Update on Kmart $10/20 Coupon

I am reading from a lot of you and other blogs that Kmart stores are no longer accepting this coupon. I am reading you have been given a couple of reasons:

1) coupon was fraudulent: I wonder how it was fraudulently posted on the Kmart website then?

2) coupon was only for certain markets. But last sentence of the coupon says good on all locations.

Ultimately, it is Kmart’s prerrogative to pull the coupon but they should own up to the real reason: they didn’t expect the coupon to go viral and didn’t take precautions to limit how many coupons could be printed. Either way, don’t waste your gas trying hit your store to use it.

  • Tammi

    I used it no problems at a Kmart in Montgomery, IL ………they let me use manufacturer coupons after it too. Maybe it’s only working in Chicagoland stores then?

  • http://vannclan.blogspot.com Lori Vann

    Yes, I love the “this is fraud” line. Yes, it was on your website Kmart, how is that fraud? This isn’t the first time either!

    If they want to “make good” on this – put up a bricks link that limits people to 1 coupon printed. Chances are, people are going to get into your store and possibly spend more money than what’s needed for the coupon. Now, they won’t have anyone coming into their stores – thus knocking off a huge consumer base!

  • Tammy

    I just called the 1-866-562-7848 customer line and was told the coupon will be valid next week. Lets see if I was told the correct information.

  • Katie

    In the past I never had problems with coupons there. But the last time I was there I had 1 coupon to redeem, which entailed a manager having to come to the register, peruse the coupon, and procede to tell me no for various reasons(none of which was a valid legitimate reason)…. I am done with that place….

  • http://www.coupongal.net/ Christy

    Thanks Mercedes! I removed it from my site too….better to not waiste time planning a shopping trip (and gas like you mentioned) only to find they will not accept it. I appreciate the update! You are wonderful!


  • Amber

    In my experience K-Mart has always had terrible customer service so I’m not surprised. I try to avoid going in there for the most part.

  • kristine

    i just called my local kmart and they are accepting. the PDF now shows specific Chicago and NY area locations that the coupon was originally intended for, so some areas are still in luck

  • Rebekah

    Remember when Sears did this with the $10 off $10 Juniors purchase in November?

  • Bneebug

    Ohhhh Thank You for posting that!!!! I was planning a trip today. It saved me the embarrassment of trying to use it. It did seem to good to be true. And you know the saying…..

  • http://www.miscmayzee.blogspot.com Ashley Mott

    Sounds so much like the Sears $10 off $10 in the juniors department except they shut this down a LOT sooner. They should no better, and it is likely they do. Minus us serious couponers, there are many people who would not be forceful enough to forego a purchase and leave the store.

    • http://www.miscmayzee.blogspot.com Ashley Mott

      KNOW better, not no….I need more coffee. I just get really frustrated with K-Mart and Sears though. My local K-Mart, I called LAST time on double coupon day and they said they weren’t doing it, but they are on the list this time. I am taking their page of the list with me when I go.

  • Alan

    Kmart is owned by Sears. Sears posted a$10 off juniors (unlimited prints, no minimum purchase) printable on their website a few months ago. The coupon was valid for a month; however, they pulled it the first day.

    I love that there are so many great deals out there, but many corporations are getting out of hand with their coupon fraud. There are no penalties for them!

  • heather

    I just used it in Fredericksburg, Va and had absolutely no trouble! I bought 2 packs of Huggies and was able to use my $3 off coupons too! Thanks!!!

  • sue wenzler

    Talked to a lady at kmart today said they were good Tinley Park IL

  • Jen

    The coupon was also emailed to email subscribers in Maryland b/c my sister got it. So…not just Chicago & NYC area anyway!

  • kristine

    the one from their website is for Chi and NY only i believe, but email subscribers were able to print it out as well, first 40000

  • pennyscents

    Isn’t that false advertisement then?

  • Stephanie

    Kmart in Mauldin, SC let me use one yesterday and I went back and used two more today. I did the diaper deal yesterday too!

  • Tara J.

    I used it today in Kissimmee, FL with no problems. Hopefully, I can still go back tomorrow! Good luck all!

