DEAD DEAL: Victoria’s Secret $15.99 for two bras and a panty shipped!

Update: It seems you can no longer use both codes together. This deal as originally stated is dead. However you can still use the $25 off code and get two bras and a pair of panties for $23 or so.

I got an email from reader Andrea about this deal. I just did it so I can verify that it works!

Head to Victoria’s Secret, put two of their bras on sale for 2/$40 and a pair of panties on sale $7.50 each in your shopping bag. The panties must be solid color. Before checkout select the option to use discount codes on your order. When you are checking out use the codes:

FA813789 for $10 off any bra and 25PTY for $25 off any two full priced bras and free cotton panty.
Proceed to check out and your total should now be $10 plus $5.99 shipping!

Don’t forget to go to the Victoria’s Secret website through Ebates if you are a member. If you do you will get 4% back via Ebates. if you are not a member become one right here. You will get $5 sign up bonus, so will I thank you!

Credit to My Shopping Addiction and Andrea for pointing me to this deal. I also found out that for an extra $20 you can also get two sweaters in addition to this. Read this post by Chaos on the Cupboard on the code you need to get cheap sweaters.

Happy Savings!

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  • Lorrie Briggs

    It does work. I got 2 bras, 2 panties, and a purse for $20 shipped. The code for the purse is no longer available.

  • Amber

    Okay i tried this and when i got to the codes page it keeps saying “Only one of two items that apply to this offer are in cart” Please help! This is a great deal!! (Since the bras are $40/2 on sale will the code not work?) Can it be a bra on sale?

  • Mercedes

    Hi Amber,
    I bought two of the $40/2 bras and then I picked one of the $7.50 panties that were even included in the same page. Remember that the panty has to be a solid color.
    I hope you get it to work.

  • Amber

    Okay, I thought I picked a solid panty (Holiday Red) but when i went back and chose black it worked!!! I am sooooo excited!! That is crazy! Thanks for you awesome website!!

  • Amanda

    I am having the same problem as Amber. I get the same message, and I am choosing the panties on sale for $7.50 in a solid color and two bras on sale for $40.

  • Alyssa @ KeepingTheKingdomFirst

    Thanks, Mercedes! I really needed new bras due to my pregnancy so this was perfect timing. It worked just fine!

  • The Bargain Shopper Lady

    I think the panties have to be certain solid colors. That’s how they usually work, black, light pink, nude or white.
    I also posted a different VS deal a few days ago for 2 sweaters and a lip gloss for $12!
    ~The Bargain Shopper Lady

  • Christina @ Cutest Kid Ever

    This is an amazing deal! I think the key is not to pick a special color or print: stick to white, black, off-white, and tan.

  • Courtney

    Great deal! It worked for me.

  • Alyssa

    love this deal came over after Kingdomfirstmom tweeted about it. My luck is that I have $15 burning a whole in my pocket (birthday money from my dear grandma) she will be proud I spent it wisely. Thanks lady. I’m now subscribing to your blog so I can find more deals! WHOOO HOO!! Oh and I had a ROCKING day at CVS today! So proud of myself, I”m a newbie!

  • jen

    Don’t forget to go to the VS website via ebates for an additional percentage! 4% I think.

  • SuperSaverSusan

    AWESOME! I’ve had VS bras on my “to buy” list for a while now. This just saved me a ton of money!

  • melissa

    Thanks just what I wanted for christmas christmas came early!!!!!

  • JvW

    Thank you for posting this! I always ask for a VS bra for Christmas bc they are great but pricey, and now I can get them for cheap! I ordered 4 and told my husband he just bought me a sweet Christmas present!

  • Diana

    Great deals, Thanks for the post! I got the 2 bras,1 panty, and 2 sweaters for 34.64.

  • Jennifer

    Thanks so much! I ended up paying only $3 out of pocket by using the remainder of a gift card I got last Christmas!

  • Nicole

    This is amazing – thank you. 🙂 It just worked for me – what a blessing – was going to head to the mall for one bra this week (hoping to get by for $30 for ONE bra at VS). Thank you for this tip. 🙂

  • Miss Mommy

    Thank You so much!! I just ordered 2 bras and a pair of panties for $15.99 shipped! Codes worked great!! A great birthday gift to myself today!!!

    Thanks Again!!

  • SavingSomeGreen

    Great deal. Thanks for the heads up. It worked for me too.

    Thanks again!

  • Tracy

    WooHOO I just did this thank you so much for telling us about this offer. I have needed new bras for awhile..I linked back to your blog for details. Does this end Monday? thanx again.

  • Clenece

    Thanks for the info…I am so excited to get my order!

  • Marcy

    Try adding this code for $10 off your next purchase too:


    I found that info here:

    My total was $17.07 b/c my tax was a little different than yours…and I also had to change the “Holiday Red” panty to Black to get it to work, but this is GREAT!! I was just thinking last night that it was time for new bras!

  • Mercedes

    I am glad everyone is taking advantage of this deal. I was also in desperate need of bras. So I rocked this deal twice! haha!

  • Anita

    YIPEE ! I needed this deal. It was so nice, I did it twice!

  • Megan

    What a great deal. Thanks for posting it! And yay for your comments section because I had trouble too, but read through the comments and fixed it. Score!

