Two Hot Deals at Walgreens


Would you like to know how much I spent on what you see pictured? $1.93 after register rewards.  I also have $45 in Dale and Thomas Gift Cards.

Earlier, Angie left this comment on the weekly deals post:

I wanted to let your readers know that there is currently a glitch in the system at Walgreens when doing the Robitussin deal. It is producing double Register Rewards. I printed 5 of The Rob. coupons, bought 5 bottles @ $4 each, and it printed the $10 Register reward, and 2 $5 Register Rewards. Profit of $10. They will probably catch this error soon but it is a great deal while it lasts.

Since I wanted to rent a movie using the Free Redbox code and Walgreens is on the way I decided to give this a try.  So in my first transaction I bought 3 Robitussins and two Dimetapps.  I paid $11 out of pocket and got $20 in Register Rewards.  Then I bought three of the Popcorn, Indiana Gourmet Popcorn boxes for $2.49 (My store is already at 75% off clearance on the holiday items) and five of the cloth gift bags.  I used $10 in register rewards and paid $0.93 in cash. Each of the gourmet popcorn boxes have a $15 gift card to Dale and Thomas that expires on 3/31/09.  I can use those for a birthday present between now and then.

Edited to add: There are two possibilities of why this may be happening: either there is a glitch in the way the promotion was programmed.  Or there could be a second unadvertised promotion running along side.  This happened recently with a Children’s Tylenol offer when a  weekly register rewards offer coincided with an offer running all month long.

If you would like to take advantage of these  situation please remember this:  If this is a glitch it may get fixed sooner or later.  So take that into account if by the time you hit the store you only get $10 in Register Rewards instead of $20.  But if it is any consolation, you are still getting the medicine for cost of tax only.

This is a sample transaction.

3 Robitussins 4oz
2 Dimetapps 4oz
-6 three $2/1 Robitussin coupons
-4 two $2/1 Dimetapp coupons
=$10 + Tax out of pocket and you may get $20 in register rewards back or $10 for sure.

I noticed I could only print three of each coupons per computer.  I will keep my eye out on this deal to update you as soon as I find out, if it is a glitch, when the glitch gets fixed.

Angie has a couple of other scenarios on her blog too.

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  • Hey there…not trying to stir up anything but this seems a bit dishonest, well it sounds as if you are condoning dishonest coupon practices. It’s things like this that make stores create more strict policies…..just sayin.

    • Hi Lori,
      Thank you for visiting! Personally, I don’t think it is dishonest because as a customer you are fulfilling the terms of the offer: you are buying the right product and using the right coupons in order to get your Register Rewards. IF the promotion at the moment is printing out $20 in register rewards is not because of anything the customer is doing. As a matter of fact we don’t even know why it is happening. I *could* be a glitch or it could also be a second register promotion running alongside this one. This has happened in the past when a weekly register promotion coincides with an unadvertised one that is running month long and “double dipping” results.
      So, I think if as customers we were intentionally bypassing the offer’s rules in order to get the RRs then it would be dishonest. But in this case it is a surprise customers were not expecting and we don’t even know why exactly it is happening.

      I would love to hear what other readers think about this one. I am willing to have a positive discussion about this.

  • I see your point, but if it is a glitch, I’m sure Walgreens doesn’t want thousands of blog readers knowing about it.

    I’m still new at this stuff so don’t mind me…just my initial reaction when I saw the post;) Still a coupon noob here! LOL

  • Letty

    I can’t even get the Robitussin/Dimetapp coupons to print! The site must be bogged down, or something is wrong with my computer ( I tried both Firefox and IE).

  • amy

    Hi! I’m a little new at printing the online coupons. How are you getting the Dimetapp Coupons to print more than once? Do you have to register each time? Thanks!

  • Jocelyn, Arizona

    Hi, I do not believe this is a “dishonest” deal whatsoever. For one, Walgreens is still making a killing on what we initailly spend out of pocket to even get the register rewards. And two, how is it the customers fault if THEIR computers are the ones “glitching” or malfunctioning? Couponers have a bad rap as it is, especially with unfriendly coupon stores so it buggs me to see other couponers condeming each other over deals that are just trying to save your family the little money they have. 🙂

  • Drea

    I did the Robitussin/Dimetapp deal tonight! I am going to try to find the popcorn at some of the other Walgreens in the area tomorrow!
    Thanks for posting these things!
    I agree that we are not cheating here. I have NEVER shopped at Walgreens before all this couponing stuff and now I’m a regular so I think they are happy to get any new customers they can.

  • Debbie

    FYI….The Robitussin coupon site only let me print out 2x, BUT…I tried to register my husband, and it took!

    Normally, these sites monitor the computer and the printer, but this coupon deal is tied to the registrant. By registering my husband’s e-mail acct. and then my son’s, I was able to get 5 Rob. coupons….

    Just a heads up girls!

  • Christy

    I also do not think it is dishonest. If I were a cashier, I would notify management of the *possible* glitch.

    I had 3- $3 Robitussin printable coupons left from awhile ago. Because I could not get any others to print, I bought 3 bottles to use the buy $10 deal this morning. I got 2 -$5 RR back. Paid $3, got $10 — not too bad.

    Thank you Mercedes!

  • There is nothing dishonest about this and it’s not a glitch. It’s an overlap in catalina deals:
    *Get $5 RR when you buy three Wyeth products (ends 12/31)
    *Get $5 RR when you buy $10 in Wyeth products (ends 1/31)
    *Get $10 RR when you spend $20 (ends 1/31)

    HTH! 🙂

  • Melissa

    I posted here before I saw your update. Sorry you got so many nasty comments when you were just trying to help people out!

  • Jane

    I also tend to think that your initial post about the deal was pretty ethically challenged. Now that you know it is a valid deal, that is another matter entirely. But the fact that you thought it was a glitch and still posted to the internet the “mistake” for all to capitalize on is dubious to say the least. If the fact that I disagree with you is interpreted as hate mail, so be it.