Target’s Price Match Policy or Low Price Promise Facts


I just read a comment from  reader Patty regarding what kind of sales ads and items Target would price match.  This made me realize that understanding Target’s Price Match policy is just as important as understanding Target’s Coupon Policy.  In addition a printed copy of this price match policy is something you may want to bring with you when you shop at Target and intend to price match an item.  Here are some highlights of this low promise guarantee:

Target does not match coupon-required offers but guests can use Manufacturer or Target coupons when requesting a price match. Target coupon policy: Target accepts one manufacturer coupon and one Target coupon for the same item (unless prohibited).

Price matching will apply to current, local print ads for in-store products only. Our price-match policy is not applicable to or other online ads. The following is a full list of exclusions:

* Online retail promotions or products advertised on another company’s web or mobile sites, even those advertising in-store prices.
* Competitor’s free product, bundled offers, or special purchases
* Gift cards and coupon-required offers
* Sales tax promotions
* Timed events (e.g., early bird, doorbusters)
* Limited time or quantity items
* Damaged product or opened packaging
* Clearance or closeout items
* Prices advertised only as a percent off or $ off
* Mail in offers or instant rebates
* Product services (warranties, assembly, etc.)
* Going-out-of-business liquidations
* Special financing
* Used or previously owned items
* Display merchandise
* Pricing or typographical errors
* Club or loyalty programs
* Owned brands (i.e., Home, Merona, Circo, Market Pantry and Archer Farms)
* Mobile coupons
* Target Portrait Studio, Optical, and Clinic offers

You can view this Low Price Promise Fact and print it here.

I hope these two documents (Target’s Coupon Policy and Price Matching FAQs) help make our shopping experience a little bit smoother. Happy Shopping!

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  • Laura

    I went to Target tonight and did a price match and they did not give me a problem at all–she said the same thing–you need the whole ad from the competitor–they did have me go to guest services to complete the transaction.

    I looked for the alphabet pal tomorrow and unfortunately they are already sold out 🙁

    • kv

      I tried to get the alpha pal to but the lady that checked the quanity said that they had to pull them from the shelves otherwise they would lose a lot of money on them. Can they do that?

      • Jlarmor

        I have had a few “not so great” experiences with Target and I will tell you this: They can and will do whatever they want to. If you will do a search, you will find that there are 2 class-action lawsuits filed against Target, right now, for lowering the price of a manufacturer’s coupon. The item purchased was not less than the coupon value and, in many cases, only a manufacturer’s coupon was used. Therefore, the coupon was not making the item a negative value. A lady noticed it on a shopping trip, so she decided to go to a different store in her area…WOW, had same exact results! Just be careful when shopping there. Make sure you check your receipt BEFORE you leave!

  • Pam

    Ok, this is what I am wondering–can one print the ad off the web site (the whole ad–not just the page of the item we are trying to price match) and still have it work for us? I don’t have the copy of the TRU ad…

    • Hi Pam, the facts say they won’t price match online prices. I am thinking they would consider a printed copy an online price. Maybe another WI reader can offer to mail you one. If they mail tomorrow morning you can get it by Saturday.


  • Lauren

    I also went to Target today and did the UP and Monsters Inc Blu Ray deal. I had no problem price matching, using a target coupon, and manufacturers coupon on the same item. So either the cashier didn’t know the policy or it’s ok to do that. I’m not quite sure…

  • pennyscents

    What Target do you shop at? I went to the one in Men. Falls today, and they would not do the price adjustment to match the Best Buy ad because of the Target coupon. I have had it done b4 with other things. The manager said that it would not allow them to do it this time because the receipt is only showing that I paid $16.99 for Monsters Inc (full price at Target $26.99). She said the computer will not allow them to price adjust to $18.99 (Best Buy price) because the receipt already shows that I paid less than that. They did try to do it in the system, and it wouldn’t let them. The Up rang up at $19.99 at Target, so I did not have to have that adjusted at all.

  • Jennifer

    I went to target last week and got the Leap Frog Tag system $49.99 on sale for $39.99. I had a coupon ($10 off) and a Leap Frog coupon ($10 off) and only paid $19.99. They did it without any problem. I left smiling!!

  • Jaclyn

    Whoops! I totally misread that! I guess reading this blog as I am running out the door at the same time wasn’t a good idea! Hee, hee! I am SO HAPPY it is in writing that they DO price match + coupons! Whoo Hoo!

