ThermaCare Deal at Walgreens all Month Long


UPDATE:  I received comment from reader that this deal actually requires purchase of Advil.  So, as stated below deal doesn’t work.

There’s a register reward offer going on a Walgreens all month long on ThermaCare Products.  Buy one ThermaCare product (2ct or larger) and get a $3 Register reward at checkout.  There is a printable coupon available that you can use on this deal for $3 off any one Thermacare Products (2ct and larger).  You will need to register to access the coupon.

Here’s how your transaction would look like:

$6.99 one Thermacare product (2ct)
Use $3/1 printable coupon
Pay $3.99 plus tax out of pocket and get $3 in Register rewards back.

This would be a good way to ‘roll” those register rewards you are getting this week.  Since it is a month long deal it is good to keep in mind just in case you have expiring register rewards later on.  Thanks Heather!

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  • Krista

    Maybe you can explain some coupon wording to me…this Thermacare IP says that it cannot be combined with any other offer. Do they put that there specifically so people won’t take them to CVS or Wags or are they talking about using them with another coupon? I remember seeing this on Listerine coupons and wondering what it meant. Thanks!

    • Hi Krista,

      Most manufacturers mean with that wording that you shoudl not combine another manufacturer coupon with this manufacturer coupon for the same item. In other words try to use two manufacturer coupons on the same item.


  • Krista

    Thanks Mercedes. I wish if they were talking about combining man. coupons they would have just said that instead of using the word “offers”. My Wags is pretty strict so it’s probably a no go with them. I feel like they stare at every coupon hoping it’s expired or trying to find a way to reject it. I’ve even been told by cashiers that they do things a certain way hoping to make a coupon beep because if it beeps they don’t have to take them. Not sure why they enjoy the aggravation and losing money.

    I do enjoy getting the deals you post when I’m able to though. Thanks!

  • Janice

    My Wags isn’t advertising a RR for Thermacare. They’re advertising a discounted price of 5.99 for regular or 7.99 for arthritis type. Does this vary by region?
    Plus yesterday when I went to check on the monthly RR (which noone seemed to be aware of), I found a $1/1 peelie on some of the Thermacare boxes.

  • Hi Mercedes,

    I just wanted to give you a heads up that my Walgreens didn’t print the RRs. It would have been a sweet deal because they were on sale for $5.99! 🙂 Maybe it’s just regional or the machines are set up yet? The lines were long so I’ll just return mine on Wednesday when I get that free 8 x 10! 🙂 BTW, thanks for the heads up on the BiC coupon! I was able to snag two coupons and get two sets of pens for $.14 this afternoon! Thanks for all you do!


    • Hi Jaycie,
      Ugh! Jaycie, I am sorry. I need to blog about this. I got a comment from someone else saying that you also have to buy advil to get the Thermacare RR. I apologize for the inconvenience.


  • No problem, Mercedes. It happens. It was worth a try 🙂
    Just think of all the hundreds of times it works and you’ve saved me loads of money!


  • I was disappointed also yesterday afternoon when I purchased the Thermacare and no RR printed. I’ll be returning mine today after work.