Understanding the Walgreens Register – Updated

Lately I have gotten a few emails from readers expressing their frustrations while shopping at Walgreens.  There are a few things I have learned from my shopping at Walgreens that can help you avoid some grief while shopping that store.

A common complaint is about beeping coupons.  At Walgreens any coupon that is above the value of the item will make the register beep.  In theory, the coupon could be adjusted down but it has been my experience that cashiers at Walgreens are always reluctant to do this.  Register tip #1:  The Walgreens register adds up the value of all of your items and applies the discount of each coupon to this value.  In layman’s terms: if you are buying four products priced $0.79 each and want to use four $1 coupons.  You know the register will beep and the coupon will need to be adjusted down.  The register has added the value of all of these items and you have $3.16 in value to use coupons against.  So, if you want a beepless experience instead of handing four coupons, hand three and you will pay 16 cents for your purchase.  I think this is better than walking away empty handed because the cashier refused to adjust your coupons down.

Another common complaint is: “I was not allowed to use a buy one get one coupon with a buy one sale”.  There are three ways buy one get one sales are handled by the Walgreens register.

  • Let’s start with the worst one:  one item rings at full price and the other rings at $0.00.  In most cases really it will depend on the cashier you have and how well s/he is trained in coupon usage whether s/he will let you use a buy one get one coupon to get both items free.  In my experience I have been asked to “buy one” and get the rest three free.
  • Another way buy one get one sales are handled at Walgreens is when an in-ad coupon deducts the second free item.  In this case, I always hand my manufacturer coupons first.  Then after all of my manufacturer coupons have been applied I hand out the Walgreens coupons.  This is actually a tip I got from the Hotcouponworld forums: keep the Walgreens coupons out of sight until all of your manufacturer coupons have been scanned.  If the cashier insists on getting the Walgreens coupons first then s/he can go through the circular on her own and figure out which coupons apply.
  • Finally the last way buy one get one sales are handled is when the value of the free item is deducted at the end of your purchase.  In my experience this is mostly the case with make up or some vitamin sales.  In this case, when the item is being scanned you will see the initials BGLP next to the price of the item.  When you see this, you can expect the value of the free items deducted to be in one single line at the bottom of your receipt.

Edited to Add: I forgot to mention another common complaint:  “The register beeped when the cashier scanned my register reward.”  A register reward is considered a manufacturer coupon.  If in your order you are buying six items and have six other manufacturer coupons, plus a register reward to help pay for it, the register reward will beep.  Like another reader commented if you have the register reward scanned first and then all of your coupons, your purchase should be completed without any beeps.  I have tried this and some times it has worked and other times it has not.  The simple solution is to add a “filler” item to your order: a small inexpensive item like a pencil or a piece of candy.  The register reward then will “attach” to this item.  The rule at Walgreens is this: you must have as many items as manufacturer coupons you have.  Notice I bolded the word manufacturer because this rule doesn’t include Walgreens coupons.

Full disclosure: if you think this post was about circumventing the Walgreens register please know this: I have not, in any way, advised my readers to use this information in any way that is illegitimate.  If an item is buy one get one free and the person has a buy one get one coupon, the store will get reimbursed the full value of the coupon from the manufacturer.  The customer is mainly using the coupon as a form of payment.  Also, in theory, coupons should be adjusted down to match the value of the purchased item but by refusing to do this most stores are actually losing a sale and maybe even a customer.

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  • Shelly

    This is very helpful information. They are definitely loosing customers over these issues! I have called Walgreens 1-800 number several times to get a WRITTEN copy of their coupon policy. They say it is private and won’t let me have it. However, the regional manager read me the rules and the corporate policy is that they DO accept coupons that exceed the product price they just have to adjust the coupon. Getting a cashier to do this for you is another story! 🙂 The more people that cal…the more “educated” the cashiers (and managers) will be! So if you think something isn’t correct be sure and call the 1-800 number.

  • Debbie

    Another tip you left out. If you have REGISTER REWARDS, the HAVE to be put in first…otherwise, you risk getting to the end of your coupon stack and the last ones not going on or getting beeped.

