Target: Free Bakery Items after Coupon


There’s a new Target printable coupon available for $1 off any Archer Farms bakery purchase of $1 or more. If you have a Super Target near you, here are the things you can grab for free or very cheap by using this coupon:

Archer Farm Artisan bread mini loaves
Brownie Bites
Rice Krispie treats

From what I understand the coupon goes through with no beeps on these items.  The coupon doesn’t expire until 11/17, so you have plenty of time to put it to good use.  Oh!  how I wish I had a Super Target!  Enjoy!

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  • There are also small packs of chocolate chip cookies for $.99. There are 3 in a pack. I bought them last weekend…no beep.

  • Divya

    Thanks for this wonderful piece of info. Can I use the coupon more than once in one transaction? or should I buy them seperately?

    • Hi Divya,

      You could use more than one coupon but that would depend on your cashier. at worst you will have to split your transactions.


  • Thanks for posting!!

  • Divya

    thanks for your immediate response! u r the best!

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  • Christi

    I’m apparantly new to ask this but, does a regular “Target” not accept a “Supertarget” coupon? and what justifies a “Super”? I’ve obviously never seen a “SUPERTarget”……

    • A regular target will take coupons that say “super target” on them as long as the regular target carries the coupon. A duper target has a grocery section with fruits, vegetables, meat, etc.