  • Patty

    Hi, what I wrote wasnt to be taken nasty so I hope none of you took it that way. I have to drive a little over an hour to get to my target because my town is small. I just didnt want to get there and then not be able to get this cool toy so I called the stores. The target employee specifically said no doorbusters, However,now that I’m armed with the email (thanks so much for that one), the price matching policy and the coupon policy, I feel I can properly conquer the target employees this morning and am driving to get there. In the past, my target has denied me a lot of deals because I had no idea they listed their policies online. Thanks for the info Mercedes

  • Lauren

    Pennyscents, I go to the Target in Orlando. I’m thinking that they have to do the price adjustment first, and once they’ve done that then you can give them your coupons. I’ve been to 2 different Targets and neither one of them gave me a problem. So maybe try that. I hope that helps.

  • Lauren

    Does anyone no if you are allowed to use more than one Target coupon for one transaction. It says on the coupon, “one per transaction” I see deals on her all the time on here that require you to use 2 per transaction. Has anyone tried this? If so, how do it work out?

  • Cathi

    Target is saying today in spite of it not being an exclusion in the above policy they will not price match on the alphabet pal. Frustrating.

  • Kerry

    I called our local Target store and also Target Headquarters and they DO NOT match door buster sales.
    Thank you.

  • Dizzy Mommy

    I just called Target Headquaters and was told they would price match the ad, they just wont price match black friday ads…. I wish they could get there story straight.

  • Daisy

    I went to Target today and they price matched the TRU ad but would not let me use a coupon, saying that it was their policy that you could not use a coupon on a price matched item. Not wanting to cause a scene, I simply paid and left and called customer service where two operators told me that they would absolutely take a coupon on a price match. When they found out that it would be a .49 purchase, they came back and told me that the store should not have price matched the item for me and therefore I could not use the coupon since the store had already “given me a discount”. I had not shopped Target in a while and this deal lured me back. I won’t return.

  • pennyscents

    Hi Lauren,
    That is what I figured they would have to do, but the Target by me does not do it that way. First you have to check out at the registers, and then bring your receipt to the C.S. counter. With the receipt showing that I only paid $16.99 they were not able to price adjust the movie to $18.99. The Monsters inc rings up at $26.99 by itself, but the receipt for this purchase is different than the other receipts that I get from Target. When using a coupon it will usually shows the full price of the item ($26.99), and then below that will read manufacturer coupon, -$10.00 (in this case). For the receipt that I have for the movies it shows that the movie rang up at $16.99, and then below that it reads $26.99-$10.00 manufacturer coupon. I have another receipt from a other purchases that I made yesterday too, and the purchases/coupons are not shown in the way that the movies are. I think the only reason that they were having a hard time doing a price match was because it was ringing up this way. Originally they were doing price adjustments right when you purchased the products as long as you checked out at the C.S. counter. According to them they were never supposed to be doing it this way. However, it was a lot easier on them, and me when they were doing it that way verses this way. Now customers have to wait in line twice, and have to be handled twice by two separate employees handling the same issue. There are also not as many employees behind the counter at the C.S. area either, so now other customers are having to wait longer too. idk know why they don’t just adjust right at the registers like other stores do. There are a lot more check out registers than there are C.S. counter registers. They just have to train the employees how to do a price override. Last week I had to wait in line 4 separate times. I was told to check out my override items at the C.S. counter after I was done checking out my other items. I went to the C.S. Counter after, and was told that I needed to check out at the registers and then bring the receipt back. I waited in line at the registers twice, and at the C.S. counter twice. Then when they were doing the price adjust they were refunding and recharging each box of cake, tato, frosting that I bought, and then giving me the difference. I bought like 20 of them. I told the girl, and manager that were working on this that they were giving me back more money than they were supposed to by doing it this way. They weren’t taking off for the coupons that I had used. First I was told they knew, but they had to do it this way. Then they just added up the totals, and gave me the difference. idk what they all did. I was given money back 4 different times for one price adjustment. I figured it out when I got home, and they had given me back more money than I was supposed to get. It was not much, but still. I had tried to tell them that they were. If they would have just adjusted the cake, frosting, tatos to .78 cents when I was checking out, and then used the coupons that would never have been a problem. I know this is something new that they are doing. A lil common sense would be nice, though. They are obviously doing twice the amount of work that they need to do!