    The register/system will tell you your Qs exceed that amount, but they don’t.

    My first 3 shopping trips to WAGS were are all learning experiences–for me and the cashiers.

    Luckily, we have the very best Manager-SAM-at our local WAGS, and he is younger and very nice.

    That first trip, he figured out that the RRs need to be input FIRST and then everything else would fall in line and work correctly.

    On another note, one of the last trips to WAGS, I bought the Windex wipes, which as you know were BOGO, plus there was a paper Q. The cashier said when she picked up my wipes, “Now, you know the coupon deal with these right?”

    Me: “No, what is it?”
    Her: “The 2nd one will ring up $0, and the register won’t let you use a coupon.”
    Me: “Well, let’s just try it and see.”

    Low and behold, the register still took two Qs for both products, even the free ones.

    So, lesson learned? Still try even when they think it won’t work!

    Thanks for this great post. I’m going to keep it in my car! 😉

  • Cj Sime

    If. IF you can get the cashier/manager to listen to you then it is also worth while to point out that they are still getting the reimbursement from the manufacture. This is especially applicable when you have both one manufacture coupon for BOGO Free and a separate manufacture coupon for cents off.

    Like the other comments, if you can get them to *try* scanning the coupons usually they go through fine.

  • I contacted Walgreen’s corporate to clarify the B1G1 coupon paired with a B1G1 sale. The local manager called me back and was incredulous that I thought I could get 2 items for free (he actually laughed at me for thinking it was possible.) I calmly explained that CVS, a block away, gladly did it and I did not feel that I was “stealing.” I had called to clarify the policy because there was confusion by the cashiers. After explaining my stance, the manager admitted that he was stumped and needed to check with others. He ended up calling corporate lawyers and they told him the following.

    Since both offers are B1G1, it requires that you purchase at least 1 (paying for it out of pocket.) That being the case, when you buy 1 of an item, you should get 2 free (one from the coupon and one from the ad).

    I asked him if I could get it in writing so I would have it for future trips and he told me that it was not needed in writing because it was very clearly stated on the coupon. I opted not to ask my follow up question which was if it was so clear, why did it have to go to corporate legal.

    Since it is apparent that they have no consistent policy on the B1G1, I usually just take those to CVS where they gladly take my B1G1 in conjunction with one of their sales.

    Thanks for the lesson’s learned from walgreens. I am going to try a couple of these next time I go in.

  • Laurie

    I sent an email to Walgreen’s corporate to clarify their B1G1 coupon usage as well since I have over 5 Walgreen’s within 10 minutes of my house and each one tells me something different. The store manager of the closest Walgreen’s called me and was VERY nice. She basically told me that not all of the cashiers are trained correctly, so they don’t all know that you can use a B1G1 coupon with a B1G1 sale (way to slam their training, right?). In her defense, she was a new manager, so she didn’t train her employees. She was going to put a note by all of the registers to ensure that all of her cashiers were aware that they could do that, but that if I was questioned, to have them call the manager. She also said that you CANNOT use 2 coupons on a B1G1 sale — just one coupon on the one item you are paying for. I asked her if these answers were for ALL Walgreens or just hers and she said she was reading it straight from her handbook to me. She did say that the registers would take two, but that the cashiers are instructed not to accept two because you can’t take money off an item you aren’t paying for.

    I would suggest if you are having issues with your Walgreens, to call or stop by and ask for the store manager. I’ve talked with two recently and they are very helpful and do want to keep us “couponers” as customers. We always spend a little extra in there here and there.

    I also have a comment on “overage” with a coupon. The store is still getting the full value of the coupon amount back, so why wouldn’t they let you have the overage to use towards something else? As long as you don’t have a negative balance, it shouldn’t matter. Walmart’s registers beep when a coupon is more than the value as well, but they always just verify that the coupon is for the correct amount and it goes through just fine. Unless the coupon is being doubled from the store, I don’t think they should adjust it down.

