The Best of Walgreens Deals 1/4-1/10

These are the best deals I could see for Walgreens this week.  There are actually a few Register Rewards deals to help you roll those RRs you hopefully got last week with the Robitussin deal.


Electrasol Gelpack (20ct) $3.49
Use $2.50/1 coupon from 1/4 inserts
Submit for Easysaver Rebate #31: Get $1.50 back when you buy one (Limit 1)
Free plus $0.51 in overage after coupon and rebate

Garnier Fructis Hair products $2.99
Use $1/1 coupon from 1/4 inserts
Use $2/1 coupon in January Easysaver catalog
FREE after coupon

Reynolds Wrap Foil $0.99
Use $1/1 coupon from 12/14 Smartsource insert
FREE after coupon

Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream, 2/$6
Use $3/1 internet printable (if you printed last week, offer is expired now)
FREE after coupons

Quaker Instant Oatmeal 10pk $1.99
Use $1/1internet printable coupon
Pay $0.99 each after coupon

Hershey’s Candy Bars 2/$1 after in-ad coupon
Use buy one get one coupon from 11/09 SS insert
Pay $0.11 for two after coupon

Palmolive Dish Liquid $0.79 after in-ad coupon
Use $0.50/1 from 1/4 inserts
Pay $0.29 each after coupon

Viactiv Chews or glides 60ct on sale $3 off or $5.49 each
Use $1/1 coupon from 1/4 inserts
Use$3/1 coupon in January Easysaver catalog
Pay $1.49 each after coupon

South Beach Living Bars 2/$5
Buy $15 in selected Kraft/Nabisco products get $5 back via ESR rebate
Use $1/1 Internet Printable
Pay $0.66 each after coupons and rebate


Slimquick Energy Shots $4
Get $4 in RRs when you buy one
FREE after RRs

Selected Kelloggs Cereals 4/$10
Get $3 in Register Rewards when you buy four
Use $1/2 coupon from 1/4 inserts
Pay $1.25 per box after coupons and register rewards

Flinstones Children’s Vitamins 60ct $5
Buy $20 get $10 in register rewards back
Use $1/1 internet printable
Use $1/1 from Coloring Book
Pay $0.50 each after coupons and register rewards

Bayer Heart Advantage 30ct $5
Buy $20 get $10 in register rewards back
Use $2/1 internet printable
Pay $0.50 each after coupons and register rewards

Selected Maalox, Benefiber, Triaminic, Excedrin 2/$10
Use $2/1 any Maaalox from 10/19 SS inserts or
Use $2/1 any Benefiber from 12/14 SS inserts or
Use $1.50/1 Triaminic internet printable or
Use $2/1 Excedrin coupon from 10/19 SS insert
Pay $0.50-$1 each after coupons and register rewards

Happy Savings!

I am part of the Grocery Gathering, check out more grocery deals here.

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  • Thanks so much for preparing this this week!

    I am so glad for Robitussen;)))

  • Sandra

    I wasn’t able to print to the coloring book coupon. Do you have another link to it? I love this site. Thanks

  • Sandra

    I wasn’t able to print the coloring book coupon. Do you have another link to it?

  • Hi Sandra,

    I fixed the link to the Coloring book. It is not a printable coupon for a coupon booklet found at certain Walgreens.


  • Kathleen

    There is also a $10 MIR for the Flinstones vitamins and other Bayer products in this Sunday’s inserts for an even better deal!! I use these vitamins for my boys so every little bit helps.

  • Alisha

    I’m having problems printing the coupons from the bricks website… it keeps telling me to install a printer, and I do, then it starts over again telling me to install the printer (which I’ve already done.) Any advice?

  • Alisha,
    If you are using IE try using Firefox as internet browser.

  • Lisa Fischer

    Thank you for doing this! Just wondering, is everyone getting 2 of the $3 Ben & JErry’s coupon? I was expecting just one to print but two came out! SWEET!! Course not that this household needs ice cream….augh.

  • Kristie

    Kind of a newbie question … when it say buy 2/$6 do you have to buy 2 or can you just buy one and get 1/$3???

  • Hi Kristie,
    You don’t have to buy two to get that price. You can buy one at $3 as well.

  • Jane

    In my experience at Walgreens, you do have to buy 2 to get the sale price.

    • Hi Jane,
      You are right, sometimes the tag will say buy 2/$5 or one for $2.79. But the tag should detail this information. So make sure to read teh price tag before just grabbing one.

  • anna

    Hi Mercedes,

    Do you know of any blogs that keep good track of the weekly Rite Aid deals? I have a rite aid but not a CVS – actually i have 3 rite aids in town, so just wondering if someone could give me some better ideas on deals. I have been doing it myself with some success.

