Target: Free Socks?

Photo by Saving Addiction

Well, I hope you printed the $5/1 Merona Handbag coupon available on the Target website yesterday and this morning because it’s gone!  hopefully they will bring it back again.  You may want to print this coupon for $2/1 Merona Hosiery item.    The gals over at Saving Addiction found the microfiber knee highs pictured above on clearance for $1.72 and after the coupon they got them free.  Please remember that clearance varies from store to store.

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  • Kim

    I printed the purse coupon this morning and found one on clearance for $3.50!! Yea, I love purses, especially free ones!!

  • Bernadette

    Oh Man! I printed mine this morning and didn’t find one for completely free, but pretty close!

  • Catherine

    Hi, i got a purse for 75 cents. can’t beat it ! thank you !!

  • I didn’t find anyt for free but I did find two that I loveeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEeeee on clearance for $12.49 minus my2 coupons for $5.00 off making them just $7.49 each. They are nice and narly and big!

  • Rachelle

    I got a cute purse for free today using the $5/1 Merona. At my store there were still at least 15 left!
    Thanks so much for the heads up!

  • Ann

    Got the socks today for free plus overage:)

  • Lindsey

    I went today and didn’t find any socks on clearance. I found a few purses I liked but they were $10 so I decided since the coupon doesn’t expire until May 2nd I am going to wait for them to go on sale. They should and if they don’t it wasn’t meant to be. I certainly don’t need any more purses but how could I pass up free!

  • Molly

    Anyone know when Target tends to change their prices on clearance items? In case I find things for 30% off, wondering if they will go to 50% soon.

  • Michelle

    I printed the coupons early this morning… I got two purses, one for 2.00 and another one for 2.49!

  • MichelleS

    I am so upset with target right now. I am very new to coupon-ing and went to target last night. I tried to get the free motrin pm deal by using a target coupon and manufacturing coupon from the paper. Because the Motrin was 3.99 and my coupons were 4.00 they would not adjust it down one penny. I had a two dollar pure and natural coupon and was very excited to find some clearance pure and natural product. I had one coupon and one bottle of the soap but the soap was 1.84 and the coupon 2.oo so again they wouldn’t adjust. I spoke to the manager last night (whom was in training) and she said they do not adjust down at that location it is up to the store. She also acted as if I was trying to steal something from the store by using coupons to begin with and had a very condescending tone. I had over 100.oo worth of things I was buying without coupons and very few items with coupons so it was very upsetting. Are stores normally negative about you using coupons? It made me feel embarrassed in the line and again at customer service because of the attitudes of the workers about coupon use. The in training manager even went as far to say “certain people” abused it and had them adjust hundreds of items for a penny and they were losing money over it. How could that be true?? They make money from the manufacturer coupons.. I checked with another manager today whom was very friendly but also said they wont adjust coupons at that location. IO am considering calling corporate but am wondering if you guys had this happen before??

    • Pam

      Sorry to hear your experience was a negative one. Have you read Mercedes article “How to shop at Target” (and also the comments)? About two years ago I had a clerk who would not accept a coupon because it was more than the item, but I have not experienced that situation since. Don’t give up on couponing 🙂 Most of the time it’s lots of fun!

    • Lisa

      I know how you feel. That has been happening to me alot now. It makes me almost not even want to shop at Target anymore. I have read the Target coupon policy where it says that they do adjust the coupon value if its more than the value of the item. I always tell that to the cashiers and they always say that they don’t do that because it brings up a red flag. Let me know if you decide to call corporate and what happens because I would really like to know if they really do adjust coupons only at certain locations because it says that nowhere on the coupon policy. I don’t even know why some cashiers get so stingy when customers use coupons, I mean either way they are getting money. Coupons are basically cash! It annoys me when I hand over like 4 coupons and I’m buying a ton of stuff and the cashiers give me a bad look. But again, let me know what happens if you decide to call corporate! 😀

  • MichelleS

    Sorry for such a long vent before.. I called corporate today and was told that ALL TARGET stores should follow the same policy and should have just adjusted my coupon. They are emailing my store today and said it will be taken care of,. They gave me a ref number from my call and said should I ever have a problem in any of the targets again to just give that ref number and it will be taken care of right then.. I am happy with target again and still looking forward to learning the couponing ropes and using coupons more and more.. Thanks Pam. I appreciate your comment..

    • melina

      MichelleS Can You share the corporate number that You called? Thanks! (And YES I also have the same problem with the coupons! :/ )

    • Hi Michelle

      Yes! don’t give up on using coupons. I have myself had encounters with unhelpful cashiers. It’s OK. Most of the time I ask them to take the item off if they are not taking my coupon. I figure if they are not letting my use my coupon then they can go put the stuff back on the shelves 😉


  • MichelleS

    Melina and Mercedes,
    They told me ALL targets have to adjust the amount and that it is not up to the individual stores so, if you go to one that doesn’t, you can call the same number and they will email that specific store and let them know they need to adjust the amount. I called 1800-440-0680. They were great and gave me a personal ref number to take with me in store so it doesn’t happen again so I’d assume they will do the same for you. 😉

  • MichelleS

    I want to say thank you to everyone that responded..