Update on Target and Starbucks Gift Card Deals through Plum District

Last month I shared with you about the following two gift card deals offered through Plum District:

$25 Target GC + $50 Restaurant.com GC for $22.50

$20 Starbucks Gift Card Plus Two Fandango Movie Tickets for $28

Unfortunately the company that originally offered these two deals through Plum District, called Digital Doorstep, filed for bankruptcy today.  Last week Plum District sent out an email to everyone who bought this deal stating that they were reimbursing everyone.  I am bringing this to your attention so that you can make sure you have been reimbursed your monies by Plum District.  As far as I am aware Plum District issued a reimbursement whether you had already claimed your voucher on the Digital Doorstep website or not.  If you had already used your voucher, chances are pretty good you do not have the gift cards coming to you.  Therefore, once again, make sure to check under your plum district account for a refund.  Personally I used credits to buy this offer and my credits are showing up as reimbursed underneath “Plum Dollars.”  If you paid with a credit card you may want to check your credit card account online to make sure you have been reimbursed.

There are a lot of daily deal sites popping up lately and I want to assure you that I exercise extreme care in sharing their daily offers with you.  I always take into consideration your feedback and if I hear negative feedback from a daily deal site I refrain from sharing any more deals offered by that site.  Having said that, my experience has been that the sites Groupon, Living Social, Eversave and Plum District will make a situation like this right to their customers.  Therefore I feel confident in continuing sharing with you any of the offers they may have available. But ultimately you must use  your own judgement and take advantage of those offers you feel confident about.

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  • Colleen

    I bought the Target/Restaurant.com deal and I reacieved the email last week stating I would be frefunded. It took a little while but I did get the refund on my card yesterday. I haven’t had any issues with Plum District before.

  • Diana

    Thanks for the info. I just saw my account, I see some Plum Dollars have been credited to my account and the rest should go to my CC, will wait for some days before contacting them.

  • Kirsten

    I did not buy this deal but Plum District has been updating people about the problem on their Facebook page. I would recommend liking the page for information updates. Give them time to do refunds as there are probably a lot of people and information to go through.

  • Sonia

    I did buy the Starbucks/Fandango deal from Plum District. Just to make sure the codes I already have printed out will still work when I am finally ready to use them, I read through their statement online about the issue. If you purchased this or the Target deal, and already have the codes/eGift card printed, you can still use them. If you never got them, they will credit your accounts (and likely give you some Plum Dist. credits).
    I’ve purchased things through sites like Savemore.com and never got anything back unless I printed the eGift card out that same day. Now I’ve read they are out of business. Plum District doesn’t seem like it’s in that crowd. They’ve been very forthcoming and on top of things.
    If you think you have an issue with a refund, just send an email.
    Thanks for the update & very helpful information, Mercedes! I LOVE all the deals you share on your blog & FB page. You’re work has saved me loads.

  • Pamela

    THANK YOU, Mercedes. I did NOT receive an email, but I just tried to purchase Fandango tickets (with already-available codes/vouchers), and NEITHER code worked. Will work on getting at least a partial refund. Thank you SO MUCH; saved me much frustration later. 🙂

  • linda

    I bought a deal like that on Saveology…$30 to Macy’s and $100 in dining discounts…is that the same company?

    • Amanda

      No, but have you not received yours yet? Log in to your account, on some deals you have to enter a redemption code, some others are automatically mailed to you. I received my Macy’s/Dining Discount deal over a week ago, so you may want to check on it. (Unless, of course, they’ve run a new promo and you just ordered them. :))

  • Rhonda

    Thanks for the info. I just checked my account and it was refunded.

  • Nancy

    Thank you Mercedes for the heads up. I just tried to redeem my Fandango code on the DigitalDoorstep site and it says that no such codes exists. I have checked my credit card
    account and have not received any refund yet. I just sent an email to Plum District so now
    I wait…….