Dead Deal! Custom Photo Stamps for $0.35 each

I know a lot of you have a sour taste when it comes to Snapfish photo deals, but maybe this deal will get Snapfish on your good side again.  Today only, Snapfish is offering a free $10 credit as part of their birthday celebration.  You can use this credit to get custom photo stamps for less than the cost of regular stamps (whaat!?).  Here’s what you need to do to get on this deal.

  • Design your photo stamps.  Important: You need to order 3 SETS for this deal to work.
  • When you are done head to check out and use the code snapfish321 to get $10 off your order $25 purchase PLUS the $10 credit will be applied to your account as well.

In the end you should end up paying only 35 cents per stamp. What a sweet deal on personalized stamps. These make great keepsakes and are practical gifts. Jump on this deal now as the $10 credit is only available today.

Thanks Deal Seeking Mom!

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  • Kristy

    The total only comes to $8.99 when you go to checkout so you can’t use the code given. Am I doing something wrong?

    • I am sorry Kristy! I forgot to add that you need to order three sets. I just updated my main post.


  • Kristy

    Ahhh, I figured that out… lol, that’s a lot of stamps but hey, what the heck, thanks 🙂

  • Judy

    Use ebates and you get 7.5% back so that makes the stamps $.33 each!

  • Wendy

    Thanks – I did it, it worked! Usually I am a little weary of having my kid’s picture on the stamps so I used a “family portrait” picture that one of my kids drew!

  • Joella

    What a great deal! Thanks!

  • Michelle

    I am NOT a new customer of snapfish and I still got a great deal on stamps. I logged in and was given the option of buying 20 for 8.99. I ordered 3 and used the code given above making my total 16.97 plus 2.99 shipping I paid $19.96 making them .33/stamp! Wish I thought of ordering through ebates before I ordered!

    • Yeah Michelle,

      Both codes are available to anyone, new and old customers.


  • Amber

    For some reason I got the stamp deal and I had credits for 20 free photos 🙂 Thanks!

  • Debbie Boyd

    okay, i’m having trouble. i log in, click on the link and there are no photo stamps included in the birthday bash promo items. when i searched for photo stamps and found them, they are now listed at $18.99 each for a sheet of 20. my total was about $60 for 3 sheets. have they removed the stamps as one of the specials for the birthday bash promo?

  • pennyscents

    3-1st class, 1oz letter stamps (set of 20)
    cost of photo stamps: 56.97
    SNAPFISH321: -10.00
    subtotal: 46.97
    standard S&H: 2.99
    edit photo stamps order WI sales tax: 2.80
    total: 52.76
    This is what is coming up when I do it. Even though I am going through the birthday landing page it is not taking off the additional $10.00 for that. It is just taking $10.00 off for the code that you listed. Even with the $10.00 off I am not coming up with .35 cents a stamp. It says that there are only 20 in each set. $52.76/60=.88 cents a stamp.

    Please get back to me with more info. Thank you!!!

  • Debbie Boyd

    pennyscents, i had the same issue. it makes me think that they have removed the stamps as part of the birthday bash promo. they seem to be no longer on sale, so the promo $10 off does not apply, meaning only the discount code (snapfish321) applies, which obviously makes it no so much of a good deal.

    • pennyscents

      Yes, you are correct. I just went back and looked more closely and the stamps do not come up as one of the things for the $10.00 off. I don’t get it though. The stamps were $18.99 for a set of 20. If you buy 3 that=$56.97. If you then take off $10.00 for the code & $10.00 for the birthday bash it still comes out to $36.97/60=.62 cents per stamp, not .35 cents. Did they raise the price on the stamps, or am I missing something???

  • Christy

    They raised the price. I placed an order about 2-3 hours ago and had no problem. I just looked and the price is $10 more per set of 20.

  • Debbie Boyd

    i think, at one point, the stamps were reduced in price (possibly to $8.99 per 20) , along with a $10 discount for the birthday bash link, along with a discount code (snapfish321). you can see that there are several items on the birthday bash page that are reduced in price but stamps are no longer included. since the previous posts above, snapfish raised the price of the stamps rather than leaving them at the reduced price for the promotion.

  • susan

    it’s not letting me do the stamps. when i click on the page it goes to a snapfish page that says 2 collage mugs for $10. it says nothing about custom stamps.

    • Susan,
      This deal is no longer available and was only good yesterday.


  • snapfish is CRAP!!! I will never order from them again! Their customer service is HORRIBLE!!!!!