Update on Brita Rebate: Limit Reached

UPDATE:  It looks like it took Brita only hours to ake back what they said.  They posted this morning (1/20) that they WILL be honoring all rebates.

I wish I could say I have good news and bad new to share with you tonight.  But I really only have bad news.   Unfortunately Brita has posted on their Facebook page that they no longer will be honoring the $10 mail in rebate they had available.

According to some statements made by their Facebook representative, they will honor honor rebates that have already been mailed in.  But not anymore as “their supplies have been exhausted.”  This seems to be a sudden decision on their part as the rebate had an expiration date of 3/31/12.

I wanted to make you aware of this, in case you have not mailed your rebate form yet.  If you have already submitted the form, it may take a while to get back your rebate.  I know several of you let me know that you submitted back in November and didn’t get your check back until about 6 or 8 weeks later.

Thanks Lisa and Saving Cents with Sense!

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  • Kelly

    Thank you for the heads up. Since I haven’t mailed in my rebate and haven’t opened the box yet, I will be returning the mount to the store for a refund.

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  • pennyscents

    I submit my form back in October & I just got the check a couple of weeks ago. I thought that I remembered something on the form about rebate while supplies last. I could be thinking of a different rebate though. I don’t have it anymore, so I can’t look.

  • Bridget

    I believe they are honoring the rebate again:

    Brita FilterForGood
    Hi Brita fans! Great news to report: We will be honoring all the mail-in rebates that were recently available! We apologize for all the inconvenience this caused. Thanks for you patience and sticking with Brita. Enjoy your rebates!

    • Thank you for letting us know Bridget!


  • Heather
  • Thanks Heather for the pdf printable link. Was looking for that. As my twin just bought the brita pitcher at CVS and I told her of the rebate, but couldn’t find a print of the rebate. Hope they honor it. But she bought it with the coupon and ECBs, etc. and wasn’t counting on a rebate of any sort.

  • Latanya

    Wow, I got my refund check and it went to my Christmas Club.

  • Michelle

    Checked my rebate status for the filter…. it said it’s being processed. You can check the rebate status at http://www.cloroxrebates.epiinc.com

    Got me a little nervous about the rebate thing. I was looking to check into the rebate today and saw some blogs saying they don’t honor it anymore….and then there was an update saying yes they do. 🙂

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