Update to ToysRUs Deal: Seven Games for Less than $4


I just checked the Toys R Us Website and there are seven different games that are selling for $3.99.  All of the qualify for the Hasbro Rebate.  This is how you can get seven Hasbro Games for less than $4:

$27.93 when you buy the following games: Candy Land, Chutes/ladders, Ants in Pants, Don’t Break The Ice, Memory, Hi-Ho Cherry-o and Cootie
Then you will get:
$10 Toys R Us Gift Card for purchasing $25 pr more in Hasbro Games PLUS
$14 back when you submit for the Hasbro Rebate.
That’s like paying $3.97 for the whole lot of seven games. These would make perfect Holiday and Birthday presents!

Please note that the Character Games are not included in the rebate AND the rebate is only available when you purchase from Toys R US.  Please read this post if you missed the details on this deal.

Thanks Coupon Cravings!

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  • Alan

    Do you need a coupon to receive the $10 gift card?

    • No coupon needed. It should prompt at checkout.


  • Amanda

    I have a question about the Toys R US ad. I’m only looking at it online so I might be missing something but on the side it says “Buy 1 Get 1 Half off”. Is that refering to the games on the first page?

  • Hi Amanda,

    I am also looking at it online and do see that at all. Click on “Biggest Game Sale of the Year.”

  • Mary

    You can get the rebate on any memory game– even character ones : )

  • brittany

    Thank you! Worked like a charm, love cheap kid presents!

  • Jennifer

    The ToysRus in Madison did not have Ants in Pants or Cootie that I could see. I substituted a Clearance game for $9.99. Great Deal. thanks!!!

  • Brandi

    Don’t Spill the Beans is also on sale for $3.99 with the $2.00 rebate so there’s one more option if your store is out of another game.

  • kristin w

    Can you purchase more than one of the same title and get the rebate on each? (Ex. I want to get 5 Memory games would I get the rebate back for all 5?)

  • Alan

    Awesome deal! I had been saving a $25 gift card for the holiday season + I had another 2 bucks left on a different store card. I bought Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Cootie, Don’t Break the Ice, Don’t Spill the Beans, Ants in the Pants, and Hi Ho Cheerio. Used the cards and paid 44 cents. Got the $10 store card right away. Hungry Hippos was on sale for 15 dollars. I had a couple of those $4 off coupons still. I paid 2.19. I ended with 8 games and $17 in rebates!

  • jacki

    Is anyone else having trouble opening the link to the rebate? It keeps telling me that the file is damaged and cannot be repaired?

  • Jennifer

    jacki, the rebates are on a tear pad by the games in the store too if you have trouble downloading it.

  • Amy

    Wow! What a fantastic deal! How long is this going on for?

  • jen

    Love this and was able to get it all this morning, THANKS for the heads up

  • Megan

    So basically just scratch your last post about this deal? And do this?

    • Yes, do this one, unless you want a $9.99 game.


  • Megan

    On the rebate it says all versions of memory.

  • I just got back from Toys R Us and ended up not getting anything. As I was standing there looking at the games I realized that many of the games listed here as being Hasbro were actually Milton Bradley. So I’m confused. The $10 is for spending $25 on Hasbro games.

  • Megan

    Milton Bradley was taken over by Hasbro here is a link that explains it:


  • Thanks, Megan 🙂

  • Amy

    This worked like a charm. Thank you so much for the heads-up. I am donating the extra games (the ones I bought but already own) to a family with little money for Christmas toys this year.

  • meagan

    so you can not use the 10 dollar gift card for this purchase right? it has to be on a future purchase correct?

  • Connie

    Wonder if anyone else ran into this after doing this deal at Toys R Us. I’m sitting down ready to get my Hasbro rebate form ready, grabbed my receipt from Toys R Us only to notice that 2 of the games rang up as Cootie on the receipt but they were Don’t Spill the Beans and Ants in the Pants. They did the same thing with Memory, it shows 2 Memory games on the receipt instead of Hi Ho Cherry O. So I’m assuming I won’t get 7 game rebates, but instead only 4? Not a happy camper right now 🙁