Toys R Us: Beauty and The Beast + Tinker Bell DVD/Blu Ray Movie Deal

OK, if you are intersted in getting these two movies, right now there is a good deal to take advantage of at Toys R Us.  Make sure to read carefully to get the good deal:

1) Visit Toys R Us before 9/21st and reserve Tinker Bell.  When you go reserve it you will be $10 to reserve it and get a $10 Toys R US gift card.

2) After Sept 21st go buy your Tinker Bell movie and also reserve the Beauty and the best movie. You will pay $10  and you will get an instant discount for $10 off a movie $19.99 or more.  This is what your transaction would look like:

Reserve Beauty and the Beast Blu Ray Combo $10
Tinker Bell Movie
Beast Blu Ray Combo $19.99 (you already paid $10 when you reserved it)
Use $10/1 Tinker Bell Movie Coupon
Get $10 off $19.99 or more movie instant discount
Pay $10.00 out of pocket

3) When the Beauty and the Beast Movie is released then you will:

Beauty and the Beast Movie Blu Ray Combo $19.99 (you already paid $10 when you reserved it)
Use $10/1 Beauty and the Beast Movie Coupon (find out how to get it here)
Use $10 Toys R Us Gift card you got when you reserved Tinker Bell
Pay $0.00 out of pocket

When all it is said and done all you paid was $10 twice when you reserved both movies.

Thanks Alaska Coupon Diva!

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  • Jaime

    A couple of questions….Will they accept both the $10 manu. and the $10 store coupon at the same time? (I don’t have a store policy)…a bit concerned about the 1 cent overage. Second, when does the Beauty and the Beast come out?

  • Rebecca

    Is this an online thing? Or an in store thing?

  • ras

    Wow, this is a fantastic deal! If I’m understanding correctly, you potentially get two $10 store coupons plus the initial $10 gift card, making both movies together cost $10 oop?

    Thanks for thinking this through. I’ll be heading to Toys r Us on Friday to start the ball rolling!

  • Patty Sullivan

    $10 for both or $10 each? A bit confused?

    • Pam

      $10 each.

  • Gina

    The coupon is for $10 Blue Combo Pack. Don’t those normally run higher than the regular DVD’s? I don’t know about getting to use this for a the regular DVD’s which are $19.99. Anyone know? Thanks

  • Tina

    What are the chances of being able to stack with this $5 off $25 coupon?

  • Pam

    This deal is a little confusing. I followed it back to the original source and it made more sense. Both movies are $29.99. $10 coupons for both can be gotten through the Disney Movie Rewards website by following the links above. You are paying $10 for each movie up front but nothing oop after the initial $10 down payment to reserve. I’m also wondering if the $5/$25 coupon can also be used. Original site said yes with additional item purchased. I’m guessing you can’t use it when you put your original $10 down and the cost is under $25 when you final pick up and pay. I got all three coupons plus a $5 gc from a previous TRU offer. I might give it a try. I’m wondering if might be a better deal to use the $10 coupons somewhere else. Reports that Target will sell Tinkerbell for $22.99. I’m just not sure this is a great deal.

  • Kristin

    The coupon offer states that it is not valid for use with DVD purchase…Blu-ray Combo Pack only.

  • Hi Guys,

    I am sorry,
    I reworded the deal to explain it better. Also what you are buying is the blue ray combo pack, so the coupon is good on that.


  • jason

    The standard dvd is included with this blu-ray comco.

  • Jaime

    Gosh, Mercedes, I hate to ask this question now : ) BUT…in transaction #2, if I already paid the $10 deposit previously, doesn’t that make my OOP $9.99…which would make it impossible to use both the coupon and the Gift Card? Am I reading too much into this?

  • Carla

    How do you get the $10 off $19.99 or more movie instant discount? Are we sure that promo will be running next week?

    • ashleyg

      From what the guy at Toys R Us told me, the 10 off thing coincides with the reservation of Beauty and the Beast/Tinker Bell respectively. You can reserve B&B until October (i think that is what he said), which is when it comes out. Hope 2 help.

    • mary

      The pre-order card offer for BATB states that when you pre-order you save $10 on any Disney Blu-ray of $19.99 that you purchase today. So if you are intending to pre-order the BATB blu-ray it is a sure thing since the BATB pre-order cards are available in the store now good until 10/4. The actual card itself says that it is a $5 deposit to reserve the Beauty and the Beast Blu-ray–not $10 as mentioned in the original post.

