Target Toy Coupon Booklet: More than $400 in Savings


The Target Toy coupon booklet has been spotted at some Target stores.  For the past couple of years Target has put out Target toy coupon booklets near the holidays.  The coupons usually expire the day before Black Friday.  But because they are Target coupons, you can combine them with manufacturer coupons to still be able to get a good deal.  One of I Heart Saving Money readers already spotted the coupon booklet at her store.  If you don’t find the coupon booklet yet, don’t worry as in the past Target has also released them as printable coupons.  Here is the list of coupons available in these booklet:

$20 off Tonka Scoot ‘N Scoop
$5 off Wow Wee Alive Minis Interactive Cub
50% off Tub Full of Games (Disney or Nick)
50% off Kids’ Game What’s in Ned’s Head or Gassy Gus
$20 off Fisher-Price Little People Discovery Airport
$10 off LeapFrog Alphabet Pal
$5 off Nerf N-Strike Vulcan Blaster
$10 off Hasbro Toy Montey Rex or Bounce Back Racer
$10 off Fisher-Price Handy Manny Workshop
$5 off Thomas & Friends (Various)
$10 Circo Train Table
FREE 3 3.75 GI Joe Action Figures WYB
GI Joe PIT Mobile Headquarters
$5 off Ben 10 Alien Force Creation Challenge
$5 off CrashFX Flying Airplane
$20 off D-Rex Interactive Dinosaur
$10 off Air Hogs Radio-Control Switch Blade
$1 off Energizer Batteries or Flashlight
$10 off Fisher-Price Trio King’s Castle (Combine with $5/1 manufacturer coupon)
$5 off Lego Toy (Various)
$10 off Disney Musical Keyboard Vanity
$5 off Easy-Bake Oven
$10 off Caring Corners Happy Home
$10 off FurReal Lulu My Cuddlin’ Kitty
$5 Barbie (Various)
$3 off Creativity for Kids Jewelry Boutique
FREE Our Generation Delux Doll Outfit WYB
Our Generation Delux Doll
$8 off Baby Alive Whoopsie Doo Doll
$25 off Playwonder Dollhouse
$20 off Step2 Lifestyle New Traditions Kitchen
$10 off Magic Reveal Chef’s Oven
$5 off LeapFrog My Puppy Pal Scout or Violet
$10 off Fisher-Price Play My Way Play Center
$20 off Playwonder Kitchen Center
$5 off VTech Bugsby Reading System
$5 off Super Why Touch & Learn Super Duper Computer
$10 LeapFrog Zippity Learning System
$10 LeapFrog Tag Reading System
FREE Monopoly Deal or Scrabble Slam Card Game WYB
Monopoly City or Scrabble Delux Diamond Edition
20% off Eric Carle Game
$5 off following Hasbro Games

-Scatterpillar Scramble  (Combine with $4/1 manufacturer coupon)
-Connect 4 SpongeBob
-Operation SpongeBob
-Clue Secret & Spies (Combine with $5/1 manufacturer coupon)
– Guess Who? Extra
– Pictureka Flipper (Combine with $5/1 manufacturer coupon)
– Giraffalaff Limbo (Combine with $4/1 manufacturer coupon)
– Sorry SpongeBob
– Guesstures (Combine with $5/1 manufacturer coupon)

$10 off w/purchase of 2 Wii/DS Games
$10 off w/purchase of 2 Xbox 360 Games
$10 off w/purchase of 2 PS3/PSP Games
$10 off Bike (Various)
$10 off EA Sports (Various)
$10 Game Table (Various)
20% off Scooter or Pocket Rocket
$5 Nerf Raider

All of these Target coupons expire on 11/25.  Hopefully between now and then Target will run good sales to combine with these.  If not maybe another store will and you can price match.  Thanks I Heart Saving Money!

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  • Lisa Fischer

    I went to Target today but they won’t be getting the toy coupon book until next week. So….here’s my question. I bought a CARS bike today cause they were on sale for $64 & you also got a $19.99 free helmet with it. If I get a coupon for the $10 next week, would they let me use it for what I bought today? I don’t think I could return/rebuy next week because the price of the bike would go up right??

    • Hi Lisa,

      To be honest I have heard about having a coupon applied after the fact at Target but I have never done it and I am not sure how long after you buy it they will let you do it. Hopefully another reader who has done can help us answer this question.


      • Amber

        You are able to take your receipt and the coupon in to redeem for the sale price. Just make sure you have you receipt.

  • Kerry

    Where in the store will the coupon books be located?

    • In the past, I have found them by the toy area.


  • krissyg89

    Does anyone know if the prices for the toys are the same in store as they are online? TIA

  • Kelly

    I would look up Target’s coupon policy and return policy. I don’t think you should have a problem.

  • erika

    I never seen these b 4, thanks 4 da heads up!

  • Ariaun

    I have used a coupon after I bought something at my Target. I would imagine you can use the coupon until it expires or until your receipt expires, whichever comes first, but that may vary by store.

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  • Oh I hope I find one! I just picked up Leap Frog Puppy Pal Violet for my daughter’s b-day. Would be nice to save an additional $5 off. They were on temp price cut to $14.99. My Target will take coupons after purchase as long as the coupons aren’t expired. Varies by store.


  • Lisa

    I have a brand new Target that opened 3 weeks ago by my house. It has the toy book coupons hanging in racks at the end of two different aisles (one was the preschool toys). There is another Target that has been in the area for about 2 years and it doesn’t have the books, yet. If you have the number to your local Target, give them a call. I was told that they would hold coupon books at customer service if you called.

  • Kim

    Question about the coupon for “$5 off Lego Toy (Various)”. Is it good on general categories, or just a few specific items? Does it include Star Wars Lego toys? Thanks!

    • Hi Kim,

      I don’t have a booklet with me yet so I don’t have the details. Sorry,


  • Emily

    I live in Columbia, Maryland and went to Target today. They didn’t have any books in either the toy aisles or customer service. I asked at customer service when they would get them and was told “sometime around Christmas.” I told the kid working there that I thought we were talking about two different things since I was talking about coupons that expired after Thanksgiving. She just shrugged and said that maybe I’d get them in the mail.
    I’m definitely going to check back, but so far, no luck! Thanks for the heads up, though!

  • Emily

    The coupons are available to print from Target’s Web site,

  • jannine

    i went to targetyesterday and theydid not have the book..does anyone know when we will be getting it in the paper oreven in the mail??i saw some good coupons and they do price match wiht the toys r us toy book so u can save a great deal..

  • Stacey

    I tried to print out the coupons today from Target’s website. It said that the link is no longer available. I called the customer service number and was told that those coupons were to only be used online. I explained that there was a place to print them out, but was still told that I was wrong. Online only, unless I could get my hands on the book of coupons in the store. I know that he was wrong, but there was no way for me to print them out. 🙁

  • Stacey

    Thank you Mercedes!