Uses for Baby Food Containers

This weekend we decided to go away for the holiday. Since we were traveling I ended up having to buy baby food for my 9 month old. Every time he finished his meal I saved the container it came in because I knew I could find another use for them.
Here’s my list of uses for baby food containers:

  1. Around the kitchen: they make the perfect Jello or pudding mold and are good for holding spices.
  2. They are perfect lunchbox add on: They are the perfect size for holding salsa, salad dressing, ketchup, barbecue sauce, hummus, raisins, peanut butter, jelly, yogurt, nuts, etc.
  3. They make a great container to take snacks on the go with you: gold fish, crackers, M&M’s, small fruits such as blueberries, raspberries, etc. Not a snack but they hold formula and baby cereal too.
  4. Around the Home and Office: Use them to hold buttons, sewing notions, beads or other small craft items, paper clips and rubber bands.
  5. Around the Workshop: They are good for holding nuts, bolts and drill bits.

You don’t have to pay extra for those “on-the-go packs.” All you need to do is re-purpose any small container you may already have and let imagination be your friend.

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  • Classy Mommy

    love this tip. with a 9 month old i’ve been going through these all the time – we recycle them but i really should put some of them to good use at home!

  • Kathie

    oh my gosh! THANK YOU SO MUCH for this tip! I have a TON of them saved because I just KNEW I could find some way to recycle and use them. Now I do.


    HA! I have so many saved too!! I am hispanic so i make batches of Sofrito which we freeze but I divvy it individually for the freezer so i can just use it as needed without wasting it!


  • Kami

    Fill the container with leftover paint after painting rooms and you don’t have to try and match the color to repair chips. And you also don’t have to keep that huge gallon container of paint for just the little you have left.

  • Mercedes

    Thanks for adding ideas guys.
    The paint tip is great Kami.

  • Jennifer

    Great ideas! Makes me wish I was still buying baby food, just so i could have those cute containers. I had all my kids when they still just did jars. At least the ones I bought baby food for.

  • HotMommy

    Oh my! Why have I never thought of this????? We’ve been recycling ours but reusing them never occurred to me! And with my daughter in mother’s-day-out this year, I’m constantly trying to find enough tiny Tupperware in the back of the cabinet to send all her lunch and snack stuff in. You’ve solved a problem for me – thanks bunches!

  • Stayingstrong

    We use ours for Ranch Dressing in the lunch box. Perfect for snacking on carrots on the go.

  • Margaret

    Labeled each with one childs name, four for our house, then when the tooth fairy came, all the teeth were deposited into the their container. Children didn’t know I had done this until they were older. What a surprise.