      • E

        This is a great deal, but fun to follow…..

        Quick question on the instant savings. Mary you said that the pre-order cards are already available in the store. So this is like a coupon card/gift card at the electronics counter that once you place your BATB order they should automatically give you this discount card for when you pick it up?

        Also, Target is only listing a combo pack with a free jewelry box for TB at $28.99 on their website.

  • Karen

    Okay. Just to verify…. We will pay an initial $10 cash to reserve Tinker, get a $10 gift card. Then go back (after 21 Sept), reserve Beauty for $10 cash (get $10 instant movie savings) before paying for Tinker with $10 manu coupon. Then go back a third time (between 2-9 October), buy Beauty with $10 manu coupon. Walk away with $10 gift card. Where does the Instant Movie Savings come into play?

    • mary

      It should work this way

      1. Pre-order Tinkerbell $10. You won’t get the $10 gift card until you pick up the pre-ordered copy on your next visit.

      2. Return for second trip to pick up Tinkerbell & pre-order BATB for a $5 deposit (it states this amount on the actual pre-order card). Get the $10 instant movie savings on Tinkerbell from pre-ordering BATB. Use the $10 TB manu coupon. You will get your $10 gift card from pre-ordering Tinkerbell on this visit.

      3. Return for third trip to pick up BATB. Use $10 BATB manu coupon. There is no additional $10 gift card offer for pre-ordering BATB. The $10 gift card offer was only for pre-ordering TB. The BATB $10 offer was the instant movie savings that you received on the Tinkerbell movie on your second visit. Hope that makes sense.

  • ashleyg

    At my toys r us, we only had to reserve B&B for $5. Thanks for the Heads up, I will be doing this for sure.

  • Emily

    So….Here is the breakdown from what I understand

    When you pre-order Tinkerbell, you will pay $10, but get back a $10 GC.

    Go back when it comes out, and you owe $19.99 after your deposit has been applied. When you preorder Beauty & the Beast, they will automatically apply a $10 credit for puchasing another movie WITH the pre-order, plus you use the printable coupon for $10 off. You will however owe $5 for pre-ordering the Beauty and the Beast dvd combo pack. So you will pay $4.98 plus tax
    Then go back on the day Beauty and the Beast comes out. You will owe $24.99. Use the GC from day 1 for $10 off, plus use your $10 coupon from Disney. Pay $4.99 OOP. so Total OOP for both is $10, plus $4.99, plus $4.99. Clear as mud right? LOL….or you can even drop your OOP for the third day even lower by preordering Toy Story 3.

    • Levy

      It’s very clear…

  • tina

    in the past-i have used the 5 dollar off coupon with other man. coupons, they may have changed it but I know i have used it several times!

  • Laurie

    oh yeeeeaaaah! I was so hoping these two promos would be offered and overlap. I did the Princess and the Frog deal when it came out, and same w/ Toy Story I and II. Got them so stinkin cheap. That’s the only way I’ll BUY a DVD/Blu-Ray! Thanks for posting Mercedes; I can’t believe this isn’t all over the web yet.

  • kristine

    this actually ends up going differently than this. the B&TB pre-order explicitly states that you get the $10 instant movie discount when you PICK up the movie, not pre-order it so they wouldn’t apply it to tinkerbell. My receipt looks like this:
    BATB pre-order $5
    Tink 29.99-$10 selected item (pre-order amount?)
    balance due: 19.99- 4.99 tink promo (?)
    refund price- $5
    gift crd promo $10
    vendor coupon $10
    so i paid $10 to pre-order and 6.35 to pick up and then got a $10 gift card…plus paid $5 to pre-order BATB. Does this make sense??
    there must be a $5 instant savings?
    The manager said after TS1 and TS2 they changed the wording on the pre-order. The coupon that comes with BATB when you pick up is also not a physical coupon, but a discount applied to another movie in the same transaction so it can no be applied to pre-ordering or picking up TS3

    • Kyla

      Kristine…I was very confused by this as well…my receipt looks the same….but can’t figure it out..

      • Kyla

        now I think I understand after reading through everyone’s posts…so the instant $10 off for pre ordering BATB never really happened?? I called TRU tonight, to have them try to explain to me, and she was confused too and told me to bring it in my receipt at my convenience and they would look at it to see if it was computer error or what not…we shall see

  • ras

    Has anyone else tried this yet? Does the BATB discount come when you pre-order, or when you pick up? It’s a much less useful deal if you only get it on pickup. I think that would make Tink, at least, significantly cheaper at Target.