  • Rudstroms

    Holy smokes! Deal of the century. I went through and got a set a couple times to stock up.

  • keywestbiscuit

    I also got that error message until I switched the bras to solid colors also. I ordered Buff, Black and Miami Tan.

  • Justine

    Thanks Mercedes et al… this is a great deal!!

  • Amy

    But wait a minute, It is WRONG to use 2 coupons for the bras!!
    One you said is for a certain amount off 2 bra’s, then another coupon for another amount off 1 bra. you are already using the 1 coupon for the amount off 2 bras.

  • Anonymous

    if it says you only have two items in your cart available for the discount, you have to change the color or your panty to either white, sky blue, blush pink,black or tan. They are pretty picky about what colors you can get!

  • Brandy

    Thanks! It worked for me this morning!

  • Leah

    It’s telling me my total is 24.90 shipped…why would it be nine dollars more for the same thing you guys are getting for 15.99???

  • Julie

    I am DESPARATELY in need of new bras. I am SO excited. But something weird is happening. I think I am doing everything right, but my total is 17.50 + Shipping = 25.26. I panties are at zero, but the bras are one for $7.50 and $10.00.

    Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

  • Kathy

    Worked last night multiple times… but this morning it looks like they have adjusted part of the discount. Total equals $24.95 shipped… which is still excellent.


    BRA10 = $10 off
    FR100 = free shipping over $100
    SAVE15 = 15% off $150 or more.

    You can combine the deal with other things and then get 15% off the whole thing.

  • Courtney

    I was only able to get one of the codes to work. (A message came up saying that I couldn’t use both codes.) So I chose the $25 off plus free panty and got 2 bras and 1 panty for $22.72 shipped. Still not a bad deal! Thanks!

  • Kim and Ken Carlile

    I could also only get the 25 PTY to work, but my total was $22.40, an amazing deal still!! Thanks for sharing.

  • jennifer d.

    HELP!! I have tried this three different times and still get the error message on using only one code. I chose two bras from the 2/$40 (both in white, nothing fancy) and a $7.50 panty in black. Why won’t it work?

  • Kat

    This is a great deal.

    I made 2 seperate orders:
    The first one was $22.25 (VS Cotton Bra 2/$40) and the second was $26.49 (Second Satin Bra 2/$44).

    I had to use the following codes:
    Offer code 1: 25PTY Offer code 2: FA813549

    I enjoy your blog, thanks for helping us save money. Your hard work is appreciated!

  • Kat

    I found more details about this code offer: FA813549

    Receive via email the $10 off a future purchase offer redeemable from 11/12 – 11/24/08

  • Mary B

    The FA code does not appear to be working anymore, but I did get the same deal Courtney and Kim got. With my shipping and sales tax, I got it for $22.25. Still a bargain!

  • snbjork

    This morning I was able to use both codes, so my order total was $16-something. This afternoon I tried it again, but it would only let me use one code, so I chose the 25PTY one. So, 2 bras, 1 panty for only $22.15!!! I am so excited, I am in desperate need but hate shopping for that stuff! THANKS!

  • Anonymous

    I have been using the correct items but it won’t let me use the codes together. It says “One or more of the offer codes entered cannot be used together on the same order.” Any suggestions?

  • Anonymous

    I am frustrated. i would love this deal, but CANNOT get it to work, I’ve tried different color combos and everything and it’s not working…

  • Anonymous

    okay, i got it to work, the fa code doesn’t seem to work anymore, I just used the 25pty one and the total was still only $20 shipped!

  • Marlena U.

    No longer working…sniff, sniff! Guess I missed out on this one.

  • Calee

    I can’t get either of the codes to work in a variety of combos. Bummer.

  • Katie

    Tuesday Afternoon:
    I just tried this because I am desperate need of new bras (being pregnant has thrown everything off =)) and it does not work anymore. I tried to use just the 25PTY code like you said and the VS website will not allow me to order the bras. I called customer service and they said the cotton bras (the 2/40 ones) are not available with the 25PTY coupon code. Did anyone get it to work after Tuesday afternoon??? If so, please let me know!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I was having the same problem using the 25pty code so I called customer service and she put it through over the phone. The total was 15 dollars!

  • Duke

    I just got my “bill” in my email inbox, and it seems like they charged me $20 extra (a bra that used to be $0 was listed as $20). I hunted the charge on my credit card, but it wasn’t there. I will be watching my statements like a hawk, until I’m sure that they haven’t and won’t charged me. They can’t legally do that, can they? Well, heads up, anyway.

  • Duke

    Sorry, maybe I didn’t go into enough detail. The bill rang up as $15.99 (I got the deal.) But now it’s coming up 36.99 on the Victoria Secret website when I track it. I received an email prior that said I was charged 36.99 as a shipping invoice type thing.

    Heads up! I haven’t been charged on my credit card, but I’m watching it.

  • Boyd Team

    My package arrived in the mail today! Woohoo!

  • F. Duke

    OMG! I was charge 36.99 for the two bras and panties! They charged my credit card 36.99 after they told me that I had the 15.99 deal. Now, I have to do a phone call/email run around with them. You should warn everyone that they may get charged a higher price than what they were initially told, so they can watch their credit cards as well.

    Is this even legal?

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