Update: $5 off $25 Walgreens Coupon Offer Extended


Great news!! Walgreens has extended the period you can use the $5 off $25 coupon.  Now you can use the coupon all the way through Saturday 8/8.  You will need to print the new coupon available here.  I am happy to hear this because that gives some time for my store to restock.

Don’t forget to check my scenario here and the weekly deals post here.

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  • Nan

    I used this to buy 3 more photo stamp kits, and a Vitamin Shampoo. The Noni Berry Lemongrass conditioner is yummy! The nice lady at cosmetics toured me thru all the flavors and told me her faves.

  • Cheryl

    I did good last night at walgreens. I used the 5 off 25, vitamins get 4 coupon shampoo,5 off degorno so 3/10 bucks,bic gel pens g1g1 at 199 each used 1 off coupon,gum tooth brush b1g1 plus get 3.50 coupon, rice crispy treats plus coupon for 1 off spent 10 get 5,2 boxes of cereal 2 coupon used 1 off coupon spend 5 got 2 back,12 sobe life waters used 6b1g1 and 6 1.00 off. Oh and a few others I saved 59.96 and the regester printd out alot of goodies for me. lol $5.00,$4.00,$3.50,$2.00 very sweet deal. I saved so much on the sobe water .59 for 2. My 20 year old daughter drinks a few a day. So I have been getting it on sale at target or shaws for a buck b1g1 and was happy with that. lol this is better. The bottles have a hang tag for $1.oo off plus with the b1g1 wow sweet deal.

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