  • heidi

    I absolutely sympathize with all of you and the problems you’ve had at Walgreens. I’ve thought many times of calling corporate and after reading your comments I will do it Monday. I have had bogo coupons on bogo items and some Walgreens just scan them and they go through no problem and the next one will try to adjust the coupon value to 1/2 the item. I just tell them if you are going to do that I will use the coupon elsewhere and then ask them to take the items off. I also had a BIG problem with one certain stores RR never printing out. One evening I had shopped a looong time and had several transactions in my basket and when the first one rang up no RR’s printed and they checked everything and did all they could and no RR’s would print. I had them cancel the sale and I walked out. A few days later I went to another Walgreens and only tried one transaction and everything went well. I went back to the 1st Walgreens later and told her what happened and she could not believe it. Walgreens loses out on a lot of business because of all this mess and if we all call maybe they will realize it and FIX it. Sometimes I have wasted so much time shopping at Walgreens I swear I will not go back, but I can’t resist the good deals and return.

  • Lora

    Thanks for writing this post! I have been shopping at Walgreens for about 3 months and have gotten so frustrated with their system that I dropped it and started shopping solely at CVS. After reading some of your tips, I think I might give it another try (but I’m still shopping at CVS…they usually have way more deals!).

  • I had the same issue as Laurie. I went to the 1st Walgreen’s and did the buy one get one free coupon for the the glade sense and spray and the glade oil. they were on sale for 9.99 This walgreen’s let me use two b1g1 and then the $4 walgreen’s coupon which totaled to 8 twice. This is how I was told they do the transaction. I paid 1.99 for two sense and spray and 1.99 for two glade oil.
    The next day i went to another Walgreen’s and the cashier said I can’t take money off for something you are getting for free. Instead of marking the one glade I got for free at 9.99 she marked it at 5.99. I’m thinking she took the $4 from the walgreen’s coupon off the total. I was confused, she was confused and the manager just stood there like he was confused. There was a line behind me so I didn’t want to fight it. I had to pay a little more but it was still a good deal. My house smells so good now!!!

    I think it’s a fine line when talking coupons with the cashiers. I want to stay on their good side, and not make enemies, but on the other side I want to stand up for myself as well.

    Thanks for this, it really has put my mind to ease.

    It’s frustrating when each store is different.

  • Kristen

    It’s kind of funny that you post this because I was just thinking the other day when I was at Walgreens that that is probably the store I have the least amount of trouble with when I use coupons! I must have a good Walgreens! 🙂 But those tips do help with other stores that don’t know what to do when it comes to coupons 🙂 Thanks

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  • Tara

    Thank you for this! I have actually quit shopping at walgreens because of all the trouble I had been having with coupons. Knowing this I MAY try again soon – I have seen some good deals since I quit going there. If I could get them to stock the shelves for the sales I would definitely be back! LOL.

  • I have been fortunate to have found two Wal-marts that work pretty well for me – I have had an issue with a couple of RR’s not printing but the manager cleared it up very quickly.

    I have just found a CVS that is AWESOME – not like the one closer to our barn that looks at me like I am a thief when I come in with my coupons. I just don’t shop there anymore.

    Thanks for the clarifications – this helps when I am planning my “heists”!


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  • Lily

    I also had problems frequently in Walgreens, the last one was when I tried to use my Register Reward for $10 , The manager told me I couldn’t use it because it was already expired. I was using in the last day of the expiration day and he said that at noon Corporate close those coupons. He even show me that it beeps when He tried to scan it. I was so upset!!! So my advice is don’t wait until last day to use the Register Rewards.

  • Oh Lily,

    I am sorry, but you were fed a line. Coupons are not considered expired until the day ends at midnight. Your register rewards probably beeped because you didn’t have enough items in your order (I explained this on my post). Next time you are given this line please don’t hesitate to contact the store’s management or corporate because that is entirely untrue. If this was recently and you still have your register reward I would take the time to call Walgreens corporate and complain.