  • pennyscents

    Where was this coupon posted on k-mart.com, and where can the information about them pulling it be found too?

  • beth

    RE: Fraudent coupons:
    I once had a cashier eye a legit internet coupon with lots of suspicion. I asked her why and she said it was because it was in black and white and “valid” coupons are color. I explained that I didn’t have a color printer! I could actually see the realization cross her face that the color of the coupon is based on the customer’s printer, not the site where it was found.

    • Angie

      Same thing happened to me at Target. I explained I had a black laser printer and…it only prints in black. It still took a while to sink in.

  • Sabra

    We were able to use the coupon for $10 off $20 in Virginia Beach, VA but we were told we couldn’t combine it with other coupons when I tried to use my pull-ups coupon. I was still able to get 2 packs for $9.00 so still not bad. They were very professional and great,. The head cashier called the managers and they told us that I could use the $10 off coupon. Our cashier was really great and apologized for the wait as they called the manager. So different than when I was in Wal-Mart suing coupons, where they head cashier was very rude. I will definitely go to K-Mart again.

    • Sabra

      Sorry I meant to say using not suing, guess I need to spell check more carefully. :)

  • Sabrina

    I am very peeved by this whole deal. First this morning I loaded the page and it was blank so I knew Kmart was up to something. I went right at opening this morning and they couldn’t get it to work and told me to come back in a hour. I decided not to waste my gas and call. They tried telling me it was from Coupons.com and that it was only for NYC. I said “well it says right at the end valid at all Kmart locations” She said they told her that they could not accept it so she said sorry and hung up. They are telling others it was Fraud. But today I google $10 off $20 Kmart and low and behold there it is again AND they’ve changed it so it lists only certain stores. Yeah real shady Kmart!!!! So the rest of us can’t use it at all I guess. I posted on their Facebook page about it even showing the new PDF address and they DELETED my posts but kept me as a fan. lol I love the person that wrote you owe me some ink Kmart for printing it. Now THAT is funny!!!

  • teresa

    I’ve sworn off ever entering our Kmart again, though I thought this $10/$20 coupon might make it worth my while–now though, I don’t know that I’ll bother.

  • http://lumpygal.blogspot.com Tess M

    I used it successfully today at my Kmart (outside of Philly) but they said my total had to be $20 AFTER any manufacturer’s coupons. Not quite as good a deal but still good!

  • Sarah Patino

    Its still valid in CA….or at least the Yuba City store.

  • Carrie

    I just tried to use the coupon about an hour ago and when the cashier tried to scan it, it said invalid. She asked the manager why and the manager told us the coupon was emailed to select people who had rewards on their rewards card. I had a new rewards card and hadn’t yet used it, which was why when they entered my rewards card number and scanned the coupon, it didn’t work. I asked why it was on the website available for everyone to print, she said she didn’t know why they did that, but the coupon was only for select rewards card members who got the link to the coupon emailed to them. Hope this helps everyone!

    Carrie – Cleveland, OH

  • Rebecca

    what number is your bar code mine is 440515109124

    • Tammy

      4051510912 is my barcode

      • Rebecca

        same as mine I wonder if I should call my local kmart

        • Tammy

          I called earlier today and the woman at the Kmart customer service # 1-866-562-7848 told me that they were for next week. I dont know if she gave me the right information or not. I should call back and see what the next person says.

          • Rebecca

            I would and see what they say LEt me know

  • Janet

    I called our Kmart store in Valencia, CA and they said yes that they will accept the coupon, but I need to read the coupon for any exclusions myself.

  • Tim

    Just got back and they took it. Said it was only the second one today and it didnt work either so the lady at the register did it manuelly. Is that a run on setence?! Anyways figured I should go back before they change their minds!


  • Carrie

    Mine didn’t work either (CT). The register message that came up was, “Reward Not Found”.

