Top Five Freebies and Deals for a More Eco-Friendly You

It is Earth Month and while I think that our effors to be more gentle to the planet we live on should be year-round, there are lots of promotions to help you do that during this month of April.  The most important thing to remember is that by being “greener” you are also keeping more green in your pocket in the long run.  So here are some deals to encourage you to do some small changes:

  • Save money on your energy bill and consume less energy by getting free GE energy bulbs at Target.  Some of you mentioned not being able to find the bulbs priced at $2.99.  But even 50% off is a really good discount for a change that will save you money in the long run.
  • Don’t act puzzled when asked if plastic or paper at checkout.  Answer: “Neither, I brought my own!”.  Most grocery stores are offering a small credit when you bring your own reusable grocery bags.  Get your collection of grocery bags going by picking one up free reusable bag with purchase at Target this coming 4/18 or by signing up for a free one of the Earthbound website.

I will share with you that going green is an ongoing effort for our family.  It’s baby steps for us, but every step we take is a step forward not backwards and I think that’s good for all of us.  What’s your family doing to be more earth friendly?

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  • Rachel A.

    I started using cloth diapers, the all in one type, that are just as easy to use as disposables. I feel like I am taking care of the planet and our budget. However, I wish our city would be more pro-recycling!

  • Sarah

    All the bulbs in our house are CFLs (I think our outdoor lights on the front of the house may still be regular ones, though)… I use my green bags for everything… we use Seventh Gen & Method cleansers and hand soap… we have a huge garden– no lights in there yet, though (I have the Target coupons printed!).. and my reusable mug is sitting next to me with my water. *g*

    we also recycle– and I wish my town was more recycle friendly too Rachel– we have to haul everything to a drop-off every week, although we do now have monthly pick-up of glass and aluminum cans. where I grew up my parents just toss everything in one bin and put it at the curb every week!

    one more change I hope to make is using more eco-friendly beauty/hygiene products. many of them are expensive/hard to find, though. I have switched to a Burt’s Bees face wash, but we have a long way to go!

  • Heather

    I also started cloth diapering. We use softbums ( The video on their site shows how to use them.

  • Delores

    We bring our own bags most of the time and then I ask for paper if I don’t have enough of my own bags with me. I buy natural cleaning products, with coupons of course. We recycle — even though we have to haul our own as well. But we also haul our own trash, so it’s not that much more work, and I put my boys to work! We garden — compost for sure and use natural organic fertilizers. I also buy the huge bucket of Charlie’s soaps. I think in the long run it is not more expensive, or maybe just slightly so, since we get so much at once.

  • sally

    I am trying to find the solar light coupon at target & it doesn’t show up. Can anyone help me?

  • Lisa

    CFL light bulbs are not eco-friendly. They contain mercury. Read the EPAs instructions on what to do if one breaks:
    I am not an environmental nut, but, if everyone uses these and starts to drop all the spent ones in their normal household trash, how much mercury will be released into our soil? Remember when they had us all turn in our mercury thermometers because a single drop of mercury could contaminate an entire lake?
    I love freebies, but, I’ll pass on this one. For safety reasons, I have chosen to stick with conventional light bulbs.

  • Dee

    I agree with Lisa. I know they are supposed to be great and all, and save money, etc. But the thought of the mercury everywhere. Who actually recycles these things? I don’t think my local place even has that option. We actually had one break in our house. Talk about panic. We have 6 young children. I am done buying those things.

  • Karen

    We recycle using Recyclebank in our town! Which is green but also puts more “green” in our pocket by earning points for gift cards/goodies/etc.

  • I use the reusable grocery bags and love them. No more trying to carry 10 small plastic sacks. I can get my groceries into 4 reusable bags or less. I also just recently sewed myself some produce bags out of mesh and will use those instead of the plastic ones at the store.
    We recycle, and I just started a compost bin to decrease trash even more.
    I plan on eventually switching to homemade laundry detergent and cleaning supplies as well. Safer, and cheaper.
    I will soon start riding my bike to work as well.

  • Kristina L.

    My local community picks up our recycling bins every other week. I try to bring the reusable bags but I forget alot, but the more I do it the more it will become habit. I have changed most of the light bulbs in our house (didn’t realize the hazard with them). My 4 yr old daughter loves to water flowers so her and I plan on planting a small garden. I use mostly eco friendly cleaners but I know I could do better. I do have a question about which is better burning wood or using more electric in the winter time.