  • Michelle

    Like many others, I’ve had issues with Walgreens and the B1G1 coupon issue, not to mention RR and mfg coupons with overage. This morning, I spoke with Tina at Walgreens Corporate Customer Service; she told me the Walgreens Policy is NOT to match a store B1G1 with a mfg B1G1. She also told me RR will not print for a specified item if you use a mfg coupon because the RR itself IS a mfg coupon (so that’s like using 2 coupons on the same item). I politely suggested Walgreens develop one standard Corporate Policy – and consistently educate their employees – before consumers move permanetly to CVS. Personally, I have a much happier and easier time shopping at CVS.

  • Michelle

    Oops – and I should have added this: I tried to use my $2 mfg on the Venus Embrance razor in this weeks Wags ad. Because the razor gives a $6 RR, my coupon beeped and the store manager said coupons won’t go through if there is a RR being issued. My RR did not print – and the store kept my coupon even after I asked for it to be returned citing register issues. Tina at the Corporate Office has phoned my Wags store and they’ll be refunding my $2. Thanks Tina!

  • Lily

    Yes, I think that’s not true, that’s why I ask for my coupon back ( because the manager was going to throw it away saying that why I would want my coupon back if is not valid anymore ) and I told him I was going to call Corporate, and I haven’t come back to that store any more.
    That same day I took my coupon to another walgreens and even though I bought something else so, this time I exceed the coupon in $2 more, I had the same problem, but at least the manager was kind enough to make the discount manually….

    • Lily what was this register reward from? what offer? if it was from the hair dryer in December I heard that RR was beeping because it was coded wrong.


  • Lily

    ohhh yes that was the one. That means the manager must made up the whole story so I don’t insist anymore with my coupon…that’s awful!!! What you heard makes more sense. Thank you for let it me know I will call corporate.

  • Kacy

    Great information! Thank you.

    Quick note: My Walgreen’s has insisted that “adjusting down” a coupon is coupon fraud. That is what they told me when I wanted to buy something that was on sale for $.99 and I had a $1 coupon. Very frustrating.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    • Not in exactly those same terms, but I was told that adjusting the coupon was “illegal”. 🙁 Yes, I was quite frustrated also, since every other store I’ve ever been to adjusts the coupon, or else gives overage.

  • Erin

    My purchase yesterday left me confused but happy that it worked. I had 5 items, 3 manufacturer coupons and 2 RR to use. I went to the cosmetic counter and she pulled out a coupon from behind the register for $1 off my Garnier conditioner. I thought oh no, now my RR won’t go through. I gave her my coupons (RR on top) after she scanned hers. They all went through…no beeps!

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  • Casey

    I just received my rebate for the flintstone vitamins, they refunded 50% up to $10 after the manufacturer coupons. I used the coupons from the Sunday ad and then a $10 RR not realizing that it would list as a coupon on the register receipt. I even wrote a letter with the rebate form but I still received $5 less. Oh well, lesson well learned.

  • Corey

    I was just thinking, in theory, if there is a BOGO sale and you have a BOGO Q, if worse comes to worse you should get 4 items for the price of 1. Right, then in theory, you have 2 items that the register rings with a $ amount and 2 items that are free. The BOGO Q then frees 1 of the items with the $ amount and you get 4 items. Right?

  • amy

    I have had a wags manager tell me that he could not adjust a 1.00 Q down to .99 to purchase a .99 product because if they adjust the Q then they will not be reimbursed by the manufacture. I called customer service and they told me that that was true. Wags cannot adjust Q’s.

  • Bonnie

    When Walgreen’s chooses to adjust down a coupon, they are actually committing coupon fraud. They are reimbursed the full amount of a coupon, unless it is a “write in the value” coupon and therefore are required to pass that amount on to you, the customer. Also, using coupons is still spending money at Walgreens, just because your bill is $2, doesn’t mean they aren’t getting the $20 in coupons you used, that is business for them as long as they are manufacturer’s coupons! We need to all stop letting them make us feel so guilty and stick up for our rights as couponers.

  • If you give your register reward first, you wont’ have any problems even if you more coupons than items.