    • Hi Anna,
      I am working on having Rite Aid deals right here on the blogs every week. Hang on!

  • Sandra

    I got my Sunday paper, but couldn’t find the MIR for the Bayer and Flinstones? Any help?

  • The MIR is showing in certain cities inserts but not in others – I get the STL post and the Belleville (local) Democrat and the MIR was in my STL Post but not in the Belleville inserts.

  • Kathleen

    I have extras of the MIR form if you email me your address, I will send you one!


  • Megan

    I just hit my Walgreens and did the Hershey bar deal (among others). The wags coupon on the Hershey chocolate bars (making them 2/$1) works on the Reese’s Whips too. If you use the $1/2 Whips coupon in today’s paper you’ll get those free as well. Yum!

    Also, the manager at my store said the RR for the Kellogg’s cereal weren’t working ($3 in RR when you buy $10) so he manually adjusted the price for me. RR are great, but instant savings are even better!

    Thanks for the forum to share 🙂

  • Check out my post on how to get free cottonelle wipes this week at Walgreens! Love your blog Mercedes.

  • maria

    I saw a slim shot coupon for $3.00. Is that the same slim shot?? If so, then you would pay $1 oop and get $4 back in RR?!

    • Hi Maria,
      I haven’t seen that coupon but if it is for the right product you can use it to pay less for the product.


  • Julie

    I just tried the Garnier Fructis deal and my manager told me that I couldn’t use the coupons in the EasySaver with another coupon. I told him that I had done it before and he said only with the weekly in ad coupons. Does anyone know if he is right?

  • Wendy

    I had the $3 RR from the cereal deal and tried using it with the Quaker oatmeal along with other coupons I had. They wouldn’t let me since the RR are technically manufacturer’s coupons so unlike CS extrabucks, you can’t use it in conjunction with a regular manufacturer’s coupon. 🙁

  • Kelly Berg

    In the 12/14 Red Plum inserts, there are three $1/1 on the Kellogg’s cereals that are on sale this week. I had 2 of the inserts, so had 6 $1/1 coupons. I used the $1/2 in the 1/4 inserts to complete 2 transactions and got 2 $3 RR back. The cereal after the sale, the mfg. coupons & RR and w/tax, came to .94/box.

  • Kelly

    My Walgreens would not let me use the South Beach Coupons because they state for 6 bars or more…….the boxes on sale only contain 5 bars. boo! Oh well- they are still a good price even without the q’s.

  • Marin

    I was able to get two bottles of Children’s Motrin for $3.50. I bought two bottles at $5.99 each, used the $2 in ad coupon for $4 off, the $1 coloring book coupon for $2 off and the $2.50/2 manny from Sunday’s insert. Sweet deal!

  • Mary

    I did not find a coupon in my paper for Electrasol. Also in the Walgreens circular some items say coupon savings in Sunday papers but I don’t find those coupons either. Can anyone help me?

    • Hi Mary,
      Unfortunately some coupons can be regional. There’s a lot of marketing involved on where coupons get released. Some marketers decide not to release certain coupons in certain areas or release different value coupons. Sadly, a lot of small town and less populated areas get shafted from good coupons. I know because I live in one. My local newpaper carries really bad coupons. We didn’t get electrasol and others either.


  • To Julie –
    I did the Garnier Fructis deal twice and used both the easy saver coupon and the manufacturer coupon. I didn’t have any problems and I have done similar deals before with no problems. I would think the Easy Saver coupons are just like an in-ad coupon – instant savings from Walgreens.

  • joan

    I believe that the South Beach bars are part of the Kraft $5 Easy Saver Rebate #29. Buy $15 get $5 back, NOT a $5 RR. Thanks for all your research you have saved me a stash of cash!

  • jen

    it doesnt seem that anyone else had this problem, but my walgreens didnt have the eletrsol on sale. they were 6.49!!! I ended up getting them at target. I know coupons can be regional, but are the sales regional too?

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  • heidi

    Just a heads up for those wanting to use the new south beach $2.00 coupon on the Walgreens sale. The coupon is for 6 ct. and the walgreens sale is for 5 ct. I am going to the grocery store tonight and I’m going to check out the count amount on the boxes there – it seems weird to have a 5 ct. box, doesn’t it?

  • Michelle

    Sorry, this message is a bit outdated, but I just got out to Wags tonight to take advantage of some of this week’s deals before they end. Anyway, I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t seeing the same Electrasol sale price at my store. I compared my ad (Denver, CO) with the KC, MO ad and was SHOCKED that my local Wags ad had HALF the number of pages. I can’t remember this happening in the past. I hope it isn’t a new trend!