Target: Leapfrog’s Alphabet Pal $0.49 After Coupon

alphabetpalThis is the type of deal I love blogging about, what a screamer!  Starting tomorrow Friday 11/13 and through Saturday 11/14, Toys R Us is having a big Doorbuster Sale.  One of the items included in this sale is Leapfrog’s Alphabet Pal.  It will be on sale for $10.49.  If you take the TRU sales circular for this two-day sale to Target and have it price matched PLUS use the Target Toy coupon for $10 off one you will end up paying 49 cents for one!  That’s it!

Just remember that you need to bring the full TRU sales circular and shop during the same hours of the sale (Friday 3PM-12AM, and Sat 7AM-1PM).  Have this item price matched at the Guest Service desk.  This would make a wonderful donation to Toys For Tots!  Thanks Mojo Savings.

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  • Diane Anderson

    I went to my local store after work and they said that the ad would be in tomorrow’s paper.

  • Andrea

    Sounds awesome!! (Now, where did you find the TRU circular? LOL! Was it in Sunday’s paper, do you need to pick it up in TRU or can you print it off the internet?)

    Thanks, mama!!!

    • I don’t know! I don’t have a TRY or get the newspaper!! LOL! but I think it would be available in the newspaper either yesterday, today or tomorrow. And hopefully in stores too.


  • Isabel’s Mommy

    Yes, wondering if you can print it off the internet.

  • couponingqueen7

    Looking for one as well. I know that Target (at least mine) will not price match without the original ad. I called Toys R Us and mine said they do not have any ads in the store but they may be there tomorrow morning or you may find them in tomorrows paper she said? If anyone finds out where to get one, please share! Thank you!

  • Daphne

    Here (mid-TN) the TRU ad was in yesterday’s paper.

  • Jennifer

    I read on another forum that people were having trouble pricematching AND using the Target coupons at the same time. Some Targets are saying one or the other only.

  • Nikki

    Okay, if you go online on the toysrus website, look for something about In Store Events on the bottom of the page. Click until it asks for your zip code then pick the 2 day event. I don’t know if Target will honor this as an advertisement, but I can’t see why they wouldn’t. Good luck all!

  • Dizzy Mommy

    Can’t wait to get this for my son… he will love it. My TRU ad came in my local paper here outside Detroit. It wasn’t in the big Detroit Freepress… it was in the local smaller paper. Same thing with the ad last week.

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  • jen

    Love this!!! Thanks so much!

  • Trish

    If this works it will be so awesome – thanks Mercedes! I just hope a actually get the ad 🙂

  • Jami

    Is it Target OR Toys R Us? The header says Target, but the note says Toys R Us…I don’t have Toys R Us near me.

  • Jami

    What is a TRU? Im new to all of this! Please help a momma out!

    • Jami, TRU is Toys R Us.

      This deal is at Target but you need to bring the Toys R Us ad and have it price matched at Target PLUS use the Target coupon.



  • Patty

    I just spoke with TRU because mine is an hour away and they said that it has to be the exact circular and not something printed off the internet. Secondly, they will not match ads that are doorbusters (such as this one) or 2 day sales… then thinking of another way, TRU will not accept competitors coupons.. just called them too…. oh well.. too good to be true

  • Jenae

    Is there a limit to how many you can purchase??? If I print off 4 Target coupons, could I get 4 of them for $0.49?

  • Wendy J

    Bummer! Our TRU ad (in Green Bay, WI) has the Leapfrog fridge phonics letter set on sale, not the Alphabet Pal. The ad I am looking at came on Wednesday…maybe we’ll get another one tomorrow. 🙂

  • jc

    My email from Target said to give them the coupon at the register and not at Customer Service. And it had to be the actual ad, not a printout from the internet or a copy. FYI…

  • sk

    I just got the 2 day door buster toys r us ad and at the bottom of the front and back page it states Quantities Limited. Target’s corporate policy states that limited quantity items are excluded from price matching.

    Still might be worth a shot though.

  • brittany

    Just did this deal right when Target opened this morning. There was only one left but it worked like a charm! Thank you so much, I was going to spend $20 on the from my DD’s birthday and I love the savings I got by waiting! Great find!