  • kristine

    it says right on the pre-order for BATB that it is to be used when you pick it up, and that is what the manager told me…can’t use it on Tink. it seems like there is a $5 instant on tinkerbell, but i am not sure what triggers it

  • Kerri

    I went to pick up my movie on my lunch break. Not only did they not have the reserved copies on hand, (but rather had to hunt around the store) they refused to honor the BATB $10 off. She told me I have to buy ANOTHER movie when I pick it up. I didn’t get this $5 off instant discount, either. I ended up paying $22 something for Tinkerbell and got a $10 off giftcard for buying it. The wording on the pre-order card is deliberately confusing. The wording contradicts itself. The clueless employees told me that I didn’t get the $10 off because I used the coupon from Disney. The reservation card says NOTHING about not being able to use coupons with it. I’m pissed, I’m waiting for a phone call from the customer service team, and if they don’t fix what is blatantly bait and switch, I’m returning the movie and gift card, getting my money and then boycotting Toys R Us forever. They also took my $10 off coupon and I can’t get that back, so I lose that, too.

  • kristine

    it actually does say right on the BATB pre-order card that the coupon is scanned when you pick up the movie, pay that balance due and buy another movie 19.99 or more…it is right on the bottom of the card.

    the tinkerbell card didn’t say anything about an instant discount, so they didn’t technically bait and switch you…you got the info from online, not TRU directly.

  • Jennifer

    I picked up my Tinkerbell blue ray/dvd movie today too. Ended up being a great deal.
    I prepaid $10 last week.
    today when I picked it up, I also bought 2 packages of hangers, pre ordered BATB ($5) & donated $1 to unicef.
    Used the $10 movie rewards coupon
    got a $10 gift card & a free tinkerbell watch
    my total out of pocket was $12.35!!
    not bad at all. 🙂

    • E

      Jennifer – how did you end up with a free tinkerbell watch??

      It really sounds like it depends on which store AND what clerk you happen to get with this deal. I would say that it is like many other things, if you don’t like the clerk, leave and come back later and get a different clerk. Of course you only have 1 week to get the gift card.

  • Kerri

    Kristine, it DOES say that in letters at the bottom for the cashier. The information on the front of the card in big letters contradicts it and says “When you buy any Disney Blu-ray 19.99 or higher today.” While there is conflicting information in that little box on the bottom, who’s to say that is the correct information and the information in GIANT letters is wrong? That IS bait and switch because they pull customers in with the promise of one thing and then state that they didn’t really mean it, they meant the OTHER statement on the card. Whether or not it’s bait and switch isn’t even really the point. The point is, Toys R Us screwed up with the wording on the card and it needs to be honored.

  • erika

    KERRI, i just realized the wording on the bottom about buying up another movie when you pick up Beauty and the beast. But this was my problem today.
    I bought
    Tink Bluray $29.99
    Beauty and the beast deposit $5= $34.99
    -$10 Tink pre order
    -$10 Beauty and the beast pre order
    -$4.99 Tink coupon
    My total came out to $10 before tax, it should of came out to $5.01
    I dont know why the $10 coupon ONLY took off 4.99, they told me it was because the balance on the movie was $9.99 so it couldnt take of $10, but then why didn’t it just take off the $9.99, how does it come up with $4.99. I said that wasn’t fair that they were going to be reimbursed $10 and i only got a discount of $4.99. She said that they would only claim $4.99 (YEAH I REALLY BELIEVE THAT S…)
    Did you email or call them, can you post the #??

    • Michelle

      Mine ended up the same way and I went to customer service and had them reimburse me the difference. My Toys R Us ended up being super confused about this whole offer but they did end up giving me the correct amount. Good luck!

  • ras

    I just got back from Toys R Us. They did give me the $10 off of Tink for preordering BATB, plus they accepted my $10 Tink coupon from Disney. I paid nothing additional OOP for Tink, plus I got the $10 gift card and the free watch. The woman at the electronics dept. was great — she knew exactly what she was doing, and had clearly seen this deal before. She saw me walk up with my preorder card in my hand, and asked if I was doing the BATB deal and if I had the Disney coupon.

    I will say this — the receipt I got for this transaction may be the most confusing thing I’ve ever seen. I also did the tag book promo and used the $5/25 coupon in the same transaction, and the receipt was a total mish-mash of discounts and coupons and refunds and heaven knows what else. I can’t even read it.

