Buy one Febreze Air Effects Spray, 9.7 oz $2.50

Use four $3/1 Febreze Noticeables Warmer 8/28/2011 P&G Insert (exp 9/30/2011)
Use one $1/1 Febreze Air Effects 8/28/2011 P&G Insert (exp 9/30/2011)
Pay $1.50 and get back one $5 Target gift card back

Remember that the P&G coupons say you can only use four like coupons in one transaction.

Thanks, Savings Lifestyle!

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  • Karen

    does Target adjust the $3 coupon down to $2.50 then?

    • melissa

      Not ussualy but some targets may. As long as you are not in hte negative on your total, then they will allow it as overage.

      5 x 2.50 = 12.5

      – 3.00 x 4 =12
      – 1.00 = 1

      = -0.5 … maybe your right the scenerio was adjusting the coupons.


      3 febreeze noticles for 7.50
      2 febreeze spray for 5.00

      – 3.00 x 3 = 9.00
      -1.00 x 2 = 2.00

      Pay 1.50 and get the $5 gift card back.

      grab a soda or chips and it should cover the cost.

    • Linda

      Target does NOT adjust down as long as you have product to cover the overage. I purchased 4 Noticeables at the Cincinnati Target for $2.50each x 4 = $10 + 1 Febreze Spray $2.50 for a total of $12.50 and used (4) X $3.00 MFQs + (1) x $1.00 Q for a total of -$.50, so I added 2 bars of Olay Soap (travel section) for $.97ea and used the $1.00 Q (good on 2 bars, 2 bodywash, or inshower body lotion), and my total was $.50 + tax for all 7 items, plus she gave me the $5.00 gift card good on my next purchase! Truly a great moneymaker!

      • Sweet! Great job Linda!


  • melissa

    These say set and fresh is on sale, the coupon is for the noticables….is there a difference?

    • Melissa- the ad says set and refresh, but the warmer is on sale too “unadvertized.”

      Also, can anyone tell me. Isn’t there a MIR for noticibles too?

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    I found the MIR!!!, Even more $ back!!

    Thanks Mercedes!

  • Kerri

    According to the ad noticables are not listed as part of the deal. Do you know if you can buy the noticables for part of the deal?

    • Hi,
      Yes, they are not listed in the ad but they are included in the deal. They should be tagged at the store.


  • qudz104

    unfortunately i didnt get to pick up the paper this week, but i will be doing this deal with the coupons from the organize at home mailer… before coupons the total will be 12.50, after 5- $1 coupons, 7.50, and then with the gift card, it would be 2.50. not a money maker but its kind of like getting 5 products for the cost of 1! plus after mailing in the rebate, it will be as if i got it all for free, so i wont complain!

    • qudz104

      ugh, edit.. just realized i only have 3 coupons, and the other 2 are for the candles, which are on sale but for $5. i guess i might not be taking advantage of this deal after all. 🙁

  • Rebecca O

    another way to do it would be
    4 x $3 off
    2 x $1 off

    total $15 minus coupons equals $1 plus $5 gift card 6 items total.

  • Jen

    Why not buy 5 of the Febreze noticeables and use 5 coupons for $3 each? Does the register automatically take off $2.50 for each coupon?

  • Jen

    Oh, scratch that last comment….I forgot about the limit of 4 P&G coupons per transaction.

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