Target: Huge Scrubbing Bubbles Money Maker Deal

Thanks to Kristina for alerting me to a HOT Target coupon some of you will get in your coupon inserts today: Get $5 Target gift card when you buy one Scrubbing Bubbles Extend a Clean kit. From now through 5/8 the kit is on temporary price cut and sells for $7.99. Use the manufacturer coupon for $5/1 from 4/11 SS insert to come out ahead $2 for every one you buy after coupon and Target gift card.

But here’s a scenario concocted by Kerry over at Totally Target:

Buy 3 Scrubbing Bubbles Daily Shower Power Sprayer $7.99 each
Buy 3 Scrubbing Bubbles Daily Shower Power Sprayer Refills $3.94
Use three $5/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer Starter, any – 04-11-10 SS x6/6)
Use three Buy Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer Get a Refill FREE printable
Use three FREE $5 Target Gift Card wyb Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-A-Clean starter kit 5-2-10 SS x5/25
Use one FREE $5 Target Gift Card wyb 3 Scrubbing Bubbles Products 4-11-10 SS x5/4
Pay $8.97 plus tax out of pocket and get back $20 in Target Gift Cards!!

Plus if you have not submitted for the SC Johnson rebate you could do that and get $5 back.  The limit on this rebate is three per household

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  • Mary

    WOW! I am drooling over this deal! We do not get the regional Target inserts. So last time (buy 3 get $5 gc) I bought them online. Wish I would have waited. Maybe I will buy again…..

    • Toya

      Hi Mary, where online do you buy your coupons?

      • Mary

        I used last time (they do not have a min. order). First time doing it and it worked out nicely.

        • Toya

          Thanks Mary I will take a look.

  • Sandra

    Be careful with this!! I did this last week and got charged for the gift cards instead of them just being scanned for me. I had to talk with customer service for 40 minutes before she voided the transaction and re-rang it…sure enough, although she didn’t believe me, I was right, I was overcharged. The coupons ring funny at Target – and show up funny on the receipt.

    • Dani

      The same thing happened to me! Except I didn’t realize it until I got home and was looking at the receipt to see why it was more than I had expected it to be!

    • jennifer

      The same thing happened with me – i caught it before i left the store but it caused huge chaos with customer service. They could not figure it out. Ended up giving me the cash back for the gift card they charged me for. But they suggested to me not to use those coupons any more. That the clerk would just not accept them with this much trouble. AMAZING! I was so frustrated by the time i got out of that store.

  • kiyt13

    Hi, When i click on:
    there is no B1G1 free on the Scrubbing bubbles power sprayer. Can you please direct me to that webpage so i can obtain the coupon..Also where can i get the $5.00 gift cards that you mention.
    Thank you,

    • I fixed the link. sorry about that.


  • Juanita

    The limit on the SC Johnson rebate is 3 per household, but each rebate must be sent in seperately. So you will have to buy your items in sets of three or at least where you can send in only receipts for 3 items per rebate form.

    • Donia

      I’m a couple days late on this but I thought I would tell you I called the number on the rebate form. They said they were making an exception and you could send one receipt with 3 rebate forms. I did that so we will see :).

  • melina

    Mercedes, I only could print 2 b1g1 from the page of scrubbing…

  • cat

    i tried this deal last week, and i am still steamed about it, i had this deal starting to go through with my coupons until it would not accept one of the refills as an item, so i counted out how many items i was getting with my two target coupons to get a $5 gift card, come to find out that i could not use them in combination so i tried to do two transaction, and the “main manager was called over” and she read in detail all my coupons and WOULD NOT TAKE MY TARGET $5, OR MY $5 OFF AND MY BUY ONE GET ONE FREE. basically because i would get two things for about the price of $2 with a $5 gift card, she would not authorize this deal, when before it had went through the computer just fine. I WAS SO MAD because of her attitude and inability to give me the deal, i refused to buy any of the scrubbing bubbles!! so that they lost my business with that, i am still so angry I am more watchful of what i spend over there, i would rather go somewhere else, and we have been great customers in my family. if anyone knows where they also sell the power scrubber with the refill i would be appreciated. i was going to try Walmart. Good input appreciated

  • Rachel

    I got bad experience in target too. The machine can not take the BOGO coupon, and cashier look at the coupon carefully, then tell me the sprayer starter is not a “kit”, and manager was called over, they even sent someone to scan the code in cleaning area, and tell me they don’t have the “kit”. It took me like half an hour, I had to hold my baby to follow the staff here and there. I ended up with buying nothing because the coupon run well in Dominick’s one week ago. Anyone knows if the Dominick’s deal still available?

  • Diane Gordon

    I think if I had to do it again I wouldn’t. They gave me a hassel about the Nivea coupon because it was for 4.00 and the product was 3.99 at my store. Took two people to straighten out that and then would only take 2 of the bogo and I only got 2 gift cards for the scrubbing bubbles. I got 9 Nivea and 6 scubbing bubbles but it cost 23.00 out of pocket and I lot of trouble from the store.(: I am thankful I can turn it in for the rebate so it won’t be too bad but not the deal I had hoped for. Unless you have a very coupon friendly store …. could be trouble.

  • claire

    Wouldn’t you be able to use two buy three get a 5$ gift card and have a better deal ?

    • cat

      i wish but the manager read the coupon and said i could only use one target couopn “buy 3 get a target $5 gift card for per transaction” then she refused to take all the three combined the $5 off the power scrubber with the free refill and buying a third item” she just refused to take all three. so if you want to use it do seperate transactions.