  • ashleyD!

    thank you VERY much for this information!

  • starbucksgirl

    “Quick note: My Walgreen’s has insisted that “adjusting down” a coupon is coupon fraud. That is what they told me when I wanted to buy something that was on sale for $.99 and I had a $1 coupon. Very frustrating.

    Has anyone else experienced this?”

    It makes sense that this would be coupon fraud because they would be reimbursed for more than the cost of the item from the manufacturer. They should work out a way to sell you the item for $1.00 so that the coupon will then take off $1.00. But that might be really difficult for them to do (especially with others waiting in line to purchase items). Hopefully, this is a rare situation. I think that Mercedes scenario in the 2nd paragraph of this post is the way to go.

  • starbucksgirl

    Kacy, see my response to your question above.

  • Heather

    Has anyone else had this problem? I know I used a register rewards when I purchased the Bayer Asprin. I haven’t received my rebate yet. I also used 4 $1.00 coupons, so how could they take all coupons off?

    I just received my rebate for the flintstone vitamins, they refunded 50% up to $10 after the manufacturer coupons. I used the coupons from the Sunday ad and then a $10 RR not realizing that it would list as a coupon on the register receipt. I even wrote a letter with the rebate form but I still received $5 less. Oh well, lesson well learned.

    • Hi Heather,
      That really doesn’t seem right. Did you keep any info to contact them about this? they should be deducting the manufacturer coupons issued by them and used on their products but not coupons off your next order.


  • Heather

    I don’t think I have contact information, I might have a copy of my receipt. I will just keep my fingers crossed right now and hope that my rebate comes back correct.

    Thanks for the info, and I LOVE your blog!!!

  • Great post!

  • I wanted to respond to the issue with coupons being worth more than the sale price – this just happened to me a couple weeks ago with the $2.99 Splenda with a $3.00 MQ.

    The manager was called, and he just had the checker adjust the sale price of the Splenda to $3.00. Worked like a charm. Took two seconds once she knew what to do.

    It may be worth suggesting it to the checkers when this issue comes up… they can’t adjust the value of the coupon but they can price adjust the sale price of the item!

  • A Walgreens Cashier

    Thanks for your post. I’m a Walgreens cashier, and I’ve had so many problems with the coupons, but this article really helps! Sometimes coupon issues are not the fault of the cashier: please talk with the manager if there is problems.

    At my store, for example, the managers have specifically told me not to use a buy one get one free coupon on an item that is buy one get one free. I’ve tried to use the reasoning given in the above posts, yet my store manager is stubborn on this. (And I know different Walgreens have different policies. I’ll ask my manager to call corporate.)

    Thanks for your patience with working with cashiers! I try to be the nicest, most cheerful person, and I understand beeping coupons are frustrating. I am trying my best.

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  • Deborah

    I just have to add that I have seen all the deals advertised at Walgreens lately however I just will not shop there anymore due to issues such as this. It should not be this hard to use coupons and advertised specials. I had several run-ins with their pharmacy two years ago, and I was so frustrated that I put on my lawyer role and caused a major fuss.(somethihng I do not like to do at all) I had managers calling me from the district, the store manager etc. I did go back one more time and was still treated with discourtesy. I assumed it was just the personnel at the store that was near me. However it appears that it is Walgreen’s in general. There are now too many other stores with great offers and coupons that want my business for me to go through the hassles of Walgreens. Then again I am a family of one so my needs are not that substantial to fight Walgreen’s again.

    Thanks for the insight.


  • MrsToro

    I have a question…I’ll use this weeks RR deal as an example…You buy a Softsoap body wash and you get a RR for a free Softsoap Body Wash…now…will I still get my RR if I use a $1 manufacturer coupon? In the past when I did this my RR did not print…the cashier said it was because I used a coupon but a friend of mine made the exact same transaction and her RR printed…I’m so confused!

    • Hi MrsToro,

      As you can see from your friend’s experience, using a coupon should not affect the RR printing. the two most common causes an RR doesn’t print is that the RR printint machine is not working properly or it’s off and that you bought the wrong product. Please check my FAQ section link at the top. There’s a phone number there you can call to have your RR mailed to you.