  • Cathi

    In reply to Daisy,
    Yes I agrree totally different stories ,would’t do the price match for me but was willing to do it in your case, have taken others coupons WITH price match. I had the policy with e and they STILL wouldn’t honor their Printed price match ad.Seems to me when discover your getting a real deal they change the rules on the spot and make them up to say no. Frustrating and I’ll find some where else to shop for Christmas this year.

  • Carol W Hall

    My Target would not take the Target coupon would match the price though. I think they are “playing games”. When you look at the policy no exclusions on door busters. I think they got busted on this alphabet deal so now they are backtracking. Almost like KFC free deal. I know I am going to think twice about my shopping at Target now.

  • Patti

    Does the policy specifically exclude BOGO sales? For example, if Rainbow has Juicy Juice boxes buy-one-get-one-free, are they saying they won’t give me the same deal?

    They refused to price match cereal for me based on a CVS ad that said 2/$4.00. The guest services rep said it had to be an “individual price” in the ad. So I pulled out my Cub ad for $1.88 per box (which meant they paid me to take the cereal), and she did that no problem. Doesn’t make any sense to me.

    I think I will email them myself… Frustrating about the toy deal. What happens if we (plural, as in EVERYBODY) contact the state and local chambers of commerce and file false advertising claims?

  • ash

    I have a q/s as am just starting out in the world of couponing.So does this mean that target will price match competitors black friday ad’s to?

  • Pam

    Just got back from Target. They price matched and took my coupon, and I only had a copy of their online ad–not the actual paper insert! The customer service rep did have “New Team Member” on her name tag, so that may be the reason, but I was a happy camper!

  • Cathi


    No their printed “low price promise Facts’ does NOT exclude BOGO items. But neither did it exclude Door Busters or two day sales (limited time). They just aren’t honoring their own advertised FACTS. This is in New jersey yes I think this may be called inaccurat advertising. Filing a formal complaint has crossed my mind. Or calling news station consumer reporter . In my opionion this is terrible customer relations at the busiest time of the year (CHRISTMAS).What are they going to do about blackfriday ads??Which are also limited time aren’t all sales?
    I said when I spend my time and am going by their advertised policy and am denied only to see other people are getting the deal,as they should be is frustrating to say the least.

  • melinda

    I’ve got a question- Do all Target stores have to price match? We called our Target and they said that they do not price match at all!! Is it possible that some stores do and some don’t?

  • Cathi


    Refer to the price match policy at the top of this page. I would think they all would as this is a national chain. HTH

  • Amanda

    The Target near me (Niagara Falls, NY) would have had no problem adjusting the price and using the Target coupon if it wasnt a “Door Buster” sale. I even took the printed page from their website that gives the list of exclusions which does not say “Door Buster” or “Limited Time” sales. The website says as of July, the Store Manager said the new info they have out for the holidays came in to them in August. They will not be honoring any type of door buster sales. It has to be a normal advertised sale price. So I was not as lucky as some of you have been. No 49 cent toy for me!

  • Patty

    Ok. I wrote earlier about going to Target with the policies and the email from the service rep from Target.. I had to go thru 6 people with all the paperwork before they honored the TRU price… Then they wouldnt take the $10 leapfrog coupon until I pointed out that line in the email that says they do. Finally after 45 minutes of debating (it was a matter of principle then) I got my toy for $.49….

  • Cathi

    Patti. Good for you I went with all that documentation and got NOWHERE .I really believe this is a consumer affairs issue. If you look at all the inconsistancies in the reasons they won’t honor it and thn the differing outcomes seems clear to me their is some deception here.

  • Laura

    I had the same thing–I went to one Target and they said they do not honor door busters–I went to another Target and they took it no problem–for 49 cents–what a joke!

  • Alisha

    I didn’t have any problems with the alphabet pal – I showed them the ad, they adjusted the price THEN I handed over my Target coupon. Maybe the key is to price match FIRST, then use coupons?

  • DeeDee

    ALisha, not the key, sorry. I simply asked about price matching and they refused. My Q was no where to be seen. The manager came and refused again. Pulled out their copy of the policy and it has the exclusion of doorbusters and timed sales.
    So no deal for me either! If I had time tomorrow, I’d try the other store close by, but we have a super busy day ahead!

