Target: Finish Quantumatic Deal

Here is a good deal on this new product by the brand Finish.  The Finish Quantumatic system is on temporary price cut at Target and selling for only $5.  Some of you got lucky and got a coupon in your 4/11 SS inserts for $5 off one of these systems.  If you are one of these people you can get this product for free after coupon.  The rest of us can use this printable coupon for $3 off one Finish Quantumatic to pay only $2.  There is also a coupon booklet mailed by Target to some of you that has a coupon for $1/1.  If you got this coupon you could end up getting this product for better than free or pay $1 for one.

Thanks Lisette for sharing this awesome deal.  She also shares that she found a Kodak digital camera that regularly retails for $129.99 on clearance for only $50.  If that wasn’t cheap enough for you, she also used this $10/1 Kodak camera Target printable coupon to end up paying only $40.  Good deal hunting Lisette!

Has anyone tried these already? did you like it?  I think the package says it’s only good for 12 uses?  That’s not too many.

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  • I have tried these when they were a great deal at Rite Aid last week… I am not sure I like them. I tried it for the 12 uses and only 1/2 the time they cleaned my dishes. Now, I am one of those people who do not “pre-rinse” and take everything off… I have a couple more that I will try in the coming weeks. If they don’t clean my dishes better, I won’t buy them again!

  • Rachel

    You have to not be lazy and pre-rinse. Leaving your dishes crusty is gross anyway..If you take three seconds and rinse your dishes out this product works beautifully.

    • Amanda

      Calling someone lazy is not very nice. I happen to know that the woman above you works 40+ hours a week (with high energy children) and has started an up and coming blog which also requires time, effort and energy. So she doesn’t rinse her dishes spotless. What is the point of the pre-rinse function of the dishwasher? If I were half as busy as her I probably wouldn’t even cook!

    • Tammy

      I never pre-rinse to save on water and my dishes come out clean ever time. Maybe the new product does not work that good. I use the electrasol finish tabs and never had a problem with dirty dishes.

      That is very rude to tell someone they are lazy when you dont even know them.

  • Amanda

    I too tried these after buying them at Rite Aid. They did an alright job on my dishes. I will probably stick to using them to wash my boys toys and light loads of dirty dishes. At an approx cost of .16 cents a load if you pay $2 for 12- theyre not to bad.

  • Natalie

    where did those 5 dollar coupons come from?? I think I only got the $1 off coupons 🙁

  • For those of you not satisfied… Finish has a money-back guarantee on the Finish Quantumatic through 5/31/10:

  • Kirsten

    Rachel, prerinsing actually makes it harder to get dishes clean because there is nothing for the soap to work on. Ask the manufacturers 🙂

  • Irene S.

    I’ve used these before and I think they do a decent job. The plus side is that you don’t have to load soap every time, just close the door and start.

  • Diana

    I have to admit I too don’t really prerinse but I do scrap all the big chunks off. (To be green and not waste water they say you should do this) I would have to say it works pretty good. But its kinda big and bulky and how much work is it to put a gel pack in the dispenser and go. I probably would never buy it again.

  • MaryCatherine

    I’m sorry that I stated my opinion… I am not lazy… I do scrape my plates before I put them in the dishwasher, I just don’t rinse them spotless. I figure, what is the point of the dishwasher if I “prewash” them all.

    • Rachel

      Sorry for the misunderstanding i thought you meant that you just stick them in food and all..

  • Sandra

    Weird, I got a coupon book from Target recently, but no Finish coupon…

  • judy pruitt


  • pennyscents

    I have not tried this product yet. However, I did buy the Finish Powerball tabs when those were on sale really cheap. Those did not work well at all. I had to use two of them in each load. The tabs wouldn’t even dissolve at all half of the time. I will never buy those again.

  • Meal

    I can’t get the Target Quantum $1.50 coupon to print.