Toys R Us: Leapfrog Magnet Toys for $4.99

This week Toys R Us has Leapfrog Fridge Magnet toys for $9.99 after 50% off discount.  Use this $5 off one Fridge Magnet toy coupon, to get them for only $4.99 each.  You will need to log in to your Leapfrog account or register for one to get the coupon.  Thanks Kim!

My kids absolutely love their fridge magnet toys and they have a lot of fun with the fridge recorder.  Happy Shopping!

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  • Heidi

    I logged in and it seems you can print this coupon out as many times as you want—will they all be valid? I see there is a number that prints above the barcode; is this perhaps something that limits the use of the coupon to one time?

    • Yes, these coupons are all valid. They don’t have a unique tracking code per the manufacturer’s choice to release them this way.


  • Dani

    Where is the coupon at on the site? I logged in and didn’t see it.

  • Monica Richardson

    I don’t see it either. Login and then what?


    @dani and monica- click on Mercedes’ link and then log in when prompted; the coupon will pop right up after you log in.

    • Dani

      Yay! It worked!! Thanks so much!!!!!!!!

  • I’ve tried logging in several times and I’ve never had a coupon pop up 🙁

    • It finally worked for me. I had to try a few dozen times though

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  • Monica Richardson

    I don’t see a Mercedes’ link, it just takes me right to the login page. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

    • Dani

      In Mercedes post where is says Use this $5 off one Fridge Magnet toy coupon underlined and in blue. Click there. Then you will have to log in. (Mine stays logged in on my computer so I just entered my email and password again and once I hit submit, it popped right up)

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  • Dani

    My Toys R Us wouldn’t take the coupon. They told me they only except store coupons.

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  • Rae

    Was this promotion in an ad this week? If so was it Sunday’s paper? I’d like to price match at Target if possible.

  • Heidi

    My Toysrus took the coupon, but they were out of the farm set (their inventory said they should have 5, but no one could find them).

  • Christy J

    I bought 4 of them yesterday. They accepted my coupons and I had no problem at the Sterling Heights Hall/Schoenherr location.

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