  • Veronica

    I struck out not once, but twice at two different Target stores in Southeast Wisconsin. Plenty of the Alphabet Pal, but excuses given were 1) They don’t honor Doorbusters; 2) They don’t honor limited time ads. I only began shopping at Target again a few months ago after 3 years of boycotting them and telling everyone I knew about my bad experiences there. Sidenote, even my kids began questioning when I started back shopping there saying “I thought you weren’t ever going to shop here again”. What put the brakes on that store for me 3 years ago came when I bought a pair of shoes in March (planning ahead for summer – I loved them, but wouldn’t be wearing them anytime soon). They went on sale at Target in the following week’s ad, 2 days after I bought them. I took new w/tags shoes & receipt to customer service desk for adjustment. When clerk set them behind her w/return stuff and I said “no, I want them — just the sale price difference”, she told me I could get the price difference back but I’d have to go to the shoe department to find them!!!!! It was crazy. I went to my car and called corporate from my cell and they confirmed that was their policy!! I will be back in boycott mode if they change the policy at will to suit their needs.

  • Veronica

    By the way, it was a $3.00 price difference we were talking about. They had no problem alienating a customer over $3.00 so I had no problem not shopping there.

  • Cathi


    I have been reading allover the web on different sites, the reasons they have been refusing to price match along with all the stories of people buying huge quanties in other cases.The reasons run a wide range along with the wide range of times that people were either able to or not able to price match. Te stories in addition to the two I personally got today alsoranged widely as to “when” the policy changed.All the way from august , to a month ago to today . SOMETHING SMELLS !!!!


    On Nov. 11th our Aldi’s in central Wisconsin had Leapfrog Tag reading system for $36.99 Targets price was $39.99, so I wanted to price match & use one manufactors coupon $10 off & one Target coupon for $10 off which would make the item before tax $16.99. I checked out at the regester, but the cashier couldn’t price match at the regester, then I went to th service desk. I was looking at my receipt when I noticed only one $10 coupon was on the receipt, so first I had them price match which wasn’t a problem, then I told them I had two coupons & only one scaned,then they went back to the regester & got the coupons scanned it & I got the Leapfrog for $16.99 YA! Oh & the women at the service said next I can price match at the regester even better! This will be a Christmas gift for my neice, but I still wanted to get a leapfrog for my daughter, but ran out of time that day. This is where my Target experince becomes very scour, I returned to Target on Nov. 13 with coupons & ad for the Leapfrog & tryed price matching at the regester & wouldn’t you know the cashier didn’t know how to do the price over ride & this cashier has worked there for a couple years I’v seen her many times before. So I went to the service desk & I dreded going because the woman behide the desk has denied me sales before & thats exactly what she did. She told me that Target will not price match Aldi because they are a grocery chain & Target is not a grocery chain, I said to her I was able to do this on Weds. & they had no problem doing it, she they where wrong for giving me the price match, so I did not buy the Leapfrog, & I was mad! So what is up with that & this was at the same store. Does anyone have any advice?

  • I went to a Target in Delafield, WI last night and got 3 Alphabet Pals. Used the Target q’s at the register and then went to the service desk for the price adjustment. It took 2 CSR’s and a manager, but they finally figured it out. It wasn’t that they weren’t going to give it to me, they just couldn’t figure out how to do the transaction because the Target coupon was taken off on the receipt under the toy, so it looked like I had only paid $9.89 for the toy. Usually that Target is pretty bad when it comes to coupons, but this time they did great!

  • Cara

    I completely understand what some of ya’ll are going through, and after this I am boycotting TARGET. Target has great deals, but when you do your research and drive 30 minutes to get the toy and then they deny you, it frustrates me. And I personally don’t want shop somewhere, where the customer is NOT always right. I even called and spoke to a manager after I got home because I didn’t take the press release paperwork with me, and he didn’t he try to say I’m sorry or nothing, just said thats not our policy, but couldn’t tell me why doorbusters or limited sales were excluded, but that’s it for me with target for a while and I told the corporate office that too… I hate places trying to get away with false advertisement.

