Totsy: $15 off Credit = Kid’s Tees for $0.75 Shipped!

Totsy, a private sale site, has released a new promotional coupon code.  Get $15 off your purchase of $15 or more with coupon code 15CREDIT at checkout.   The credit applies to shipping even!! Just make sure your total is above $15. Totsy has an American Apparel sale for kids and I just spotted that you can get tees for girls for $0.75 after credit and polos for boys for $1.95 SHIPPED!!

Thanks, Michal!

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  • Lisa

    Awesome deal! Any idea when this expires?

    • Stephanie

      I’m curious about that too…I’m interested in that vintage t-shirt sale that starts tomorrow!

      • Arria


  • Arria

    Thanks! Got a kids cooking set for $3.75!

  • Stephanie

    Thanks-I ordered a cute baby blanket for $1.40!

    • Looks like you can use the code more than once, I’ve placed 2 orders so far.

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  • JEN

    Thanks, I ordered a bear-blanket for $0.64!

  • Stephanie

    The site is dragging for me! And doing crazy things, like messing up in the middle of check-out!

  • Elizabeth

    Looks like the site may have crashed. It comes up, but when I try to hit the register button after typing my info in then won’t come up anymore.

  • Stephanie

    FYI….the ship dates for the orders I placed are March 30th. Just thought I’d mention that in case someone was thinking of buying as a gift for the near future!

  • heather

    Can we do this more than once? I placed three orders.. hehe.

    • Stephanie

      I actually ended up with 6 orders (one of them was a duplicate b/c it messed up during checkout). Now I’m nervous that they won’t go through. As long as they don’t try to go back and charge me full price, I’m OK.

  • april

    Can you use the code more then once? I tried twice and it seemed to work?!?!

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  • I just ordered the green tank top dress for my daughter. With the promotional code, I only paid $1.35 shipped.

    Thanks for the post ….. you made my day!

  • Their site is having some serious problems. I hope I didn’t get charged multiple times because I kept getting server errors and having to retype everything including my credit card info.

    • Stephanie

      You should be careful of that because I had that problem last night. I thought an order didn’t go through so I did it again and now my account shows I ordered the same thing twice. And their site says you can’t cancel orders!

  • Jess

    Wow, sites slammed. I managed to avoid a duplicate order, thanks to those with the heads up.
    I’m only placing one order to be safe, but I got two roll on purfumes for less than $3.00 to toss in the gift closet.

  • pennyscents

    They have change this promotion. This is the error that just came up on there page when I entered the code:

    Sorry, you need a minimum order total of $16 to use promotion code. Shipping and sales tax is not included.

    • Stephanie

      So, I wonder if/how that will effect orders already placed.

  • pennyscents

    Why is my comment gone now? I posted a comment about the error that came up on their page when I went to checkout. The error told me that the $15.00 had to be before tax & shipping. I know it wasn’t this way before, because I did a couple of transactions.

    I also know that my post was here, because I received a response to it via e-mail per, my subscription. That response is not here anymore either???

    • Stephanie

      I see your prior comment. Sometimes you just have to refresh the page.

    • I see your two comments Penny?


      • pennyscents

        Thanks Mercedes! That’s really weird. I followed the link to the post when I received the reply via e-mail & it wasn’t here. I can see it is now, though! 🙂

        • maria

          i cannot get an order to go through using the code a all it doesn’t matter if I order over $15 or not I keep on getting a message that the code is invalid. 🙁

  • Jen

    I too was charged full price instead of the credit being taken off last night (after I entered the code) it flashed a few times which I think means it reset itself and then when I got to the confirmation page it told me it charged my card $15.
    Mercedes, do you happen to know if there is any phone number that exists for this company? I am a little concerned that there only contact format is mail and email.
    Thank you very much!!

  • Jen

    If it is too good to be true……..

    I hope this doesn’t happen to us….

    • pennyscents

      EEK! That sites not giving very positive information! I have confirmation e-mails showing the .75 cents & that that I was supposed to be charged. If they try to charge me more, I just have to contact my CC company. I hit complete purchase on one purchase where the 15credit code did not take anything off. I didn’t realize it until I already hit the button. I closed out of FF & ended task, but it still went through. I immediately sent them an e-mail asking them to cancel that order. If I end up having to keep that order, it really won’t be the end of the world. I did 3 other orders where the totals for a baby toy, a baby blanket, & a girls top were .75 cents or less after the code. If I get the dress for $15.00 something too, I still got a lot for a really good price. For anybody that was charged more after the confirmation page, you really shouldn’t have a problem. Just contact your CC company, if they will not correct the price. Their website is now completely down. Has anybody tried to call them? If so, how did it go?

      • Jen

        Hello pennyscents,
        It sounds like we have the same problems. 🙂 I also checked my cc pending transactions for an order that I placed before the “problem order” and it charged me $1.75 not .75. It was amex, so maybe they won’t allow a transaction under $1 which makes sense. 🙂 Obbiously one dollar is nothing to get upset over but i thought I would mention.
        Mercedes, I love your blog and thanks so much for all of the great deals you post. I have saved hundreds of dollars and thank you for that. I think if we just keep each other informed about any problems with this deal, we can more done as a group then just each individually.

        • Jen

          hi mercedes.
          just read this on another site.

          any idea what to do
          thank you

          • Jen,

            What is totsy saying on their facebook page? are they going to cancel orders? or honor? I think that’s the real question here.


          • Stephanie

            I saw on the FB page that they will be honoring orders that were placed before the site went down.

          • Jen

            I don’t use facebook. I know I am in the ice age, so I can’t help here.

  • aNNA

    I got this message when I tried to use : Last minute message: our last promotional campaign that was intended for a select audience of our long-time members was unintentionally exposed to the general public.
    This promotion has now been restored and will only work for members who received an email directly from Totsy containing a promocode

  • Melissa

    Well, the coupon code has been rescinded. The site now says the code has been changed.

  • Jen

    After a bad experience I had with this site, I did some research. They have very
    unethical business practices(ie never mailing orders, charging double, etc..)
    I would stay far away fromthis company