Target: Free Glade Holiday Candles

The Glade Candle Gift Card deal I shared with you earlier just got better at Target.  The products included in the promotion are not on price cut for $2.50 each.  This price cut is good through 11/27.

Best deal

Buy (10) Glade Holiday Jar Candles $2.50 each
Use five B1G1 Free Glade Jar Candle, any 4 oz from 9-26-10 SS (expires 11/6)
Use two $1.50/2 Glade Jar candles (zip 90210)
Pay $9.50 plus tax and get back two $5 Target Gift Cards

However, don’t forget about the Target Register Problem I shared with you earlier. You can not do this transaction alone at the register. You need to add items to your order to pad up your order. In this case you need about $8 worth of items.

Thanks Totally Target!

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  • CJ

    I did the $5 Olay gift card deal at Target today, bought $14 in other items and should have been able to use all of my $12 in coupons but the register only took off $10.81 in coupons. I cant figure out Target’s registers these days. I’m not even going to try the Glade deal after that.

  • pennyscents

    Is the Glade $5.00 gift card deal not advertised? I am not seeing it.

    • Hi penny,

      Yes this deal is not advertised and it runs for sometime. The details are on the previous post.


  • pennyscents

    I was just looking at the bogo coupon from the 9/26 SS insert. The upc is coded with a 14, which means it will attach to both items that you are buying. How are you able to use the $3.00 off 3 or the $1.50 off 2 together with this bogo coupon? the $3.00 off coupons also say, “may not be combined with any other coupon.”

  • I did this deal today, and had no problems! I totally forgot about the *glitch* and purchased only the 10 candles in a separate transaction from my other items so I could use the $10 in gc to pay for my next transaction!

    I used 5 B1G1 coupons, one $3/3, and one $1.50/2 and paid $7.95 with tax (huh, actually I just noticed that my reciept says, no tax?? In TN everything is taxed!!)

    I did notice that a completely new screen I’d never seen before popped up when the cashier scanned the coupons, and also popped up on some of my coupons on my other transaction. The cashier manually input most of them, but it automatically had her do that!

    I frequent a Super Target right by my house, and they are fantastic about coupons! I hate to hear that others have so many problems (as I read in your post about the register problems) because I rarely do, and if I do the cashiers almost always catch it themselves!

  • alli

    I bought these last year when there was a HOT deal and am still using them. Some of them smell REALLY good!

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  • Sandra

    So has anyone else tried seeing if the deal works if their store doesn’t have the signs up? My store just has 2/5 by the candle end cap.

  • CJ

    There were no sale or gift card signs at my Target for the Glade, and each scent was a difference price.

  • pennyscents

    I did the candle deal at my Target today. They do have signs by a whole shelf of Glade Christmas scents (aerosol spray, candles, plug ins). It says on the sign $5.00 gift card wyb selected Glade Christmas products. the sign does not say what selected Glade Christmas products are included, though. Normally you can just scan an item on one of the scanners, and the scanner will show the price & whether it is part of the GC deal, or not. I did that with all of the products on that shelf, including the candles. None of them showed the $5.00 GC deal on the scanner sign. We know the candles are part of the deal, though. Does anybody know what else is included in the “selected items?”

  • I also tried scanning everything and nothing showed the GC deal on the scanner like last year! I haven’t tried anything other than the jar candles but did also see the same sign on an endcap with lots of Christmas products!

    I did the deal again tonight and this time paid close attention to the coupons! The cashier scanned the first 2 B1G1 coupons and $2.50 automatically came off. Every other coupon rang up as $0.00 off but she manually entered them all as store coupons for the correct amount.

    I asked about all the problems lately and she said that she knows they are aware of it and working on it! So maybe there is some hope!

  • pennyscents

    I’m trying to figure out why noone has bought any of the Glade Christmas scent air freshener sprays yet. $2.50×5=$12.50-$7.50 (5 $1.50/2-11/7 SS) =$5.00 oop, & get back 2 $5.00 gift cards. I haven’t seen anyone reporting this, so I feel like I am missing something. I know the air fresheners are included because they are even in this week’s ad as included. Feedback please??????

    • pennyscents

      Okay, I am replying on myself. Yes, I did mess this one up. I figured I was missing something. I would actually have to buy 10 in order to use 5 of the $1.00 off 2 coupons. So a starting price of $25.00-$7.50=$17.50, then get the 2 $5.00 gift cards. I think I’ll pass on this one. Sorry, if I messed anybody else up. BRAIN TOO FULL!!!

  • CJ

    pennycents – I want to do the Glade deal with the air refreshners but after reading of all the problems with using coupons with gift cards deals, I dont want to get shorted so havent bothered to try it.

  • pennyscents

    I might be going to Target later this week. I am going to try it & I will let you know.

    If anybody else has any feedback on this too, please post!