New Target Printable Coupons: *Hot* $1 off One Pepsi Product and More


I have good news and bad news for you. First the good news, there are new Target grocery printable coupons available for you to print on the Target Website. All of these coupons expire on 12/12/09. Here’s the complete list of new Target coupons available as well as some coupon matches for you:

  • $1/1 Dole bagged salad

Combine with$1 off two Dole Salad printable coupon

  • $1/2 Ocean Spray juice, 64 oz
  • $0.50/1 Pepperidge Farm stuffing, 14 or 16 oz
  • $1/2 Pop Secret popcorn, 3-ct or larger

Combine with $1 off two coupon from 11/08 SS insert

  • $1/1 Nabisco family-size snack crackers, 12 to 16 oz
  • $0.50/1 Wasa crackers, 8 oz or larger
  • $1/1 Pepperidge Farm Baked Naturals crackers, 5.9 oz or larger

Combine with $2/1, $1.50/1 or $1/1 coupon from 11/1 SS insert

  • $0.75/1 Folgers coffee, 27.8 to 33.9 oz

Combine with $1/1 coupon from 11/8 RP insert

  • $1/1 Pepsi canned product, 12-pack 12-oz (can we hope for a 4/$11 sale?)
  • $1/1 Ritz crackers, 14.5-16 oz

Use with BOGO coupon from 8/23 SS insert

Now. on to the bad news: Target has moved to a new system for releasing their store printable coupons. Now you have to print them directly from the Target website and you can only print two per computer. Go here to print these Target coupons.

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  • jen

    Thanks for the update. On the bright side, we should be able to print them in store still at the kiosks right? Or do you think they changed that too?

  • Kirsten

    Well there goes my Target shopping! I am so bummed. The only time I really shop at Target is to use the Target coupons

  • I don’t know Jen. I know the Target Toy coupons are available this way too. So if anyone has tried to print the toy coupons at the Kioks they may be able to help us with this question.


  • Kristina L.

    Where do you print coupons at Target??? I’m confused

  • Lana

    Oh man. That stinks big time!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Karen

    I tried to print the toy coupons at the kiosk, and it said that this function wasn’t allowed at this computer. I hope that doesn’t happen for the grocery coupons too. 🙁

  • KMS

    I tried tonight to print from the kiosks and received the “this function not allowed on this computer” message. Oh Target, you are such a disappointment.

  • Betty

    I printed the baby wipes coupon from the kiosk this afternoon.

    • Hi Betty,
      I know, I printed those yesterday from the kiosk. but if you go to they are no longer available on the website.


  • Ashley

    I too wasn’t able to print the coupons at the kiosk. I am so bummed! It said function not permitted. I did it around 5:00pm.

  • Emma K

    That’s disappointing about Target, glad I printed off and bought wipes last week.
    I was going to ask about the kiosk too but I guess I’ll have to try the next time I go in.
    Will they have the other Target coupons available from week to week or only that week? or should I end up printing them each week since it sounds like we can’t use the coupon generator

  • Bummer! Between this and the new price matching policy, Target is working hard to alienate all of their frugal customers.

  • Annette

    That’s too bad 🙁 I’m going to really miss them!! My stores never had an issues with me using more than 1 per transaction. We have all scored some great deals with multiple coupons over the past several months….this will affect my Target shopping, for sure.

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  • Bye bye Target

  • Bummer!!
    Where are the kiosks located??

    • Karen

      The kiosk are the computers where you print out the registry shopping list. They are usually next to customer service. These computers also let you access

  • This is sad news. I don’t use the coupons a lot, but they sure are nice. Oh well.

  • Jenny

    Man…Target is starting to really crack down on their coupons. Every week it gets worse. Next they will probably get rid of them all together! bye bye Target………………

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  • Christina

    So is the coupon generator and the coupon generator two different systems? I went to afullcup this morning and could still print from there although they were different coupons.
    Thanks for your help!

  • KD

    The hot coupon world Target coupon generator is still working. Will they still except these coupons? I also have some I printed from last week are they still good? I had such a bad experience in Sept. at Target that I haven’t been back but I was going to go this weekend but now I’m unsure.
    Thanks for all the help!!

  • Jenny

    I just visited the new Target coupons site and printed several coupons – and I noticed that the Command hooks Q expires 12/31/09 and strangely that the Argo Corn Starch Q is NOT a Target Q but a manufacturers Q, though with the Target symbol. Odd. Oh and all the toy coupons are up there too.

  • CJ

    I tried to print the coupons, downloaded and installed the new coupon printer. It said the coupons would print automatically after doing that, and they didnt. Anyone else having trouble printing?

  • Kent

    I printed the coupons from different computers and the numbers below the bar code appear to be same.

    For the pepsi coupon I have these numbers:

    Can someone confirm if they have the same or different numbers than I do?

    • Hi Kent,

      They probably have to have the bad times because they need to be coded to deduct the same amount for the same products. if you see other printable coupons like bricks coupons the number that is different is not the barcode number. but a number on the second smaller bar code on the coupon. Compare and you will see.


      • Kent

        Hi Mercedes,

        These are not bricks coupons. They are Target coupons (e-centives) and only have 1 set of numbers.

  • dc

    I have just learned that Target matches prices. Also that you can use a target coupoun with a manufactuers coupon. I may be a little late on this, but I have been excited to learn it.

  • Cindy

    I have been unable to load the coupon progam that Target is now using and cannot find any customer service addresses. I have read elsewhere that it will not work with IE 8. Is that true and if so, really??!!