US Weekly Magazine for $19.99/year

You can get one year of U.S Weekly Magazine for $19.99 per year.  Just use coupon code COMMONSENSE to get this price.  However, you have to order at least two years to get this price.  This offer is good on new subscriptions only, no renewals.  This is not auto-renewal either.

Just as comparison, Living Social recently offered ONE year of US Weekly on Living Social for $30.  With this Discount Mags offer for an additional $9 you get two years instead.

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  • Cathy

    Couldn’t used it

    • Cathy, I am working on it.


      • Cathy, you must order to years at least.


  • Stephanie

    Re the US Special Offer, if you click right on the magazine, it takes you to the site.

  • kamy

    (This coupon is not valid for the product(s) in your cart)
    Not working I did the 1year & that’s what it says…….

    • kamy

      yeah….I got it…..thanks alot!!!:) I Luv US…..

  • Laura

    I still can’t get this to work – doing 2 years new subscription 🙁

    • Sorry LAura, that code was for yesterday. Hang on and let me see if I can find you another deal in the next few days.