  • veronica Lee

    When I went to Customer service they had a posted sheet stating that “timed events” were not qualified. They wouldn’t let me do it 🙁

  • Angel

    I bought 2 this Morning $1.04 after tax. The guy at the customer service desk said I was the 5th person Today.

  • linda12862

    Tried this and Target said they do not match “Doorbuster” ads.

  • Angie

    I know the ad says 3pm,but you can always purchase it early and go back at 3 for a price adjustment,especially if you live in an area where there is only 1 Target nearby. I honestly think that by 3pm the shelves will be empty.

  • Thanks Mercedes for the tip!
    Unfortunately it didn’t work at my local store in Northern VA.
    I printed off the Target coupon policy as well as the email from the Hot Coupon World Target forum moderator and brought it in with my Toys R Us in-store ad. Customer service said that because it is a “timed event/promotion”(late Friday – Sunday) and “limited quantities” they could not price match. The customer service lady pulled out a new memo from Target Corporate on their coupon policy and price matching and I asked her for a copy, but she said that was the only one she had been supplied with for the upcoming Black Friday shopping. It did read on it that they could price match for 2-day sales, but not “timed events” which in this case apparently applies to “3 PM one day through another time on another day.

    I also tried the Glade oil candle tin/refill deal (buy 5, get $5 Target gift card) and that also didn’t work. They told me because I was buying refills that were labeled “3 +1 ct” that meant they were actually 3 count with 1 free, but they weren’t selling any “4 ct” on the shelves, which I told her, and she said sorry there was nothing she could do about it since the “3 + 1 ct” didn’t qualify, but the “4 ct” would.

    This is the first time I have been thoroughly unimpressed with Target’s customer service and honoring their coupon/price-match policies. Next time I’ll probably just go to Walmart and save myself the headache!

  • Dizzy Mommy

    “defined as the same brand and model number that is listed on a local competitor’s printed advertisement, during the effective date of the ad – we will match that price.”
    It doesn’t state anyplace on the price match Target policy about only doing certain ads. It just says effective date.
    The other thing is limited quantities… when I spoke to Target Guest Services phone line was told they meant when an ad states you can only buy 2 of an item. Quantities limited generally means there are only so many in the store and they will not be giving out rain checks if what I was told.

  • Alan

    Laura, I have had problems with my Target honoring their corporate policies. Even after the corporate office told the head store manager to honor them, she didn’t. Target has some good advertised deals, but if they do not honor them – it just becomes a big frustrating waist of time. I actually put in complaints with the BBB and the Florida Dept. of Consumer Affairs. In both cases Target slapped me in the face by giving me their coupon policies, which I had initially brought with me to the store. I haven’t been to Target in a while because of their shady practices; however, if someone gets them to honor their policies with this deal, I’ll give it a try.

  • Angela

    I was able to do this deal at my Target this morning. We don’t have a local Toys R Us but they honored a copy of the ad I printed off the internet. They only had two on the shelves so I bought both for a total with tax of $1.06!!!!

  • Deanna Dill

    The Target policy says they will NOT price match on door buster ads. It is being sent from corp to stores to NOT take door buster competitor adds. Let’s not ruin the price matching all together by not honoring the policy!

  • Charl Leavitt

    I guess it worked if you got there first thing when they opened but they aren’t letting people do it now. They wised up I guess.

  • Holly

    There are multiple Targets near me. The lady in front of me at the nearest snaked the last 7 they had (I’m annoyed I didn’t get there about five minutes earlier!!) – and it went through no problem. They pointed me to another store & when I got there they gave me TONS of grief, told me the other store had not done it right, and that they’d only allow me access to 2 products for the cheap price. I wasn’t happy, but 2 is better than nothing, I guess.

  • Deanna Dill

    Wow! This is really crazy! For one Target’s corporate policy states that limited quantity items are excluded from price matching. That would include ‘door busters” OBVIOUSLY! And then people taking so many is just wrong. For another to have blogs telling people to go out and do it when it isn’t legitimate is even worse! Come on people. Before you know it they won’t even take coupons or price match if people are gonna abuse it. I think that it is the responsibility of the bloggers to find out all the facts before they post such deals.