      • Jack

        No actually if you use a RR to get a product, a RR WILL NOT print. Its been like that since the start of RR

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  • Bridget

    How do register rewards work? Because I tried to do a deal the other day to get the skintimate from walgreens for free, essentially, on earth day with the RR but I never received the register rewards- unless they print at the bottom of the receipt? Also, I had to have the coupons I brought in for the $4.00 off soy glade coupons looked at because evidently their store manager had told them that printed coupons could not be accepted. However, they ended up being able to use it in the end.

    I just want to make sure I get the transactions right next time because I always get a gift card from transferring my presciptions to use there which I like to stretch.

    • Hi Bridget,

      The RR prints not at the end of the receipt. It prints from a separate machine located almost always next to the register. You can use them as coupons to lower the amount of money you spend on your next transaction.


    • Jack

      you cannot use a register reward go get a register reward and buck the system. So the RR will not print. Do you think walgreens is that dumb?

  • Bridget

    One more question about rebates, what if you spend less than what is offered. Ex. being you spend 8.50 and they are giving 10.00 as a rebate, can you still apply for the rebate and get the 8.50 back or do you have to spend at least 10 to get the rebate on that item?

    Thank you again for your help.

  • Rachel

    Where can I find a current list of the items having a RR? Last Monday I saw the Common Sense email about the clearance on and then RR for Skintimate but the RR didn’t print out. I still got a great deal, but didn’t know know what to show the mgr regarding why I thought there should have been a RR. Is it just in the ad?

    • Hi Rachel,

      Last week all you needed to do was show your manager the ad because the skintimate deal was advertised there. There’s no official RR deals list as in coming from Walgreens but all the ones I have listed on my weekly deals come form the sales circular.


  • Tsuruchi


    Sorry, I have decided to delete your comment. Just as much as you are entitled to your opinion, you do not just come here and insult my readers.


  • Tsuruchi

    That’s a real big move. You try to scam a legitimate business and when I call you on it you censor me. Well played.

    Just know that when you pull your ‘hiding coupons’ trick, the cashiers are technically supposed to cancel the transaction and start it over from scratch to ring it properly. Doing it out of order can get those poor souls in trouble with the management and potentially cost them their job. They have to be there, you don’t. If time is money, then you certainly won’t be coming out ahead.

    And no, the customer is not always right.

    • No, I have no problem with you “calling me on it” but you don’t get to come here and call my readers “stupid.” There are adult and professional ways to communicate disagreements. I have shopped at Walgreens for years and I HAVE NEVER been made aware of this “policy.” So how are me or my readers supposed to know the rules if they are not public?


      PS. You calling me a scammer only shows your ignorance regarding coupons. No one is here to scam any business. last I checked Walgreens gets reimbursed for all coupons they take, so they are not out of any $$.

  • Tsuruchi

    The rules are common sense. If you have coupons, you hand them over. You don’t play games with the cashier. Let them do their job, they generally know what they’re doing.

    I worked the register at Walgreens for ten months and one of the first things they told me was to ring coupons in a specific order. The intent was for this policy to be transparent to customers. The management informed me that if any clerk was seen ringing coupons out of order, they would be written up and disciplined accordingly.

    I suppose none of this really matters since the last post on this topic was four months ago and nobody but you or I will end up reading it.

    I apologize for upsetting your status quo. I am simply tired of the endless ways people come up with to make a poor cashier’s day more difficult and stressful than they have to be. Is a fellow human being’s misery really worth $2 in your pocket?

  • Tsuruchi

    RE your edit: Walgreens may get reimbursed, but those extra two dollars have to come from somewhere. Where is that, you may ask? The manufacturer. If those dollars start to add up (I have seen individuals try to do this multiple times a week), then the manufacturers will be forced to increase their rates to compensate, which will force the stores to raise the prices in accordance to turn a profit. Either way you slice it, prices will raise and customers will cry.

