Two Free Suave Products (New Offer)

Prove Suave Professional wrong for a chance to win Suave products.  Watch the videos available on this Suave website.  Then choose which models used the Suave products.  if you get four correct (from 8 videos) you get two coupons for free Suave Professionals product.  if you get three right you get 1 free coupon.  if you get five right you get a magazine subscription. Six correct answers a free styling tool, seven correct answers a free web styling consultation, eight correct answers a free year’s worth of Suave products.

Site is taking a while to load.

Thanks, freebies 4 Mom!

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  • andrea

    Got the two free products, thanks!!

  • Renee

    when the promotion will be ended? thanks

  • Suzie

    The videos were super lame and after all that trouble and time my coupon was only for
    50 CENTS off of 2 products.

    Don’t waste your time.

  • laura

    Got all the way through and got 6 right. Won’t let me submit though the site crashed

    • Melissa

      Same thing happened to me but I picked up and it refreshed where I left off…maybe that will help you?

  • lidia

    This sucks, I got 6 questions right and all I got was a $.50 coupon off two products when I was really supoused to receive 2 free products. I din’t even get a choice to pick my prize.
    Did this happen to anyone else????

  • Patricia Pattillo

    I got all the way to the last test and it would never come up. For all my time and trouble I got two coupons for 50 cents off 2 products, and the screen kept saying I had gotten 4 coupons. Guess the one that got the 2 free prducts wil be the only “winner” because they probably had only 2 products to give away.

    • jl

      same thing happened to me

  • Durinda Wilkinson

    Not a waste of MY time. I got 2 free products! Thanks

  • Melissa

    I thought that it was only offering me 50 cents as well, but then I started filling out my info, and then unchecked the box and if offered more than that….so play around with it before you give up too quickly. I got two free styling products. 🙂

  • These videos are painful to watch!

  • Martina

    Can’t choose anything… It doesn’t work…

  • qudz

    thanks, i got the one for 2 free products! i am very excited to try their dry shampoo and shine spray!

  • ashleyD

    i got 4 right but was only offered one free product. oh well, i’m fine with that! can’t believe i got the first 4 right either!!

  • ras

    I got four out of 7 right, but the last video wouldn’t load. Went to claim my products, and it initially told me I could get it, then it glitched and when I refreshed it told me that prize was unavailable. Apparently, all I can get is the lame $.50/2 coupon. What a waste of time.

    • jl

      same thing happened to me, except I could get 1 free product when i should have gotten two

  • heather

    They’ve run out of the 2 free products coupon for getting 4 answers correct. It’s explained in the Terms of Use. I answered 4 and got 1 free product coupon

  • Diane

    I got 6 right and it gave me a coupon for 1 free product. Geez, I got more than the 4 correct but I got less than the 2 coupons for getting 4 right.

  • Joy

    I’m happy. I answered 5 out of 8 correct and got one free product coupon coming in the mail. 🙂

  • lisa

    site works great and i got free product 🙂

  • Jean C

    Free is good; Thank you!

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  • valerie

    Safeway made me pay sales tax