    • Alisha

      I agree! Thank you for saying this! I’m just catching up on reading blogs and have to say that we as couponers must be RESPONSIBLE and make sure we are courteous and don’t try to force something if it clearly is against Target’s policy. I’m thankful that Target is willing to price match and hope that everyone complaining about Target not doing WHAT THEY SAY THEY WON’T DO in their policies won’t ruin it for everyone else who is trying to do this right. Seriously – is a toy worth throwing and fit and being dishonest about?!?!

  • Deanna Dill

    @Holly, so she was a snake for taking 7 and you’re mad you couldn’t get more than 2!!!lol So it would have been alright if you had gotten the 7 instead of she? Good grief…….

    • Deanna,

      I think Holly mistyped and meant tp say “sneak.”

      Also, I want you to know that I DO a lot of reserach before puting forth any offer in front of my readers mostly because I want to make sure they know what they are doing is legitimate AND to avoid them frustrations at the register.

      Also, I am not well versed in retail terminology so I do not see how limited quantities=doorbusters. Target seems very specific in the list of exclusion why not just explicitly include the word doorbuster?

      Second, and this is for everyone. Let’s please keep the tone on the blog positive and cordial. trust me in that I am hearing and feeling everyone’s frustrations. Remember that if you are not happy with what you paid for the item you can always return. I do also understand the frustration in the time wasted by those who went to the stores and were denied. I am sorry for that.


    • Missy

      Looks like Deanna works for Target.

      • Deanna

        No, just trying to keep the good deals coming and they won’t if people abuse and don’t follow the policies.

  • AngelaRS

    I appreciate any information that is on this site, even if I can’t partake in it (Piggly Wiggly, Kroger, CVS) due to those places not being near where I live. I have been able to get in on some of the great deals that Mercedes has posted so Mercedes, thank you.

    I don’t agree with people taking 7 of something even if it is a great deal. Congrats to all who got this for 49 cents. I think it all comes down to who is working the service desk at your Target.

  • Deanna Dill

    Well that wasn’t really the point sneak/snake.Just kindda funny that someone would get mad at another for wanting to do the same thing! Either way this stuff has gotten way out of hand! I just got off the phone w/ corp and was told that that was exactly what it meant. Limited quantities is the same for limited time etc. He assured me that the wording on their policy would be changed because people have been calling about this all day and added not very HAPPY customers either. It’s just kindda sad that before you know it there won’t be any good deals to be had because of stuff like this. I’m all for saving a buck but not at the expense of the store. Also i wasn’t exclusively talking about you or your blog or that you were intentionally trying to mislead anyone. I am probably just like any of these other people who follow blogs , so when a deal is posted i run out and try to get it trusting that the blogger actually made sure it was legit! This deal is on every blog i follow. I guess i should start making sure myself since its actually my responsibility since i will be the one paying the price if i do something that isn’t legit! Sorry if i responded in a poor manner earlier. It just amazes me sometimes the stuff i read on some of these blogs how people get so upset when a deal doesn’t work for them! I appreciate all the work bloggers do to get the word out on these awesome deals. I have saved a ton of money since i started following them.

  • Angela

    I am thankful for all the work that goes on to get these deals posted for everyone. I am one of the lucky few who was able to get 2 of these for only $.49. I also went on to spend another $110 at Target on another transaction. These were all items that I could of easily bought at another store but decided to go to Target because of the great deal on the Alphabet Pal. So, it would make sense to me for Target to continue to honor these and in turn get people spending money in their stores.

  • Deeanna

    The reason I was told no go and why “doorbusters” are treated as limited quantities is that if you look closely at the bottom of the TRU ad it says limited quantities. Therefore, no go.

  • Didi

    I’m just glad i don’t have little ones to buy for anymore!

  • Kira

    I just went and did this deal at our local Target and had no problem. Thank you for posting this, I now have a birthday present for my little girl.

