Toy Story 3: Coupon and Deals

Wondering where you can get a good deal on oy Story 3 and use your coupon before it expires?  Here is a roundup of the available deals on this movie right now:

  • Walmart: Blu-Ray combo is $24.98.  Pay $16.98 after the $8 coupon.  DVD price is $15.98.
  • Target: Blu-Ray combo is $24.99.  Pay $16.99 after $8 coupon.  DVD is $15.99.
  • Best Buy: Blu-Ray combo is $24.99.  Pay $16.99 after $8 coupon.  DVD is $15.99.
  • Toys R Us: Blu-Ray combo is $34.99. Pay $26.99 after $8 coupon and the DVD is $19.99. Get a FREE Toy Story 3 Popcorn Tin ($9.99 value) with any Toy Story purchase of $30 or more. Plus, you get a FREE Toy Story Limited Edition 10″ Wall Clock ($14.99 value) when you buy Toy Story 3 on DVD or Blu-ray.

o Plus, if you pre-order both Toy Story 3 on DVD ($15.99) and Mater’s Tall Tales on DVD ($15.99), you save $6 – so $25.98 for both.

  • CVS:  Get the Toy Story 3 DVD for only $3.99 when you buy $25 (pre-coupon) on select P&G products.
  • Kmart: Save $10 instantly when you buy Toy Story 3 on Blu-Ray or DVD AND onw of 2 select Toy Story 3 talking figures.

Thanks Centsable Momma!

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  • Ana

    Best Buy also has Mater’s tall tales for $19.99 PLUS you save $5 when you buy it together with Toy Story 3.

  • kiley

    Does anyone know if the $8 off coupon will work at CVS too?? Will it work in conjunction with the P&G deal?
    Thanks 🙂

    • Katie R.

      No it won’t work because the CVS deal is on the DVD and the coupon is the for the Blu-Ray Combo.

    • Emma K

      I believe the coupon is only good on bluray combo packs and going by the price, I think CVS has the regular dvd, not bluray.

    • belle

      CVS accepted my coupon without problem she was even reading each of the coupons and it scans without beeps… i bought 26 dawn dishwashing liquid and the story 3 and 2 olive oils and 3 musketeers bars for fillers to use my $20 ECB.. end up paying 0.18 plus tax.

      • Anna

        Were you able to use the $8 Coupon at CVS with only the DVD or was it the combo pack? My CVS told me I could use it on either, but I don’t really need the Blu ray…

  • jane4girls
  • Maria S.

    I was hoping to get the 2 freebies at toys r us when I saw the deals in their christmas book a week ago, but when i went on-line only one free is allowed. don’t know if it will be the same in the store, i have never tried for a deal that included 2 free items with only one item purchased at toys r us.

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  • dawn

    I am a little peeved that I already paid $5 in advance at TRU not knowing it would be so much more expensive than everyone else by quite a bit. I may just give up and do the CVS deal and still be way ahead of going to TRU to get it!

    • Dawn,
      Me too! I guess we could see it as getting the Beauty and the Beast for $7.99.


    • Rei

      That’s my thoughts exactly…TRU price is ridiculous! I’ll do the campbell’s rebate for B&B so in the end it’ll only be $2.99 anyway.

      I actually just went ahead & did the CVS deal yesterday and used my ECBs to pay for part of the p&g items so after everything is said & done, $9 for a dvd and lots of tp isn’t so bad 🙂

    • belle

      guys you can be refunded for your pre-order deposit when you ask them they refunded mine without question…

      • Rei

        Really?! Even if we got the $10 discount for B&B with the pre-order?

      • Thanks Belle!! I appreciate that piece of information. I will try to get my refunded then.


      • AC

        Thanks Belle. I will get try to get my refund too.

  • Ana

    We left the $5 down too, but my husband and I were wondering if it would be a good idea to wait around the holidays to see if it went down in price and get it then. I called to ask about price matching and they only price match with their own ads within two weeks. The other thing I was wondering is if it’s possible to use those $5 for anything else in the store, say a different movie?

  • Laney

    I saw someone mention on another blog that you could get your money back on the pre-order at TRU. I did it too & was hoping it would go on sale like Beauty & the Beast did.

    • mary

      I went today and got my $5 pre-order deposit refunded at TRU. No questions asked.

      An additional deal for those who have a Publix store and don’t need the Blu-ray copy is that the regular DVD is going to be $14.99 according to an ad pre-view for the upcoming week starting Weds or Thurs. depending on when your store sale cycle starts. Publix has a store coupon in their green advantage flier that is good until 11/5 for $5 off any DVD priced at $12.99 or higher so you could score the regular version for $9.99 by using the Publix coupon. You just have to act quickly since the coupon is only good until Friday though.