  • Jaime

    For anyone who is interested….Target changed their pricing policy sometime in the past 24 hours. It now specifically excludes Doorbuster (and similar) sales. It is posted on their website. Big surprise. I was one of the lucky ones in PA and NJ, and I feel bad for those who missed out. I even asked several cashiers and managers if they were aware of any problems with the price match, and no one was aware of anything.

  • Cathi

    THanks for that update ,what a mess. Yes, they have excluded doorbusters, and time limited ,and limited quanity.

    Again aren’t ALL sales time limited?.

  • I’m sorry to see that I wasn’t the only that got taken by Target policy again. The clerk promptly pulled a card from under the counter and told me that I couldn’t get the deal because Toys R Us was a doorbuster deal. I talked to the manager and lost again. So now I am writing to Target to air my beef….not that it will do a bit of good.

    • Cathi

      Linda ,

      Does your state have a consumer affairs office ? OR BBB?

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  • Nathan

    So I bought a video game last week for $60 and another store has the same game this week for $30… Can I go back there and get them to adjust it?

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  • GreenCircle

    Went to Target yesterday. Lost season 5 is currently being sold for $$9.99. Best Buy has Lost Season 5 this week in their advertised sale flier for $19.99. I showed the Best Buy ad to the Target Customer Service Rep and she rang up my purchase right away for $19.99. I saved $30.00. Very Nice.

  • GreenCircle

    Whoops correction…..”Went to Target yesterday. Lost season 5 is currently being sold for $49.99″….sorry apout typo above.

  • Jenna

    Target had a weekly ad for a Circo toy organizer for $37.00. I waited until Sunday until I realized I really wanted it so I was hoping it was one of those items that stays on sale for longer than a week (I know some of the sales expire at the end of Saturday). I looked it up online at and it was showing as $37.00 (marked down from $59.99).
    I went down to the Target store and they wanted $59.99. They said that the weekly ad had expired and that stores do not price-match
    I really wanted the item – so I paid for it but I think this is just outrageous. They basically made $22.99 off of me for nothing! I am dissapointed that I had to pay too much but mostly dissapointed that Target didn’t make the situation “right”. I talked to the store manager and also called customer service at Target headquarters and they are sticking with their decision.
    I understand if it was a exclusive sale item – but it was on sale at the store just the day before! Am I weird to be upset?

    • Sarah

      Yes. It was $37 on Saturday, and $59.99 on Sunday, and the ad specifically states that the sales prices are from Sunday until Saturday, every single week. You waited too long to get it, so sorry, but that’s pretty much your fault… and if it was on sale online and you felt that strongly about getting it for the cheaper price, why didn’t you just buy it online?

  • lisa

    Target’s price match policy is a joke. They really do not want to match anything. You are run over the mill by the employee, like you are trying to steal. The whole time they were discussing the issue with me the security police was standing right there. This is not the first time I have tried to use the price match. None of the times have they honored it. Each and every time there is an excuse as to why not. Look at the sign they would say and it does not match what they are telling me. Each time I took the ad to Walmart and they honored it. Next time I will start at Walmart.

  • cammie moose

    Target Superstore in Mooresville NC, said they do not price match Food Lion, Bloom, Harris Teeter sales ads. Is this true?

  • Maureen

    I went to Target to price match the CVS/Rite-Aid Similac Ready to Feed deal. 1 quart is on sale at $4.99. The Target circular says that they will price match any competitor’s printed sale’s price. When I tried to price match, they said no way. I needed a “card.” I understand that they have it on their printed policy, but it did not have that fine print on the circular. Why bother saying that they price match when they look for any excuse not to honor it. I am contacting the Attorney General tonight for false advertising.

    • Annette

      I had the same problem tonight- i tried price matching from Kroger and they wouldn’t do it! They also couldn’t find a copy of their price match policy to show me! What’s the point of price matching!!!! Only walmart and walgreens don’t use a “card” so apparently they are the only ads Target will match. I hate Target!!!

  • Nicol

    Walmart price matches AND you don’t need the Competitors as! They also price beat it, so I you buy something and find it lower elsewhere , go back with of without proof, (for food or anything else) and they will price match PLUS give you $3 bonus cash! Don’t waste your time on target unless walmart doesn’t have the item you need which is rare. You really can’t beat Walmart. Sometimes the cashiers don’t know so I come prepared with their internet policy on hand and within seconds they honor it. They will also then take coupons on top of it!