Target Toy Clearance | 75% off Coming Up

Long time readers have been emailing me and leaving comments on the Facebook page asking me when the big Target Toy Clearance is happening.  In the past years, Target has cleared out a lot of the stock on their toy aisle with a big clearance sale that hits as much as 75%off.

Previously this deep discount has happened on the last week or second to last week during the month of July. Each store has its own mark down schedule so it is impossible to know when exactly it will happen.  I just can tell you that in the past three years I have shopped on the last Wednesday or Thursday of the month of July and found toys as much as 75% off.  Others have found this deep clearance discount the prior week.

In short, if you are hoping to catch this sale this year, pay a visit to the toy section at your local store the next time you visit and check for any clearance.  Chances are you will find toys on clearance for 30 or 50% off.  Keep an eye out as you head to the last couple of weeks of the month and hopefully you will be able to shop as soon as those items are further marked down to 75% off.

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  • Sadie

    I was there today, and saw a few 30% and 50% off. No great deals yet.

  • Alicia

    We were in Target two days ago and I did not see a massive sale in Toys, but the baby department has marked the summer theme items 50% off. Towels, clothes, sheets, etc.

  • Kim

    Stores in metro ATL are 30% and 50%. But I did find Thomas and Friends and Sponge Bob Doodle Pads 75% making them $2.24. So I would think they will begin marking the other toys 75% soon.