Tops Markets Trip: $26 for 28 Items and $.70 Off GasPoints (Includes 8 Boxes of Cereal and 6 Freebies)


Earlier, I had to run to the store to pick a few things up, and I decided to stop at Tops Markets, more for their GasPoints than anything else. If you have a Tops Markets in your area (NY, PA, and VT), you might want to check out their “Cereal Super Sale“. Select cereals are on sale 4 for $10, and you get $.20 off per gallon of gas when you buy 4.

Here’s how my trip played out…

Bought 2 Honey Nut Cheerios @ $2.50 each
Used $1.00 off TWO BOXES any flavor Cheerios cereals

Bought 2 Chocolate Toast Crunch Cereals @ 2.50 Each
– Used 2 $0.75 off ONE BOX Chocolate Toast Crunch™ cereal (Doubled)

Bought 2 Dark Chocolate Cheerios @ $2.50 Each
– Used 2 $0.75 off Multi Grain Cheerios Chocolate cereal (Doubled)

Bought 2 Fiber ONE Maple Brown Sugar Cereals @ 2.50 Each
– Used 2 $0.75 off Fiber One Protein Maple Brown Sugar

Bought 2 Lloyds Barbeque Single Tubs @ $1 Each
Used 2 $1.00 off any LLOYD’S Barbeque product

Bought 4 Powerade Zeros @ $1 Each
 Used 2 $.50/1 Powerade Zero (Doubled)
– Used 2 $.50/1 Powerade Zero from (Doubled. No longer available to print)

Bought 4 Fresh Gourmet Coupons @ $1 Each
– Used 2 $1/2 Fresh Gourmet croutons

Bought 4 Del Monte diced tomatoes @ $1 Each
– Used $0.50 off two (2) Del Monte 14.5oz Tomato Products (Doubled)

Bought 2 Lysol toilet bowl cleaners @ BOGO $2.69
– Used 1 $.50/2 Lysol toilet bowl cleaners (Doubled)

Bought 2 Tops Aluminum Foil @ $2.50 Each

Bought 2 Xtra Vanilla 75 fl oz laundry detergent @ $1.99 Each

I also still have these offers coming back from SavingStar:

In the end, I paid a little over $26 for

  • 8 boxes of cereal
  • 4 Powerades (FREE)
  • 4 bags of croutons
  • 2 Lloyd’s BBQ tubs (FREE)
  • 4 cans of Del Monte tomatoes
  • 2 toilet bowl cleaners
  • 2 rolls of foil
  • 2 laundry detergents
  • $.70 off per gallon of gas ($.40 for the cereal; $.20 for Lysol, foil, and detergent; and $.10 for using 10 paper manufacturer coupons)

Not mind blowing, but still a pretty decent deal, especially for the gas points. Between my weekend shopping on Saturday and Sunday at Tops and my shopping trip today, I’ve earned $1.60 off per gallon of gas. I have until 3/8/14 to earn more GasPoints, and I’m shooting for an almost free fill up!

I actually haven’t shopped at Tops much until this weekend. I’m thinking I’ll probably start shopping there more, though. Between the Double coupons (up to $.99) and the gas rewards, it’s definitely worth it.

Anyone else have any decent hauls this week?

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  • Kathleen

    I love Tops! I always get a great deal with my coupons, plus the gas points are great. It looks like you could have actually split up your order into 2 orders and gotten more gas points. They give you 10 gas points for every manufacturer coupon you redeem, up to 10 per order. So make sure you find a way to split up your order to get all the points you can!

    • Mercedes Levy

      I actually considered doing that, but I was in a hurry at the time. Kiddos were coming home from school. 🙂

      I’m actually a bit of a new Tops shopper, but I’ll definitely be shopping there more often! I’m wondering, though, what happens if you somehow earn more in GasRewards than the price of gas at the time? Do you just have to forfeit the extra?

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