Two NCAA Fleece Hoodies for $30 Shipped

You can get two NCAA Hoodies shipped for just $30 from Finish Line. They are on sale for 2/$50 but get $20 off wth coupon code SAVEME20 at checkout. I think you can knock out some Holiday presents with this deal.

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  • Melissa

    Great Deal…just cannot ship to certian parts of PA…..hope you have a friend in another state to ship to!!!

  • Shannon O

    I was going to get my hubby 2 sweatshirts for his birthday for this deal… if you are within 50 miles of a Finish Line store… they WILL NOT ship to you… so I can’t get them for my hubby… so before you go through the hassle of picking something out… see if they will ship to you… other wise it is a waste of time… and yes I talked to customer service… waste of time… grrrrr… really really wanted to get my hubby those sweatshirts…

  • Alicia Plascencia

    I think you mean they are on sale for $50/2, not $10.

  • Paije R

    Great price! Thanks – my husband is all about Notre Dame. Hard to find these sweatshirt/hoodies for such a fantastic price.
    Thanks for sharing. BTW, it worked for me in Alabama. With tax it was $31 and some change.

    • Paije R

      $31 and some change for two sweatshirts – is what I meant. 🙂

      • Veronica

        Worked for me too in WI. Ditto on ND… plus WI Badgers too of course!

  • Stephanie

    GREAT deal!! Living in Pittsburgh, I never find Arizona State (my alma mater) on a good deal!

    I bought my husband one so he’s no longer without his Sun Devil Pride at Western PA Alumni events!

    Thanks for posting this coupon!!

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  • Katie

    It won’t take the SAVEME20 coupon code any ideas?

    • Katie

      okay it finally worked, for some reason by the fourth try it went in?!

    • Stacey

      It will not let me use the coupon either, even after 5 tries

  • Shana

    I just called customer service and apparently the coupon is only good for a $100 purchase. He said some orders went through this morning but since then the code has been disabled:-(

  • Megan

    I just got off the phone with customer service. The code SAVEME20 still works, but your order does have to be $100. So, I had to order four sweatshirts and got them for $80 (plus tax) shipped. So, $20 a sweatshirt (shipped) is not too shabby. I still think they are a great deal (normally $50 each) for Christmas presents.

    *Oh, and I kept getting an error when I put the order through online. I had to call and have customer service take my order. It was slow, but well worth it!

  • Elizabeth

    I was very excited to see this deal and purchased to Wisconsin sweatshirts, 1 for me and 1 for my husband. It was a perfect present for his upcoming birthday. Unfortunately 10 days went by and the Finish Line still had a hold on my bank account and the website said the order was “processing.” I emailed the Finish Line to find out when I would get the shirts. This is their response:


    Thank you for choosing The Finish Line. In response to your inquiry, I am
    sorry for the inconvenience, your order cancelled. Any order placed with
    Finish Line ships upon availability. At the time, you placed the order we
    did have the item available, however there is a chance that we can sell out
    of an item before we fulfill all of our orders. Again, I apologize for the
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via phone or
    Customer Service Department
    Finish Line USA, Inc.
    3308 N. Mitthoeffer Road
    Indianapolis, IN 46235

    I was outraged. I was never notified of the cancellation, nor was anything done to make the situation right.

    Beware of doing business with the Finish Line

    • Elizabeth

      UPDATE I complained and they are shipping the sweatshirts I ordered and giving me a $15 gift certificate for the trouble.

      • Yay! That’s great news Elizabeth! It shows that if you elevate your complain you may get a satisfying answer.