  • Julie

    I went and got the ad from TRU and took it to Target, they will not honor the price match due to it being a “timed ad” or “doorbuster” They have this entire sheet at the customer service desk with exclusions to price matching… and doorbusters is on there in clear print.. sad to say I couldn’t get it for that price 🙁

  • InnLing

    anyone got turned away at a Target in the New York City area? I’m gonna go try in an hour once my husband gets home…

  • Julie

    Oh yes, one more comment on the Target price matching…
    I dropped my daughter off at the door so she could run in and grab one off the shelf in fear of them all being gone.. She asked a lady that worked there and she said that they “re-shopped today” and they were all in a cart at the end of the check outs where they were like HIDING them… so she gave my daughter one, and when I got in the store my daughter showed them to me and I grabbed one as well out of this cart. We went to teh service desk and was denied. What is Target doing now… once they figure out the price match and the good deals we are getting are they pulling their items off the shelf?? seems strange to me!

  • Jen

    Wow Julie that is bogus that Target did that to you! I will never understand why stores get crabby about things like this. If they would just realize that more times than not we do buy more than just these great deals and these great deals are what bring us into their stores.

    I was able to buy 4 (2 for gifts, 2 for charity) and I did run into issues at the service desk but with the Price Match Policy in hand stood my ground and was able to buy them. So was the person next to me after they let me do it they had to let her do it.

  • Darcy

    I tried to buy this today at my local Target. I was told that they did not price match Doorbusters. I showed them the copy of the price match policy I printed, and they still stated they can not price match a Doorbuster. I asked where in the signage it said this, and they could not show me. Even though there was nothing anywhere that stated this policy, they would not let me buy the toy. I amvery upset with Target about this. They need to at least have signage. I send an email to our local media’s consumer watch person.

  • LynNae

    Yes, Target has definitely wisened up on this one! I went and was denied as well. I came home and carefully read the policy online which DOES NOT say doorbusters, and no, doorbusters and limited quantity are not the same thing. So I called. The funny part about it is, I did not even tell them what item I was calling about and they KNEW it was about the Leapfrog, so obviously their phone lines have been blowing up about this all day! I told the man that their website does not say that and he said well, we don’t include doorbusters, so I said, “So, you’re saying the policy on your website is incorrect.” And he said “No, the policy on the website is correct, but we do not accept doorbusters.” Ummm, hello, is it just me, or did you just contradict yourself completely in one sentence? Anyway, he said, “You’re calling about the Leapfrog, right?” And I said, “Yes” and he said, “No, we are not price matching doorbusters.” So I think all you blogging mamas out there sent so many moms to the stores that Target just wasn’t equipped to handle this one and they immediately “updated” their policy! Well, good for you all that got one/some. I really didn’t need it right now anyway, I was planning to save it for my daughter’s first birthday in June. Oh well. I did however get a Fridge Phonics Farm for $5 bucks with the Target coupon (it was marked down to $10) and I got My Pal Scout and Violet for $10 each after the $5 coupons. I will also be getting the Tag Junior using their coupons and the LEapfrog coupon, but I didn’t have it with me at the time so I have to go back. All in all, I am still pretty happy with Target’s deals right now.

  • Heather

    Reading through this just reinforces my lack of desire to try out price matching. I’m glad for all of you who it worked for, it just seems like too much of a hassle for me to drive down 1 town to get an ad and then up 2 towns to Target to be denied.

  • Dawn

    Just got home from my Target in So Cal & they will not honor it either because it’s a door buster sale. 🙁 I’m very sad! I’ll be taking it back tomorrow.

  • jeness

    Tonight I went to Toys R Us and while they didn’t have a rack of ads, they had ads that customers had left at the register after checking out. So check with the cashiers, they may have a few behind their register. I then went to Target in the
    Ft. Lauderdale,FL area and had no problem getting the price match and using the target coupon. My first price match w/ a coupon deal!

  • Lynette

    My Target in Mission, KS refused to price match, even with the ad. They said they would not price match a 2-day ad. I can’t find that listed anywhere in their policy.

  • Maria

    Mercedes: I really appreciated all YOUR HARD WORK, even that I wasn’t successful in this one, I have been sooo many times and saved a lot of money thanks to your posts. Keep going and thank YOU so much.

    • I just want you all yo know that this situation has been in my head all day long. It was really not my intention to send anyone to go through such frustrating experience.
      I tried to prevent this frustration by arming you with the price matching policy and the copy of the email where it says that they do price match and allow a coupon but for so many it was still useless.
      I am sorry. I know this is not my fault but I can’t help feel at fault.


