Toys R Us Cancels Hasbro Game Promotion

Earlier this week I shared a deal on Hasbro Games at Toys R Us. I just wanted to let you know that other blogs and other CSwM readers are reporting that Toys R Us has canceled this promotion. One reader shared she was told both the Hasbro Rebate and Gift Card offer were over.  Just a heads up so you don’t make the drive to your local store for nothing.

Thanks Ontheedge!

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  • Did they say why they cancelled it?

  • Lauren

    I don’t know how I feel about this as I am a loyal Toys R Us customer. I just checked their website and it still have it advertised as if they’re still doing it (the rebate anyway).

  • Liz

    I went today and tried it – they were very hesitant to giving me the $10GC, but I showed them their ad, I identified that all games were Hasbro, and I hit the $35 total (I realized later I actually didn’t hit it b/c the Ubuild battleship came up as 4.99 from the sale price shown as $14.99 – and has a $3rebate. So I actually paid $25oop, am getting $9 in rebate, and got a $10GC) Anyway, I had the girl call the manager over and she gave me the giftcard b/c they couldn’t dispute their ad.

  • Their ad for this weekend has a special mail-in rebate mentioned in it.

  • Nichole Ward

    I went back 2 days ago and got a few more of the games and they said they were having an issue with the gift cards being prompted at the registers (and it doesn’t seem like the associates knew about the promo anyways). The manager ended up giving me $10 (really $12) back on my credit card and the Hasbro rebate should be running through the end of the year I think, although mine’s already in the mail so I can’t verify that.

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  • Melissa

    The sale prices are all still online, and the Hasbro rebate is actually through Hasbro and not just the store, so at the moment it appears it is working. I’m heading there after work to see (I’m in Colorado if that makes a difference).

  • Marge

    I stopped by the store near Washington Square Mall in Tigard, OR on Wednesday. They said they were no longer doing it because “they ran out, so the manufacturer decided to end it.” I’m not sure what they ran out of–not the games for sure. Maybe they were limiting the cards they were giving out. The customer service rep did not seem to want to spend any time with me explaining.


    Still showing on Toys R Us website.

  • Kim T.

    I went and did the deal at the begining of the week, and it was awful! The people working didn’t know what they were doing…Many people were there complaining.

  • Casey

    Is this the offer where the games end up being on only $1? I am asking because I saw the commerical last night so there are still running it.

  • Chris

    Hasbor is still giving the rebate if you already purchased the games though, aren’t they? I sure hope so!!!! I haven’t mailed in my rebate yet. I bought these games to give to Toys for Tots, and I was counting on the rebate.

  • SP

    all deals are still good. Hasbro has not canceld teis program you can still find the rebate paperwork on thier website, but most that were int eh stores are now gone. As far as teh $100 of $35 purchase tehre was a glitch earlier int eh week where the system was giving out gift cards even if you weren’t at $35 (at $29 and such) so in the attempt to fix that they messed it up completely in he system and it doesn’t pop up at all. So just go to a manager point out the deal and most of them are taking $10 off your purchase (which is better b/c you are not paying sales tax on that $10 of product). Good luck!!