Time for Some After Christmas Bargain Hunting

My favorite time to Holiday Shop:  After Christmas!  I do not plan on hitting any sales until the end of the week though. I don’t want 50% off, I want 75% off or more.

My top two stores for shopping usually are Target and Walgreens.  At Walgreens I love getting Lindt chocolate for 75% off.  My husband loves this chocolate and as a true chocoholic he doesn’t care if it comes in holiday wrapping.  At Target, I am going for the wrapping paper and accessories and also some decorations for my mom.  The only other thing I am hoping to get cheap is some flannel pjs.

Target, you gotta love Target.  But I only love it when it is 75% off clearance or more ha ha!    Target is a great place to score some bargains right now on everyday items.  Be in the look out for Bounty Paper towels and napkins, also Palmolive dish and hand soap, Ziploc bags and storage containers as well as Saran wrap, all bearing Holiday Designs.  All of these items get the after Holiday discount so you can get then CHEAP!

This is my first time shopping after Holiday Clearance at my local Target and Walgreens store so I don’t have a “good feel” of the kind of bargains I can score.  But I am hopeful and well, it just makes the thrill of a good bargain hunt more fun!

I am going to take some time to check the coupon database for coupons for the items I am hoping to find and cross my fingers!  What kind of deals are you hoping to score?

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  • Michelle Reardon

    Watch out for the crazies at Target!! I was there at 7am for the opening. The woman in front of me took 12 holiday ziploc bags leaing only 2 for the rest of us. When I went to get one, another woman took it right out of my hand! Not a happy holiday moment!

  • Mary

    I checked out Target today. There wasn’t any wrapping paper there that I couldn’t live without (for 50% off). I’ll check later this week to see if it has been discounted further. I did pick up some cute little ornaments though. I got some that were red hearts…and I am going to use them to decorate for Valentines Day!

  • JEN C

    I also checked out my local Target today. I will go back later this week for the 75% off, but I wanted to check for a few things I didn’t think would still be there later. I was a little to slow getting to the Bounty napkin endcap, but I did get to see a woman walking away with 6 in her cart 🙁 I did however score Pillsbury brownie mixes for 80 cents and cans of vanilla frosting for 84 cents. That deal would have been better if I had a Pillsbury coupon to stack it with.

    The JcPenny Christmas decorations were 75% off in store today. I got an ornament chandelier reg $40 for $10 and a couple other things plus I used the $10/$25 coupon.

  • Debbie

    I also went to Target today….it was crazy. By the time I got there at 3pm, shelves were pretty much empty.

  • Kristine

    Does anyone know when walmart discounts to 75 % off? Sadly we don’t have a Target. Thanks!

  • Amy

    Good luck finding anything once it goes 75 off! Usually by that time, there’s only broken crap or stuff no one wants.
    And thanks to those of us nice enough to share holiday money saving tips…along w/ the bad economy, people have caught on & are now clearance shopping like crazy. Yesterday, it was almost impossible to even get down Target’s aisles.

  • Melissa

    I actually like our CVS when there good scotch wrapping paper goes to 90% off, I bought so much last year that I won’t need any wrapping paper for a few years though. 🙂 Last year I also picked up some burts bee’s stuff packed for christmas for 90% off.