  • Amy

    I just spoke to our TRU here in Richfield, MN. They will price match the Blu Ray/DVD Combo pack if you bring in a copy of a competitors ad. That means you will also get the free clock but probably not the popcorn tin (with a $30 purchase).

    • Alison

      Thank you! Do you know if it is just your store? I am in Maplewood and hope they will do the same…

  • jenny

    I also pre-ordered at toys rus. Does anyone know if I can price match the target or walmart ad to get the movie for $24.99?

  • Kym

    Call your local TRU before going over! Each are different. King of Prussia WILL honor competitors ads including target and walmart, and you still can use the $5 deposit AND $8 coupon!

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  • Martha

    I don’t suppose Toys R Us does price matching. Does anyone know if they will match the price of Target, Walmart or Best Buy?

  • bo

    I had pre-ordered the TS3. Today, Toys R Us matched the Best Buy price. So this is how it went.

    2 Toy Story 3 DVD @ 24.99
    2 Toy Story 3 clocks @14.99
    2 stuffed bears @ 19.99
    1 Reese halloween candy as filler @.25
    $10 giftcard

    Used 2 $8.00 coupons on dvd
    -14.99 twice for clocks
    -15.99 for bears ( 4.99 after $50 purchase)
    -10.00 for purchasing 2 dvd
    -5.00 pre order
    Received $10 gift card for purchasing $40 of Disney dvds
    An additional $10 off (couldn’t figure out how to give me the $10 GC for $75 purchase)

    total including 7% tax: $23.45 oop PLUS $10 giftcard
    Sad because the tins were already sold out as of yesterday, but this was great.

    Worth going if you can get ToysRUs to price match and if you are getting other items. Thanks for all your hard work, Mercedes.

  • Deb

    Don’t forget about the $5 Rayovac rebate, too.

  • Jenny

    I went to TRU today and they would not price match. I also called their corporate office to complain about the high price.

    • Chrystalyn

      What’s corporate number? I’d love to complain too. Mine won’t price match either and said if I return the preorder they will charge me for the $10 I got of of BATB.

  • jenny

    My TRU wouldn’t price match with the target as. They said they used to price match, but no longer. Whatever….I got my $5 refund for the pre-order and took myself to Target and spent my money there. Paying an extra $10 for “free” popcorn and a clock is not worth it to me. TRU stinks…

  • I found a coupon today at Kroger for $6.00 off the dvd, bluray or combo pack wyb Kraft Macaroni and Cheese 5 pk and a package of Capri Sun (10 ct). It’s advertised in their weekly ad–they had stacks of these tearpads at my store. The coupon expires 11/10

  • darrell

    went to trs & was only person there at 9 am when they opened, they did not receive any clocks & told me to either wait to buy ts3 when clock comes in or i cannot get one. they would not take my name/# to call me when it comes in. how ridiculous! I s/w the manager & he told me to call back in 2 days when they receive the next shipment & they will give me one w/ receipt. they would not accept the $3 trs mater coupon since i was using the ts3 $3 coupon too. mater was full price too: $24.99, they also would not give me the popcorn tin since my receipt showed ts3 bluray was under the $30 required to get the free tin even though i placed a $5 deposit on the preorder which in actually $34.99, not $29.99. i left very upset & disgruntled as normally trs is great with there deals. they also do not price match as besy but & target had ts3 for $24.99, but i did get the $10 gift card for buying $40 or more in disney movies. they did not even have any preoders for christmas carol, sorcerers apprentice or fantasia as they normally have a $10 discount for a preorder.

  • Tara

    I just received an email from TRU Rewards w/ a 20% off coupon good today only. Would this apply to the movie you think? I think I’ll try and see……

    • Tara

      So I tried to use it, and it would have applied to the movie, but they wouldn’t let me use their store coupon w/a vendor coupon. I didn’t argue b/c I used it on another item in my purchase. I hate when stores use that argument though.

  • Alice

    I am very frustrated with CVS. I spent quite a while gathering my coupons and game plan. The first CVS I went to was out of the toilet paper, paper towels, batteries, and Tide. What a pain. The other location had everything. I was so pleased. Then when I went to the checkout, they were out of the dvd. No raincheck…nada. “Sorry, you can go to the other store if you want.” I said, they have the movie, can I get it there? “No.” grrrrrrrrrrr! Feeling like going to Wal-mart and trying to price match the whole deal. Does anyone know if Wal-mart usually price matches specials like this one?

    • Alice,

      Walmart doesn’t price match sales like this or what they call “gimmicks.” How frustrating!!