Target: Free Lego Set with Gift Card Purchase

Checkout this deal Julie posted on the CSwM Facebook wall:

If you’re already making a purchase at Target, you can get a LEGO Target dog “Bullseye” for FREE! Target has a giftcard with an attached miniature LEGO set. There’s no additional charge for the Lego set, so if you load the giftcard with say $5.00, you can then turn around and use that $5 on the items you were already going to buy, won’t be out any more money than you were going to spend anyway, and you’ve got a really cute LEGO Target dog for free!

Thanks Julie! That IS too cute!

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  • Jane

    That’s great, I think I’ll try that!


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  • Jenna

    Where are you finding them? I couldn’t seem to locate them…

  • Deanna

    I don’t know if this rule will apply in store or not but if you buy this giftcard online it has a minimum load of $25, still not bad if you buy it for yourself and just give the toy part to your kids then you can use the giftcard for yourself on anything you would normally buy at Target over the course of time.

  • Julie Travis

    They ran out almost as soon as they got them at the Canton store.

  • I couldn’t find these at my Target in DFW… looked near the registers, customer service, and the holiday section. Where did you find them?

  • cynthia

    I found these with the giftcards that were special for the holidays, they weren’t with the regular gift cards, but they only had a few of this kind, so they probadly sell fast.

  • Charissa Cowart

    That is the cutest lego dog ever!! Haha, I just love it!! Great deal by Target!

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