Toys R Us: Buy One Get Two Fisher Price Trio Building Sets FREE

Toys R Us has the Fisher Price Trio Building sets on sale this week: buy two get one free.  Use the $5 off printable coupon to get two free when you buy one.  Here’s the deal:

$14.99 wyb 1 TRIO Watch Tower building set
$14.99 wyb 1 TRIO Police Station building set
$14.99 wyb 1 TRIO Siege Tower building set
-$15 when you use three $5/1 TRIO coupons
$14.99 store offer discount for buying two and getting one free
=$14.98 for three TRIO building sets.  Thanks Saving Money in WA!

Ugh! So jealous! I would really love to have a TRU near me to get this for my four year old. Happy Savings!

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  • Heather

    Coupon was a printable… that was my mistake. Mercedes has provided the link 🙂

    • Thanks Heather! I fixed that.


  • Vicky

    Where was the coupon for Toys R Us in teh 10.18 paper?

  • Kristina L.

    can you just buy two and use two coupons and the price be around 5.00???

    • Hi Kristina,

      The coupon states that it is $5 off purchase of $10 or more. So the trio toy you buy has to cost more than $10.


  • Gina

    Where was the coupon? I didn’t see it in my paper…

  • ZM

    Thanks Mercedes. I just got a $5/25 in the mail for TRU that I am going to hopefully try to use too and add these toys to my toy closet. We have a boy birthday invite and I was wondering what to get, woo hoo. Do you happen to know the age range on these toys?

    • ZM, I checked on Amazon and it just said not for children 3 and under. I think this is the new competition to lego.


  • Heather
  • Tori

    Hi, i am heading over there now, can i get the link for that coupon? I would greatly appreciate it.

  • mel

    did this work for anyone?

  • Renee S.

    I was only able to print one coupon. Heads up, everyone – I’ve had problems with the way Toys R Us applies coupons. It’s always prorated across each item, including free items, so I actually LOSE part of the coupon. I’ve complained to them about this before. A few weeks ago they had batteries that were B1G2 & I had a $5 off coupon. Looking at my receipt yesterday, I saw that $2 of my $5 went to the free batteries, so my coupon was reduced to $3.

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  • Rebecca

    I went on my lunch break today and I ended up paying $17 for all 3 toys. What a great deal! Thank you so much for posting this awesome find.

  • Renee S.

    Rebecca, how did you get the 3 coupons? 3 computers?

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  • KG

    You can sign up with 2 different emails on one computer, and you can print 2 per computer. I have 2 computers, and we have 5 different emails between my husband and I, so I just signed up with our different emails.

  • amy

    I did this today and was only able to use two of the coupons. They said that I could not use the coupon on the free item. $20 for 3 building kits for my son for Christmas is still a great deal! Thanks!

  • I went on my lunch break too today. I was able to print 2 by hitting the back and refresh button. My friend printed the 3rd for me. I also had a $3 off a Fisher Price purchase of $14.99 or more BRU/TRU coupon that came in a box of the FP Happy Day/Night diapers. The cashier read every single word on the trio coupon. Then, when she realized that the 3rd was free she debated scanning the 3rd trio coupon but said she’d see if the computer would let me use it and it did. So, she ended up taking the 4 coupons. Total was $14.37 after 8% tax. Thank you so much for the tip!! Excellent Christmas gifts.

  • carol

    I tried to use the coupons at Toys r us and they would not take computer coupons. (I’m sad) I asked them if that was there policy or a toys r us policy and she said that they changed due to too many false coupons. I called Toys r us to see what there policy was on coupons and was told that they never take any coupons other than a Toys r us coupon.

    I tried to price match at Target but they would not price match a b2g1 sale. I also checked at Walmart and they don’t sell the toy.

    Anyone have any thoughts on how I can use my coupons????????????

  • Paul

    I went to TRU yesterday. They wouldn’t let me use more than one coupon per transaction. But I was still able to get three of the $9.99 Crazy Creatures for $15.92 (B2G1 and one $5 coupon). Yes, the 9.99 crazy creatures worked on the $10 minimum price of the coupon.

    Target has the $29.99 building set on ‘temporary price reduction’ to $24.99. So I used the coupon and got that for $19.99 there instead.

    Also, my daughter is 2.5 y/o and loves the Trio Crazy Creatures (rated 3-5). It is now one of her favorite toys.

  • Amanda

    Just did this deal. I got 3 of the $14.99 sets because I wasn’t sure if the $9.99 would work with the coupon. I picked up the Watch Tower, Police Station, and Hammerpult. They let me use all 3 coupons and then I used the $5 gift card I had from reserving the Snow White DVD a little while ago so after tax I spent $11.22 for $45.00 worth of toys! Thanks for the heads up on this one! We plan to give these toys to a toy drive this holiday season!

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  • Tara J.

    Thanks so much for all the great heads up on these deals. I went to TRU and bought the Spongebob Leapster pack that comes with the system and the Spongebob game for 59.99 – I was already going to buy both of these anyway separately, so I just saved $20 right there! And with any Spongebob purchase over $40, you get a $10 gift card, so… I used the gift card and my 3 $5 Trio coupons for that deal and paid a little over $6 including tax for the three Trio sets! I am having so much fun shopping this year for Christmas!!! Thanks again!!

  • Heather B

    Thanks for the heads up on this deal! Was able to print two coupons on home computer and one at hubby’s work. Then used three coupons and paid $16.48 (w/ tax) for three TRIO sets (originally $14.99 each) no problem.

  • Juanita

    This is for those that have had problems at TRU with the coupons or for those who don’t have one nearby (like me). I just looked at the sales circular for Kohl’s that runs until Tues. Oct. 27th and they have all Fisher Price toys on sale for 50% off. I saw a few TRIO items there last week. They do NOT take Manufacturers coupons but I have a 15% card from them and the $10 Kohls cash for every $50 you spend promotion is also running. My son saw an 84 piece set that he pointed out and it cost $29.99 there, so it would be $15. I don’t know how that compares to TRU sale right now, but I would have to travel 70 miles for the closest TRU, so I am going to check it out.

  • Carolyn

    I can’t believe it – I totally got the TRIOS for free! I did end up purchasing (3) $9.99 ones on Saturday — the last day of the “buy 2 get 1 free” sale, I believe. And I DID use (3) $5 off coupons. The cashier was hesitant, but I said, “You’re selling me 3, and your store is offering the sale on getting the 3rd free, but the manufacturer is still going to give you the $5 credits, right?”. So she rang it up, and said the 3 coupons deducted just fine!

    Well, as commenters have said above, TRU cash registers are a little tricky, and the cashier told me the total was $17 and change. I told her that didn’t sound right, and I expected the total to be closer to $6 – low and behold the 3rd TRIO free didn’t show up.

    The gist of getting these free PLUS OVERAGE — something to do with using my Rewards card…somehow I got a $15 credit/ reward on that card during the transaction, so I used the card to pay the $6-and-change, and still have the ~$9 balance! So AWESOME, I couldn’t believe it!

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