  • Amber

    I don’t know if this is relative or not, but I did find it interesting. One of my coworkers went to Kmart to stock up on bathroom/kitchen supplies (I am using the receipt for that for my P&G coupon booklet). The register printed her two coupons: one for $5 of a $5 purchase, and one for a $10 of $10 purchase. They had better honor those since they came from their own register!! I haven’t tried my coupon yet, but will this weekend. Ah……..Kmart. So typical. I only wish I HAD an alternate store to go to! Kmart and Rite Aid is all we have here! No Walmart, Target, nothing. Just Kmart, RiteAid and Vons. Readers that have the option to boycott Kmart are lucky. :)

  • Lisa

    I just left my Kmart in Mississippi (wish I would have read this post, first!). When I tried to check out, the register stated “reward not found”. So, the cashier asked the customer service manager about it and the customer service manager YELLED “we can’t take that coupon because she obtained it in a fraudulent manner”. I politely told her that there was nothing fraudulent about downloading a coupon from their website. The manager went on to tell me that they received an e-mail this morning stating that customers downloaded the coupon and then cut off the section that stated it was only valid in NYC. I couldn’t believe my ears!! I explained to her that it specifically states all Kmart locations and asked her for a copy of the e-mail. I waited 23 minutes for a copy to be brought to me and it didn’t even look like a real e-mail. It looked like she went and typed up something on Microsoft Word. Anyhow, in her “e-mail” it states that it is only valid in Chicagoland, NYC and Baltimore. I don’t know how true that is, but I didn’t get to use it in Gulfport,MS!

    • http://www.dealightfulsavings.blogspot.com millicent

      oh my…I really hope you call Kmart and tell them that. How rude! And embarrassing!

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  • Julie

    I already printed this coupon, and after reading all these comments, I will probably not try to use it at Kmart. I do have a question, though. Has anyone tried to use this coupon as a competitor’s coupon at a store that accepts them? My CVS accepts all competitor’s coupons, and I was thinking that might be a good way to use it. I have never tried to use a competitor’s coupon there, other than for prescriptions, so does anyone have any input on that?

  • Misty

    A lot of people are thinking it came off of Kmart’s website but it didn’t. It was actually emailed to certain individuals and they put up the direct pdf on the forums and it became viral. And yes, it’s only valid in three states now and so was it before if you read the actual URL .

    • Brooke

      That is interesting because I was actually on the Kmart site yesterday and printed it directly from their website. When you clicked on the link to the coupon, yes, it popped in a pdf file. But once again, it linked out directly from their website.

    • Katie

      I too printed th PDF directly from the Kmart website. It does not say anything about the certain states.

      • Frugal mom

        I am sorry but I have to say that you are wrong. Yesterday I printed the coupon directly from Kmart website. It was a PDF an it said ” at any Kmart locations”. Today they change the link in their own website to a new PDF that says “only in Chicagoland et al”. I was not from an email. It was a link to their own website.

    • Kat

      Gotta say, I’m yet ANOTHER one that printed it DIRECTLY from K-MART’s WEBSITE! Yuppers…it was on there! What ticked me off even more….was that I did the toilet paper deal and when my $10/$10 coupon didn’t print…I asked the cashier about it….she says “oh, it printed over there on register #3″ WELL, over on register #3 there were TONS and TONS of the $$/$$ coupons that had printed from previous customers….they’re just scamming us right and left….don’t bother to GIVE us our coupons that print from their own machine unless we ASK…what do you want to bet someone working at that store gets them all at the end of the day?!

    • http://bargainbriana.com Briana

      Misty – I can assure you it was hosted from the Kmart website and it started any location. The url did have indication in it that it could possibly be for only certain regions, though. I do agree with you there but the actual coupon language did not indicate that previously.

  • angie

    I tried at the Muskegon Mi. Kmart and the young man at the register said that they couldn’t accept it. They were just emailed this am and told that it was only good in new york only. I hope it’s true that they will be good next week! Our kmart is horrible. Most of the people that work there are crabby and have no problem letting you know that they hate there job! I only go in there during double coupons and even that is a headache!

