Target Toy Clearance Alert

Experienced Target shoppers know that Target does a major clearance on their toy section twice a year. One time is in July and the other one in January. Well, January is here and word is that some stores have already discounted a selection of toys for as much as 75%. In my experience Target has marked down toys on Thursdays, so if your store has been stuck at 30-50% off, and if you have the time, you may want to stop by tomorrow and check out your local store.

Thanks for the reminder Thrifty and Thriving!

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  • Laura

    One of our stores outside the city went 75 today while the others didn’t go…probably tomorrow.

  • ClaryJane

    Wow, got any updated pictures? That sign went obsolete in Dec 09.

    • Maria

      Oh Please!!! It’s that important????

      • Angel Gust

        Lame! Why bother asking a question like that?? some people are just rude!

        • Jordan Green

          Pot, meet kettle.

  • pinetree22

    I was at my Target today and they’re still at 30%. Would they go right from 30% to 75%, or do you think it will drop to 50% off first?

    • Julie Neff

      It will go to 50% first. Some stores (like mine too) seem to be behind many of the others 🙁

      • pinetree22

        Thanks Julie. At least now I won’t have to run back there today or tomorrow. Some weeks it seems like I live there!

        • Kate

          My stores went from 30% on Wednesday to 75% on Thursday.

  • Fay

    I was able to get 75% off toys today at Target in Phoenix. Thank you so much. I saved over $100!

  • Lisa N

    Thanks for the reminder! I know after doing this the past 3 yrs how quickly they get wiped out so I made a B line for Target after dropping kids off at school.
    They had their magic guns out scanning away and I was 2 steps behind them and all by myself for the 1st hour :)…Early Bird caught a few worms today!

    • Lisa,
      Wow! that is just great! what kind of goodies did you get?


  • InsightfulMinds

    If you stop by, make sure you SCAN items. Not all stores have their merchandise tagged correctly. I spent about $200 on toys today, so I think I saved about $600. I got lots of Thomas and Friends items, toy story 3 toys, games, roboraptors, dinosaurs, etc. Get a head start on birthdays and Christmas…hurry cause they are selling out fast!!

    • Kate

      My Targets were wiped out by 10am.