    • RK

      I don’t know if anyone will even see this, as I am responding to a post from months ago. I found this page through a Google search and became intrigued by this discussion.

      When manufacturers put out coupons, they know what they are doing. They know exactly how many coupons they are putting out and how much money it could cost them. Their marketing guys do the analysis and determine that that “loss” is worth it to them because it will bring in more consumers to buy their products. If they find that the coupons are causing them to lose more than they are getting back, they won’t need to raise prices … they will simply stop issuing coupons.

      Remember also that a lot of coupons end up expiring before they are ever used. In the end, the manufacturers do come out ahead. If they didn’t, they would not issue coupons.

      I also wanted to comment I sympathize with cashiers who have trouble doing their jobs due to these sorts of issues. But please remember that most customers are not actually trying to make your lives difficult. They are just trying to be smart consumers and make the best use they can of the opportunities stores/manufacturers provide to save money. Unless they are actually lying or using fake coupons, there is nothing unethical about it. If coupons must be printed in a certain order, then that policy should be printed up for all to see. I don’t know of any couponer who will knowingly try to trick a cashier into violating such a policy.

      • RK

        I meant “if coupons must be SCANNED in a certain order, not printed …

  • Mrs.Toro

    Every Walgreens I go to has a different coupon policy in my area! They make it very difficult to use coupons PERIOD, in my area. I have since quit shopping there. When I made the decision to quit shopping there I wasn’t even trying to use coupons…just my register rewards!!

  • Tsuruchi

    I can’t speak for any Walgreens but the one I worked at, but there were only three situations where using coupons was a problem:

    1. A customer uses a Register Reward printed from purchasing Product X toward purchasing another Product X. This is a blatant attempt to abuse the system and it does not work. If you purchase the product, the machine will not print another copy of the coupon.

    2. A customer purchases items which net them Register Rewards. They then return the item but not the Register Reward. The management knows what is going on (they’re not idiots) and will give a refund for the product less the amount of the Register Reward.

    3. A customer tries to get the ‘most of their coupons’ and get money off an item that has been reduced to zero. The current Walgreens register is programmed to take off a set amount of the price of an item, and the machine will take off the programmed amount regardless of the adjusted price. This is taking advantage of the system and the coupon order (W coupon first, MFR coupon second, RR last) Walgreens cashiers are supposed to use is designed to minimize this issue.

    A new issue that some people are complaining about is the ‘One RR per item per day per customer’ rule. This policy was instituted recently due to a person ringing up nearly two dozen of the same item in separate transactions to get nearly two dozen Register Rewards.

    If it’s really that important to you, you can drive around to each Walgreens to get one Register Reward, but smart money says you’re spending more on gas than you’re saving on RRs.

    I’m not disgruntled, just fed up with cashier abuse.

    • RK

      Again, I don’t know if anyone will see this, but just in case … how does the store know if you return an item which you got an RR for? I am asking because I bought an item last week that I was hoping to get an RR for, but it did not print. I am guessing it did not print because I used an RR I had gotten for that same item in the transaction, *BUT* the other items I bought in that transaction cost *more* than the RR, so I did not intend to cheat the system. I intended for the RR I was using to apply to those *other* items, not to the same item I had earned the RR from. But I guess the register isn’t smart enough to handle that case in the way that seems to make sense to me.

      Fair enough. Lesson learned. I won’t try that again. But now I want to return the item. I suppose I should’ve done it right away, but I had a baby with me and didn’t want to make my shopping trip any longer. So if I try to return it now, will the store cashier/manager think I’m trying to abuse the system? Or is there a way for them to see, based on my receipt, that I did not receive an RR and simply want my money back on a regular (non-RR) purchase?

  • Bonnie

    I suggest that Tsuruchi should join a forum for disgruntled cashiers. Here we are trying to spend our money as wisely as possible to take care of our families. The whole point of this post was to educate us all on the proper way to use our coupons and follow Walgreen’s rules, not to abuse any cashier. And I am a firm believer that couponers are probably the most friendly of all customers, it benefits us all to be that way.