    • erika

      Ras, do you mind sharing with us the store number , city & state, i’ve been back and forth with customer service and im goin to be faxing my reciept to them, but its nice to know that the deal worked for someone.

      • ras

        Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. It is the store in Cary, NC. I’d have to find my receipt to find the store #.

  • kathy

    I am thinking now…is it best to buy additional items in order to get the additional 10 off. They told me it has to be off the movie. NOt sure???

  • Letty Hill

    My experience today at TRU was totally unlike any above. My store had Tinkerbell watches you got free with the purchase of Tinkerbell. I picked up my pre-ordered Tinkerbell, and reserved Beauty and the Beast. Neither the cashier nor the manager would let me us the $10 manufactor coupon AND get a $10 gift card. They said the register wouldn’t allow it, due to the wording on the coupon :”May not be combined with any other offer”. I tried to argue that I was combining a store sale with a manufactor coupon but they wouldn’t budge- one or the other. I chose the $10 off coupon. However, the “$10 off any other Disney Blu-Ray Dvd when you pre-order Beauty and the Beast” came off. So I just paid the $5 preorder fee, and got the free watch as well.

    I am hoping when I go to pick up Beauty and the Beast I can also preorder Toy Story 3, and get that “$10 off when you buy another Disney Blu-ray Dvd” coupon to come off of Beauty and the Beast along with that manufactor coupon.

    I forgot about the $5/25 coupon. Drat! I also wanted to do the Hasbro game deal, but my store was out of Sorry! and that was the one I wanted most!

  • Marissa

    I spent a little more, but am happy with the results.

    Tink – 19.99 (preorder)
    Prince of Persia- 34.99
    BATB pre-order- 5.00
    TS3 pre-order- 5.00
    Before Coupons total = $64.98

    Coupons used-
    BATB Pre-order- 10
    TS3 Pre-order- 10
    Prince of Persia from disney- 8
    Tink- 10
    TRU- 5/25
    Coupon Total= $43.00

    So 64.98-43.00= $21.98 OOP (+tax) and I got the free watch and the $10 gift card
    No beeps, no problems, no questions, the cashier did say “I’ve never seen a total go down that fast! Where did you get the coupons?! That’s a great deal!”

    • Kyla

      you did get a good deal…I agree with Kristine…whatever they did with that $4.99 discount that is what screwed us out of the $10 off Disney DVD…

  • kristine

    i think what they did was take 4.99 off of the dvd to drop the price down to $15 so it wouldn’t trigger the $10 off. so we are really only out $5

  • E

    I went today and same thing. The $10 gift card and the $4.99 credit except that I bought one of those little polly pocket size tinkerbell dolls on clearance for $2.98 so I actually got $7.97 off my receipt.

    I am not sure how the computer logic works on this but basically to get the $10 mfc off you need to spend $10.01 in addition to the DVD which rings up at $9.99 ($29.99-$10 deposit-$10 gift card). The $5 BATB deposit gives you the $4.99 and you have $5.01 left to spend or lose.

    The coupon stated that it was on a DVD “$19.99 or higher” and since the computer is taking the deposit and gift card amounts off before accepting the coupon it makes it on $9.99 (not $19.99). For some reason that same logic is letting the additional $10.01 be on any store merchandise.

    • Kyla

      I don’t understand what you mean when you say the BATB gives you the $4.99

  • Kyla

    I went back to my TRU store today and for all the confusion and screwed up receipt they just game me a $10 GC…the Manager’s were even confused on the whole deal and the $4.99 discount that showed up on the receipt…glad it’s resolved though!!

  • amy huggett

    Ugh!!!! This is soil annoying… I’m sick of fighting with with toysrus I will be calling corporate if its not resloved soon….

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  • lisa

    I bought the Tinkerbell back on the 21st of Sept. The computer worked fine until they scanned the $10 manu coupon. After being frustrated for 30 minutes, the cashier rang everything through, minus the manu coupon. Then in the next transaction, she rang “vendor swap”, which essentially gave me the whole $10 value. So I paid $3 for the Tinkerbell movie, Tinkerbell watch, $10 giftcard, and the Beauty and the Beast presell.
    Today, I picked up the Beauty and the Beast, received a coupon book, and preordered Toy Story 3 all for $2.99. Apparently, the Beauty and the Beast movie was on sale for $22.99.
    Now, I just hope there will be a coupon for Toy Story 3. Thanks!!!!