    • angie


  • http://www.clippingmakescents.blogspot.com Andrea

    Thanks for the info, Mercedes. They did the same thing back in the fall at Sears (which is the same company as Kmart). They didn’t accept a $10 off $10 coupon for the JR. department, and said the same thing. I think they just pull it after it has such a wide response. Sad, sad, sad…

  • lyla

    I live in NY and tonight i went to the store with the $10 off coupon. I had my kids pick some toys and when we went to check out, i notice a small sign by the register saying that they will not accept that said coupon. So i was really embarrassed, i told the cashier that I do not want to purchase anything anymore. i am not a Kmart shopper because of a bad experience before now I will never spend a penny at that store. The little sign says that those coupon are fraudulent. I know i printed it from the Kmart site. Also why not have a big sign by the door? so everyone can see before people waste their time shopping thinking that they are getting a good deal with the coupon..So much for KMART, i will never set foot there again.

  • Amanda

    I too am from NY and before you even walk into the store there is a sign posted that says “a 10/20 purchase that was ment for certain locations was accidently available to everyone and they will not be accepting them”

    • Lisa

      Amanda, I read the e-mail that corporate sent to all the stores and they were told to post a sign at the entrance and at each register. My local store didn’t have a sign posted anywhere. I guess it just depends on how motivated the employees are to post the signs in both locations. =)

  • Dawb

    I got in in email yesterday and immediately shared it with my friends here and basically everywhere. I used 3 coupons with 3 checkouts today and saved $30 off $60 worth of stuff! Maybe just Staten Island or NYC or something, I do not know. I had no problem whatsoever!

  • Tyree

    Yuck yucky yucky I WILL NOT SHOP THERE AGAIN. I walked away from the store the second I saw the sign. It is simply false advertising and not being willing to pay for their own marketing. They want the buzz from blogs like you but won’t own up and pay for all the free advertizing they get! I say we give them all the bad adverizing they deserve or quit taling about their deals any more. I’m so sick of companies trying to pull the “fraudulent coupon” crap. A real coupon printed from a companys actual site is NOT fake. They just don’t want to pay the piper when the bill comes due. Guess they forgot what happens to people that don’t pay the piper huh.

  • disgruntled employee

    Why can’t you for one moment take a break from your self lives to realize its not kmart your mad at but somethibg else. God forbid the coupons don’t work. Have you ever stopped to think of the stuff you “serious couponers” buy that you probably won’t use before it goes bad that our usual customers buy on a regular basis that because you ONLY come in during those double coupon weeks and make them have to go to other stores because you HAVE to have that awesome deal on Nair for the face when we all can tell you aren’t using it on YOUR mustache. Or what about all the lines you back up or how picky you are because god forbid the wrong item was shown on the screen and you missed 10 cents of savings. I understand the economy is hard but if we ever do double coupons again if I have to deal with complaining that you 40 cent coupon won’t double as you clutch your prada or dolche and gabanna purse I’m going to laugh at you point blank. Maybe if you didn’t spend $500 on a purse you could afford things for you family. So next time you get on you’re high horse and you come into MY store I’m going to scare your horse and laugh as you get bucked off. Have a pleasnt day :)

    • Joanna

      Glad my cashier I had today wasn’t like this….you are right about us “couponers” not stepping foot into Kmart unless it was some SUPER deal….I would not dare step foot in there– my Kmart is nasty and prices are way too high…..

    • disgruntled employee is a douche

      You seriously have no clue. How can you be so egocentric? KMart f*cked this up big time. Your attitude reflects your own inability to recognize your company’s mistake.

    • http://couponing4charity.blogspot.com Chris


    • Disappointed

      The point of the issue is that the company advertised a promotion and won’t stand behind the promotion. It’s no different than a website advertising a TV at a certain price, but when you checkout online, the price is higher.

      And, as someone else noted, we are generally higher income individuals who work to make our money stretch. For me, that results in more dontations to local charities and purchasing more luxury items FROM THE STORES WHO HAVE GOOD SERVICE.

      Kmart should have honored the coupon to get the “good press” vs. the “bad press” they’re getting now.

    • Think about it!

      So “Disgruntled Employee” how did you happen to stumble upon such a great money saving website if your SO against the great deals we find?