  • Amanda

    Has this worked for anyone? (getting all 4 gift cards?) I’m hoping to try it tomorrow, but I need one more of my friends to print me off a BOGO coupon first….

    • Hi Amanda,

      Actually I have heard from some readers that the BOGO has given them problems and it may not be as smooth transaction as one expect. if you want to give it a try, hand the BOGO coupons first and then the rest. if you want to avoid hassle just get the kit deal and not the refill.


      • Amanda

        I did the whole deal with the 4 gift cards, and it went great! My cashier was awesome…before I even started he said “you must have the coupons for that crazy scrubbing bubbles deal going on” Apparently, another person had been there before me. I also got 2 free gillette body wash, 4 benadryl itch sticks plus overage, and 6 tide trial size plus overage. I ended up making a ton of overage, and the cashier put all of the coupons through!

        My advice to the others who are having problems at Target–choose your cashiers wisely, and I find sometimes that after 7 pm things go better! I always try to be friendly right off the bat and that helps a ton also!

  • Kristina L.

    I just did the Scrubbing Bubbles spray starter kits w/5 off coupon and the target gift card coupon and only paid like 3.00 oop and then used the 5.00 gift card to do the same transaction 8 times and ended up with like 16.00 in gift cards.

  • Trisha Preece

    I am getting very annoyed with Target in general but especially couponing there. My coupons never scan for some reason. They question every item that I buy with a coupon, and I just feel like they treat me like a crook when I shop there. Totally disgusted with Target right now.

  • I always have the same problem with coupons when I go to target! I never know if all of my coupons scanned or not. I do not like the way they do coupons on the receipt at all!

  • vicki

    I had a very similar incident at Target with the scrubbing bubbles deal…mine was that of course it beeped with the buy 1 get 1. I had a new cashier so she had the manager come to help her. There was so much confussion of the transaction but in the end she gave me back my buy 1 get 1 coupon and said I couldn’t use them both since I was actually getting the second for free…I got charged for the gift card….but all of my products were free because some how they entered the total product prices for each of my coupons, my oop should have been about the same for the deals I was working so I didn’t bother going back in to get the gift card deal taken care of….so in this trip I was able to get 2 free lightbulbs, free scub bubbles starter and refill, free tide sample, free toliet gels, free fresh brush 2 in 1 kits and 2 packages of hair color with full size bottles of pantene attached, and free motrin plus I still have my buy 1 get 1 coupon…my total oop was 7.56 and I saved 47.32….guess it was worth the hassle if you have the time but wouldn’t want to go thru it all the time….my Target is pretty good about the deals and the register generally marks down a q if it is higher

  • melina


  • Rachel

    I went to Dominick’s again with $5 off and B1G1, all coupons run smoothly, plus I got $8 cataline coupon back ($3 for each starter, $1 for each refill).
    BTW, I call the Johnson CS regarding purchasing more than 6 item on one receipt, they said I can just mail one receipt( with 6 item on it) and two rebate forms together to get $10 rebate.

  • cat

    ok me again, bet you guys are tired of me, i forgot about the free brush 2- in 1 kits, i got screwed on that deal too cause the original price they have for them is $0.10 more then the coupons allowed i could not use them, at all. i even offered to pay the difference but they would not even allow that, and that happened when i first got to the counter, so starting off i had to fix that. it really steams me that we have these great coupons but have to go through the emotional hassle of having to fight for the great deals we are expecting, and then either end up with nothing good, or barley anything. to those select few that got to use all the coupons like i expected i could, great for you!!!!!!!! too bad it did not happen for everyone, and that is a real shame with the economy we are in and that we are people even buying things that and not high necessity at the store.

  • Carmila

    I sent in 3 SC Johnson receipts in the same envelope (I got 10 steamer bags, this was around the double coupon event at Kmart I ‘won’ something an was told coupons would not go through after that point so had to split my transaction. So I mailed in a receipt with 5 items, receipt with 2 items, and a receipt with 3 items ALL in the same envelope but each with their own form of course, and mailed it off. I have already gotten confirmation (3 emails) that they were received, and 3 more emails that they were all correct and that I will recieve my rebates in 2-3 weeks.

    I have not gotten to do the Target deal, but the deal I will do involves rolling gift cards I already have, paying nothing oop, and gaining $19 in gift cards after the cost of tax and buying my coupons. I am not going to bother using the BOGO refill coupons either. I figure I already getting 18 scrubbing bubbles free and the refills just means more tax to me and a hassle to redeem the coupon from reading the comments here.

    I will say that some Target registers seem to be programmed to not read certain coupons or their systems have major errors of some sort. EVERY coupon I was using, manu or otherwise, never wants to read at our local store will just say item not there for EVERY item. But I drive to a store 10 minutes away, and every coupon works. Its so odd! So if I have some complex deals, I go to the slightly farther store because they are MUCH nicer and patient and the machines tend to take our coupons more often.

  • Patti

    I know this is after the fact, but I’m going to say it anyway: BOGO coupons will ALWAYS beep. ALWAYS. Each and EVERY time. The REASON is because the cashier needs to enter a value. If the cashier looks confused, I will TELL them immediately, “It’s a bogo, and it needs you to enter the value of the free item.” Many times I will tell them the value, too, so they can find it faster. Know when to expect the dreaded beep, and how to handle it. I have a much easier time with cashiers when i know what I’m doing.