  • joann

    Just wanted to say thank you Mercedes for your giving these deals…you do much hard work,and I appreciate it…I got two of these today for a $1!!! But I did as someone else and bought stuff that I could have bought somewhere else….I really do not think these “deals” are going to make Target go bankrupt….the person in front of me spent $400!!! I think it is great that there people who are trying to be frugal and make the most out of their money…it really is work to “coupon”!!!

    Thanks again:)

  • joann

    Please do not feel at fault…you are unbelievable!!! My sisters and I have been couponing for over a year and have visited MANY different sites, but we were saying today how you were by far the best one out there…..I get everything from free stuff at Victoria’s Secret to Crocs to games to toys to food and toiletries…it is not your fault that some stores are inconsistent…I got lucky today as my Target let me do it; however, I have been on the other side when I didn’t have the luck…it is nothing you are doing…I felt good going in there “armed” with all of that stuff, and I didn’t even need it:) Thanks again for all of your hard work— please do not feel at fault…you are GREAT!!!

  • Holly

    In no way should you feel badly. I can only think Target had someone watching blogs and quickly changed their policy – and my store even hinted at that very thing by saying something about “it just came down from corporate…” I apologize for my early comment which was very much misconstrued. I appreciate your hard work. Thank you.

  • Jaime

    It just seems as though some were lucky today (as I was), and some were not. Target is being inconsistent, or the staff at the 2 Targets I visited today were not aware of any changes made by corporate. My first “purchase” today was done in 2 separate transactions at guest services; the cashier called the manager over just to verify that I could do 2 separate ones. Then later I went to another Target (mainly in order to get the UP/Monsters, Inc. deal, and they had 2 Leapfrogs left. I was able to do everything in 1 transaction. I went back to store #1, where there were still 4 left on the shelf. It was a bit more frustrating, as the manager was not educated on how to do a price match and store coupon, but in the end I purchased 2 more. 2 will be used as birthday/Christmas presents, 3 will be donated to Toys for Tots, and I just gave one to an employee at the sports pub by my house who is working 2 jobs and 15 hour days to help support her almost 1 year old daughter. She was so happy when I handed her the toy and asked for nothing in return.

    Mercedes, no need to apologize for Target’s inconsistency! Your intentions were noble, and unfortunately it just didn’t work out for some people. I faithfully follow your blog, and look DAILY for great deals. You can’t imagine what my nieces and nephews will be getting for Christmas this year, and on average I have only spent $18 per kid (less that last year)! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  • Jennifer

    I was able to get 3 after hitting 2 stores and going to TRU to get the ad. A little work for a big payback! It’s always in the back of my mind that the deal may not work. I’ve tried many different scenarios in the past, some have worked, some have not and I know that in the end, I have come out way ahead and I am so grateful for the gals who do the research and post the information so that I can decide whether it is worth the effort or not.
    We have a family member who has cancer and we know it’s going to be tough this Christmas and if I can help out this little bit, on our small budget, I am thankful, so thankful.

  • Kristin

    anyone try this in WI? I know the sheboygan store won’t price match as I asked tonight with the ad in hand. I also called the Grafton store and asked if they would price match a TRU ad. They had said if it was still within the dates on the flier they would. I just would prefer not to drive far if it isn’t going to work out. Help please.



  • Kiera

    When I was at my Target, the customer service tech was having issues getting this adjustment. I said that I thought it was such a good deal and asked if it was legit & she said that it was covered under the policy and that I should not even worry about it.

    She then had to call over another manager for help and once again I asked that manager if it was a legit deal. That manager said in a very chipper voice “This is the benefits of price matching!” I would have gladly left with it for $9.98 if they had said they would not honor it as it was something I wanted for my son, but the managers were impressed with the matching policy and even stopped me from walking away without the adjustment.

    I have to say I was very impressed with their knowledge of the policy & their customer service!