      • Frugal Mom

        Great, Think about it !! , I was about to say same words !!

    • http://www.fabfoodandfun.blogspot.com Aaron

      Disgruntled Employee, there may be a reason you are holding a job as cashier. You are rude and have NO business telling others how to spend their money. Even if I had millions of dollars I would still love to save. Its just my way of life. I love it and its fun.

      You really should learn to hold your tongue and realize that KARMA does indeed exist and it would be a shame to see something bad happen to you.

    • Lisa

      Just thought you should know that God is supposed to be capitalized. Have a blessed day! =)

  • Amy H

    Wow, Disgruntled Employee, I was here, reading the comments about KMarts MAJOR COLLOSSAL FAIL and you, my dear, are the icing on the cake. The final nail in the coffin. I am not what you describe in any shape or form. Did you know that i coupon so that i can take a $20/month DONATION budget and stretch it so that i can donate many many things? This month alone, i have donated 10 bottles of laundry detergent, 16 boxes of cereal, 8 tubes of toothpaste, 6 boxes of tampons and many other miscellaneous items. Most couponers keep a stockpile for their families to use, but MOST (all?) GIVE AWAY THINGS CONSTANTLY! If you’ve checked out the demographics of ‘heavy coupon users’ you will see that we are mostly highly educated and make over $70k a year. If someone has an expensive bag, maybe, have you at all considered, they can afford it? I dont have an expensive bag because i choose not to. Nor do i have a fancy new car. But believe me, if i wanted to, i could and its not because i am raking ANYONE over the coals! —- and, FYI, i did not attempt a shopping trip to KMart to use this coupon. I am simply amazed at how this rediculous mistake on Kmart’s part ever even happened. I was hoping to shop some during doubles week, but i really dont care to torment myself if all the cashiers there have the attitude that YOU do…. I was hoping to get some things for the local food pantry (they have requested more toothbrushes and grape jelly…) Sorry to say it, but you had better start looking for another job. KMart is only beginning to feel the sting of this mishap. Ouch!

  • Nan

    Wow, disgruntled employee… you should maybe consider seeing a doctor or taking some time off work. If you don’t get help soon, you may be out of a job. Making ASSUMPTIONS about the customer with that attitude will get you no where at your job. Being that negative will eat your soul. “MY STORE,” “Laugh as you get bucked off,” “won’t use before it goes bad.” Not that I need to justify to you why I use coupons, but I too use coupons to stretch my dollars to help others that are working 3 jobs with small kids and have no time “shop” for their own needs. Have a blessed day.

  • http://www.lifeinthefullest.blogspot.com Andrea

    Many people coupon because all they can afford is, for example $50/week for groceries and couponing helps them stretch their budget to the point where they can actually provide what their family needs. I do not shop at Kmart, even at the double coupon events. Their prices are high and the quality not that great. I don’t know too many couponers who can afford to carry a $500 bag. I certainly can’t (even if I could, I could not justify doing so!). I stockpile what my family needs. If something is a great deal but not something we use, I do not get it. Even so, we end up having plenty of stuff to donate to food banks, etc. I think the disgruntled employee needs to rethink his/her stereotyping of people.

  • Meichelle

    Disgruntled Employee… we may have an expensive looking purse, but believe me, most of us got them on clearance sales with coupons amid some other awesome deal… But even so. Who are you to decide if we are spending our money correctly or being finicky about a certain coupon. You don’t know our lives. If I didn’t have coupons, my family wouldn’t be well fed. Its as simple as that.

  • pennyscents

    Where is this coupon/new coupon being found on k-Mart.com? I looked under the, “deals & coupons” tab on their site, and I am not seeing anything about this coupon.

  • Terry

    I am not surprised. I have found the customer service SO HORRIBLE every single time that I have gone into K-Mart, that I don’t see how they can stay in business when the customer service is so much better at any other retailer out there. I tried twice to work the double coupons, and after being accused of lying about coupons, I swore off K-mart forever. When I saw the coupon, I didn’t even bother to print it out… $10 off $20 is not even a good enough deal to entice me to walk into that store… my husband is in retail and he said that his company won’t hire anyone whose ever worked at Kmart, because they have such horrible attitudes about customers.