    • Jack

      Walgreens employees have familys to fee too Bonnie.

      • Bonnie


        I’m positive that a customer using coupons has absolutely no bearing on an employee’s salary or hourly pay! In fact, Walgreens employees should be grateful that we shop in there stores, making Walgreens more money to pay them. It has already been stated, but again, Walgreens is reimbursed for every penny of each coupon plus $.08. So my using a coupon is the same as using cash. This goes for RR’s too, they are manufacterer’s coupons which are mailed to the same place as regular coupons and reimbursed the same way. RR’s are great for Walgreens employees too, they bring the customer BACK to spend more! Companies don’t put out coupons hoping that no one uses them, they actually want them to be used and they hope that their usage creates brand loyalty, which in some cases it does. There have been many things which I have gotten cheap or free with couponing that I have fallen in love with and will buy with or without the deal. Final thought: If anything, Walgreens cashiers should have an easier time feeding their families, look at how available the deals are to them 🙂

  • WAGemployee

    Coupons are what they are, and so are the rules on using them. If the register doesn’t allow it, I shouldn’t have to risk my job to force it to. Sometimes I can’t believe the way people react to having their 35 cent coupon rejected. One lady stood in line for about 10 minutes while the manager was dealing with another customer, over a whopping 15 cents. On one other occasion, a lady who used a combination of in store coupons, MC, and RRs got a $50 order for less than $5, and then had about $15 in RRs print out for her. Basically she got it all for free, and then some. She then realized that she forgot to give me one of her coupons, for something like 50 cents, and demanded a manager to come out and put the coupon on so she could get her 50 cents back. Come on people, this sounds more like scamming and greed than anything else! I mean I can understand large amounts but when it’s less than a dollar is it really that big an issue just to let it drop and go on with your life, rather than getting all huffy puffy, impatient, mad?

    • RK

      I think most cashiers are doing their best. My only issue with cashiers and coupons is this: When a coupon doesn’t go through and it is not clear why, I expect the cashier to either (1) Force it through, if they have the authority to do it (certainly not if it means risking the job!) or (2) Explain that they don’t know why it isn’t working and don’t have the authority to fix it, and ask me if I would like to speak to the manager. If it’s a small amount and there’s a line behind me, I will usually say no thank you. Otherwise, I might say yes, or I might just ask for the item to be removed.

      My problem is when the cashier simply tells me “the machine won’t let me do it” and then just looks at me without offering to help in any way. I shouldn’t lose out on coupon savings because of a machine (what if it’s defective?). I should only lose those savings if I was using the coupon improperly (in which case the savings were never there in the first place).

      This is my beef about customer service in general. Never, ever let a computer tell you how to do your job. If the manager says the coupon is no good, fine. But if the computer says it, that’s not good enough.

      Again, most cashiers don’t do this, but a few do. :-/

      • That’s a really great point RK and you are right this attitude is not only from Walgreens cashiers. It’s very common elsewhere to just shrug their shoulders when the register won’t take the coupon.


  • tracy cook

    I am an avid couponer. The reason I have really culled back on shopping at Walgreens is that I don’t know the corporate policy. That is the ONLY policy that should be followed by ALL stores. How can customers follow the rules if they are not publicized, nor consistent? I don’t want ANYONE to loose money (including myself). If I have coupons and RR then I want to be able to utilize them appropriately. I’m just sayin’……..

  • TAL

    I’m not pointing fingers or trying to make trouble for WAG cashiers, i know you work very hard and we do appreciate those helpful cashiers who make shopping at WAG a pleasure.

    But I’ve always been curious as to why Walgreens would want to scan their coupons first, then MFG Coupons. Or, if an item is on sale 2 for xx amount, one being the main price and the other being adjusted. If we use a B1G1F, they give us the lowest amount, yet they would be getting the higher amount if it’s not a write-in. If it is a write-in, it only makes financial sense for them to get the most for their money by writing in the higher amount allowed by the coupon and passing that savings along to the customer as well. A win-win for both.

    Just curious