  • Niki

    Just purchased 3 of them for $1.56!!!! I had to try a few different Targets but I finally found one that would do it. AMAZING DEAL…thank you for the heads up : )

  • Emma K

    The one Target in my town was sold out of the Alphabet Pals. I might try another Target in another town tomorrow while we are out doing some other shopping. I checked the Target website for availability on the alphabet pals in other towns and am going to call before going in the morning to see if they still have them. It is such a great deal, but I know it all depends on the cashier and managers you get at Target. I’ve had it both ways before at other stores besides Target. You hope that you go into a store enough that you get to know the cashiers and they get to know you and that you have coupons and are looking for deals.

  • J-

    I don’t think it was your intention to send us on a wild goose chase or make us get frustrated. You tried your best. You let us know about a deal. You cant guananteee it will work at each location dispite corporate policy.
    A deal seeker has to know that some deals work and at times others won’t.
    I’ll give you an example:

    I can never get Walgreens to “adjust down” a coupon. People report here that their walgreens works like a charm but I just cant get any cashier to do it around here so when those deals are posted I just skip it instead of argueing with the cashier and/or manager.

    This is the same with the target deal. Its an “at your own risk” kinda deal and well you win some and you loose some.
    Some people scored and others did not.

    The other day I actually went to Walgreens at 930 pm on a Saturday (last day of sale) and tried to buy 10 Playtex gloves and use 10 manufacturers coupons and the in ad coupon as well.
    The manager began flipping throught the ad and told me there was limit of 5
    I just turned around without saying a word and walked out and went to another location a block away and it worked like a charm there!
    Don’t give up but dont waste too much of you time and gas as well either

    Happy saving but remember its kinda like a game as well!!

  • Maria

    J: You’re 100% right, its like a game, sometimes you gain, sometimes you don’t, but is always something good in the near future. But, Mercedes YOU’RE GREAT!!! My whole family adore you!!!

  • Anyone planning on doing this deal in Madison/Fitchburg area, I went to two stores and called a third, only the East Towne Target had any in stock. They refused to honor this deal, since they will not price match “door busters” of any kind. We went over the printed policy together, and it seems to be this stores personal interpretation (I ended up gathering quite a crowd at customer service). One of the managers was really nice about it, I explained it was for charity but there was no way they would budge on their interpretation. Hope this saves someone some time today.

    Good to hear some people got this deal to work, I’ll be keeping my eyes out for more deals here!

  • susanna

    Same topic differnt item.I just brought 5 Hershey Kisses fondue machines for $5.00 each.Regular price was $15.00 each now on sale for $5.00 on I spent $25 I also received free shipping.So I brought 5 gifts for $25.00 saved $50.00 but an addition $20.00 in shipping.Super deal.

  • Sheila

    I was able to get this deal in the Memphis area. I bought 2 last night at the customer service desk and the gentleman that rang up my order was as impressed as I was. Thanks for posting this! I know Target is going to have some kinks to work out in this policy so they don’t loose money, but I appreciate the opportunity in mean time :)Target’s deals ROCK right now.

  • Kate

    Tried with my Target – they said that the price of the toy with the coupon ( my sales receipt showed that the coupon was listed for that item – by name!) was less than the sale price at Toys so they could not do anything – if I had not used my coupon they would match the price – which kind of defeats the purpose! oh, well —- had the same problem with a steam cleaner that target & bed bath & beyond had for the same price but bb&b offers a 20 percent coupon on it – would they match it? no – they let me walk – & i drove over to bb& b & got it for less….. sometimes it works & sometimes………!

  • Alissa

    Our Target said they do not match Doorbuster Items and wouldn’t do it.

  • Missy

    My sister in law got one, my cousin got one, I got 3. All in San Diego. Only once did one Target give me a hard time and after being very firm they eventually had to give in. For those saying how Target is getting “ripped off”… Give me a break. If it makes you feel any better, they are usually reimbursed for the coupon portion.

  • where in the TRU (what page) is the ad? can’t find it

  • Jaim

    Esther, the deal has long since passed…it was only for this past Thursday and Friday. The ad was a 2-day doorbuster which caused a lot of headaches for everyone (see above comments).

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  • D, L and K’s Mommy

    I got this deal at Christmas. I was able to get 2 but had to do each individually. Gave one to Toys For Tots and one to my friends daughter. Hope others were able to take part.

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