  • Andrea


  • http://thebuzz4moms.blogspot.com Aubrie Williams

    I’m amazed at the anger and frustration we cause each other. It’s not the cashiers fault nor is it the couponers fault. If you can use the coupon in your area, great. If you can’t, realize that Kmart made a bad decision and move on. Why do we quibble with the cashiers? How’s that working for ya? No one is going to pay you for the wasted ink to print it or the time we spent shopping before we read the sign at the register. It’s not bait and switch. It’s the right of the company even though it’s a dumb one. I personally won’t shop at Kmart unless it is to get free stuff with my coupons. And if the cashier gives me a bad look because of the scuffed thrift store purse I carry, or the second-hand clothes and coat I wear, that’s her problem. I smile and move on. Sheesh!

  • Thomas

    Amen Aubie!

  • Mary

    I haven’t eaten at KFC, either, since they pulled their coupon bait-and-switch fiasco last summer.
    Take a quick minute, everyone, to email Kmart’s customer service and let them know WHY you won’t be shopping with them any longer…and they are one company sorely in need of customers, believe me.

    If we verbalize WHY WE ARE ANGRY…maybe they will change their ways.

    Their email address:

  • http://www.commonsensewithmoney.com Mercedes

    Thank you everyone for your comments, even disgruntled employee.
    I am hoping maybe Kmart will learn something from all of this and meaybe we will too, whatever that may be to everyone.


  • Michelle

    The coupon was intended for the Chicago Renaissance stores only. Their website has a promotion for that area of stores. I live just outside this area, so my Kmart isn’t accepting the coupon, but I was able to drive to a store that is.

  • THAT cashire

    I agree with Aubrie. It’s not our (the cashier) fault! AND LITTLE DO YOU PEOPLE KNOW this is an actual fact. WE ARE NOT THE ONES WHO MAKE THE COUPON NOT WORK! honestly it’s the system. So next time you want to direct your anger at the fact that a coupon isn’t working, don’t direct it at me because it’s not my fault, it’s the computers.

    But here is a more common fact (I say this not as a smart alack, I say this as a coupon-er to a coupon-er) every coupon has a UPC number. This is the number under the bar code. If you photo copy a coupon and the bar code is the same WE WILL NOT OVERRIDE (goes for every store).

    I really hope that this helps because honestly, I don’t live to be THAT cashier that tells you “no” because I am the one who IF YOU’RE NICE TO can give you extra coupons that you didn’t know that we had IF THEY ARE IN STOCK!

    • Amanda

      Every coupon for the same product will have the same barcode (upc number) Thats what makes it scan. That has to be the same. What will be different in the number in the upper hand corner that links that coupon to a specific IP address (your browser) Its usually found under the dot pattern on a printable coupon.

  • Heather

    I tried to use it in Janesville and the had a sign up at the registers stating the didn’t accept it and it was intended for Chicago area. I was disappointed but didn’t put up a stink wasn’t the cashiers fault.

  • http://www.TheKrazyCouponLady.com Joanie Demer

    Well said Mercedes!

  • Jessica Schafer

    I called our K-Mart (St. Johns, MI) to see if they would accept this coupon, and was told that the coupon was only meant for Chicago stores and that soon the promotional coupon would be dispursed for our area and will indicate that it is for specific locations. She also advised that I could TRY to use it at another local store to see if it would be accepted by a cashier who wasnt paying attention. (Which I thought wasn’t real nice or courteous of a fellow associate to say about another). Just another disappointment from K-Mart.

  • Teri

    Here’s an article about this debacle

    Kmart Posts Amazing Coupon On Internet, Then Forgets Internet Exists

  • Steven Burgess

    I work for K-Mart and they told us it was for stores in NY only lol right they just realized how popular it was

  • Debbie

    Well I to tried to use the coupon. They posted that they weren’t excepting the coupon. I didn’t buy anything there and just left my cart at the check out! Won’t be going back.