Target: My Toy Clearance Haul

I had a chance to sneak the toys in the house this morning without the kids knowing. I even had a chance to take a pic since I wanted to share my haul with you.  In total I counted 17 toys and I spent $89.  I was able to get some for each of my three kids (5, 2.5 and 9 months) plus I also got some for birthday presents and to donate around the Holidays.

It may not be too late to hit your store, particularly if you have several of them near you or if you live in an area with not many too couponers.

  • Jenny from Mommin’ It Up

    wow!! you did great! I want that TRIO stuff, my son loves his. I wish I had time to stop at Target before I leave for vacay tonite. :(

  • Dani

    I’m jealous!!! It was pretty picked over when I went (I’m in Ohio in case anyone is planning on still trying). Some shelves empty. I wish I could have went yesterday morning instead of the evening!!! I’m going to try and stop by another Target today and see if there is anything left. I was able to get around 10 things though! I want to try and find one more thing for my son!

  • Jennifer

    I see some of the same things I bought in your picture! We hit 3 Targets yesterday and got some FANTASTIC stuff. Probably spent $100 combined and got stuff for Christmas, birthdays, gifts for cousins and more.

  • amber

    Great job1 I have never shopped the clearance sale at Target until yesterday and lets just say WOW! My kids are getting older which usually means more $$ spent. I snagged the Diji for $17! I am so excited :)

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  • Kelli

    Just got back from Target…so much fun! I got 7 toy items for $23.75, including Barbie Walkie Talkies, Disney Princess Co0l Bake Oven (reg. $19.99), Hello Kitty Sprinkler (love this!), My Little Pony Set and more! Thanks for all you do! Oh, I also scored a Merona handbag that was marked on 75% clearance for 3.63 after my $3 Target coupon (originally $25.99!)

  • Tracey

    I went to Target today. You could tell some clearance items were wiped clean. But there was plenty left because a lot of things were marked 30 or 50% off but when I scanned them they were 75% off.

  • Shelly @ Coupon Teacher

    I make a quick trip today. The shelves were clear of all the big items, but there were some great small finds. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Mari Wolfe

    I’ve been stalking the toy aisle all week. I stopped by again this morning around 10 am and saw one of the employees starting to mark down the clearance toys down to 75%. She was just starting out but told me that, if there was something on clearance that wasn’t marked down to 75%, to bring it to her and she’d scan it and put the reduced price on the toys. I paid about $65 for a ton of toys. I think I’m set for my son’s birthday and Christmas!

  • Barbara

    How much was the tonka Chuck toy?I wasn’t able to buy it,they were sold out but was just wondering how much it was reduced to and the original price if u know?Thanks!!

    • Mercedes


      I think I paid $8.xx since the reg price was $35.


  • Mary

    I’m in WI and went this afternoon. It was pretty picked over, but I got several items for $10 and change. All my items were gifts for cousins, nieces and nephews. Got Ni Hao Kai-Lan doll and bath toy for 3.74 each, pack of 2 puzzles for .88, large alligator shovel toy for 1.04 and Jenga Max game for $4.74 (used $5 Hasbro coupon from a card game bought last winter).

  • Mary

    Mercedes, what were the Playmobil toys and how much? My boys love Playmobil!

    • Mercedes

      One was a fire truck and the other one was some sort of alligator boat. I think the regular prices were $34.99 for the firetruck and something like $15 for the boat? So I paid 25% of that.
      We have the playmobil pirate stuff and my kids love it.


      • Mary

        We have the awesome Playmobil pirate ship, as well as the hospital. My son looked and drooled over the hospital for almost 2 years until Santa finally brought it….Santa used coupons of course!