Tippr: $15 for Four Movie Tickets

Did not get enough of the Weekly Cinema deals offered by Groupon and Living Social yesterday?  Well, here is one more for you and better!  Tippr (yet another social buying site) is offering the same deal on movie tickets today: 4 for $20.  But if you are new to Tippr you get a $5 credit that you get to use right away making this deal only $15.   Sign up or login to your Tippr account and look for “Seattle Deals” on the drop down menu on the upper right corner to find this deal.  This offer is only available today 9/23 only.

Here is more info about this deal:

Today, just $20 buys four movie tickets from WeeklyCinema. Tickets may be split between 4 customers, and do not need to be used in the same visit. They must be claimed at WeeklyCinema.com by 12/26/2010 and redeemed at Fandango and Movietickets.com theaters within 90 days of being claimed. Customers are NOT required to sign up for any monthly subscription.

Because WeeklyCinema partners with Fandango and Movietickets.com, their tickets are valid for 98% of cinema screens, so you get to see the movie you want, when you want, and at the price you want.

Side Note:

I know I have been sharing a lot of group buying deals with you lately but they are all the rage these days.  So that’s where the deals are popping up for now.  I am doing my best not to overwhelm you.  I try to keep things simple for you.  But some deals are sometimes too good not to share.  Feel free to leave me a comment of shoot me an email with your feedback.

Thanks Nithya!

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  • erin

    please keep sending these! I just redeemed my 4 pack of tix on Fandango.com even though I live in So. Cal. and it was a Boise “deal”. Thanks CSWM!!!

    • peanutkla

      Hi, how exactly did you redeem it? i was going to buy yesterday, but don’t understand the online movie ticket thing. I’ve used Groupon before to print out a certificate, but never something like this. Can you give me a little info? Preferably before midnight!?!?

  • Thanks for supporting Tippr!

  • Stephanie

    I LOVE the fact that you are sharing these deals with us! As you said, there are so many sites offering deals, it’s hard to keep up with them all, so it’s nice when you point out the extra good deals for us! Also, when you tell me it’s a good deal, I know it is! HaHa! Thanks for all your hard work. You’ve saved my family a ton of money in the past year that I’ve been looking at your site!

  • Valerie

    Keep up the good work! I love all the deals you post and I love that I can forward them on to my friends. With all the work you do I am able to save money for my family and donate to the local food shelf that I volunteer time to. Please keep going with these deals. I LOVE THEM!!!!!

  • Since its a Seattle deal, can ANYONE use it in ANY state? Or is it just for that area? I’m not sure how Groupon works.

    • Jenn,

      Even though it is a deal available under that city since it is an online deal anyone can take advantage of it.


  • Mercedes is right. This is Nik with Tippr, this offer will work in any city that Fandango or Movietickets.com offer tickets in.



  • Delia

    I did not get my $5 credit for signing up, it asked to ask my friends to join and if they did, I will get $5 credit after they purchase their first deal.

    • Stephanie

      Did you click on “my account” after signing up. My $5 credit showed up there. After I entered my info, it went directly to the sign your friends up page, but I just skipped that and clicked on “my account” and saw my credit.

  • Hi Delia…Please contact Ethan in our customer support 206-707-8731 x 115.

  • peanutkla

    Well, just bought one…even though I’m a little skeptical about it! Not really sure what to do now, so I hope the email is self-explanatory!

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  • Tyree

    I just got one–kinda glad I missed the Groupon deal yeasterday. Plus I emailed friends and family about it so hopefully I’ll get some creat $ for future deals as well 🙂