Target Printable Coupons: Free Bananas?


There are new Target printable coupons available today.  One of them is for $0.50/1 purchase of bananas (1lb or more).  I don’t have Super Target near me but Bananas sell for around this price near me.  They can’t be that much more expensive at Super Target.  Here’s the rest of Target coupons available:

$1 off 7-oz. Combos cheddar snacks
$1 off 7-oz. Combos pretzel
$1 off 10-ct. Kudos variety pack
$1 off 10-ct. Kudos M&Ms granola bars
$1 off Skittles Crazy Cores
$1 off 14-oz. Starburst FaveREDS
$1 off 14-oz. Starburst original fruit candy
$1 off 4.4-oz.Twixels caramels
$1 off 4.4-oz. Twixels French vanilla candy
$1 off Twixels triple chocolate candy
50¢ off Archer Farms snack mix
$1 off Sutton & Dodge steakhouse quality choice Angus beef Steak or Roast
50¢ off 1-lb. or more Bananas purchase
$1 off Finish by Electrasol dishwasher detergent
75¢ off Desitin diaper rash treatment Excludes trial size

All these coupons expire on 9/5/09. For now you can see them here but should be uploaded on the Target Coupon Generator later.

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  • Bananas are $0.58/lb by me. Thanks for posting!

  • Awesome! My Publix accepts Super Target coupons so we are looking at almost free bananas!! 🙂 Thanks for the heads up.

  • Lorrie

    I bought some today for $.58 a pound.

  • Kate

    Cna you use supertarget coupons at target? Or should i call ahead?

    • Hi Kate,

      Yes, you can and don’t let anyone (cashier) tell you otherwise. It is Targets policy to accept their supertarget coupons as long as the regular Target carries the product.


  • Yup, it worked for me just a couple hours ago!

  • Diane Anderson

    With the $1 off Skittles Crazy Cores, would that not net free candy? I know they come in small bags at the checkout and there are no size restrictions on the coupon?

  • I wish we had a Super Target. The banana coupon is the only one I’d actually use, since the rest of them are mainly for candy & snacks . =/

    Oh well, maybe the next batch of coupons will be better.

  • Renay

    I just bought bananas for 50 cents a pound at my Super Target and also my ST does not carry any skittles EXCEPT the smallest size bag and since there are no size restrictions on the q, I used 6 q’s but got 12 bags of skittles (52 cents each) so the coupons would not need to be manually taken down. I also got combos for 50 cents a bag (usually $1.79 but on price drop to $1.50). My poptarts were still $1.52 a box, so with the $1.oo off 2 recent q’s and the 75 cents off one Target q, I paid 27 cents per box. My bill was alomst $30 but I paid a little over $5…I love Target!

    Also at Walgreens right now, there is a coupon booklet in the front of the store (back to school) with a $2 off Huggies wipes coupon. My store carries these for $2.79 and allowed me to stack with the recent 50 cents off insert q…super cheap wipes-may fav!

  • Andrea

    I also did the skittle deal and made money. Another coupon I have used alot to get birthday gifts for kids is the Hasbro $5 off coupon. I bought some of the card games that are $5.24 and some of the Scrabble Apple and Boggle Travel (these cost around $5 after coupon). I am now stocked up for parties.