Victoria’s Secret: Free $10 Pink Certificate


There’s a new offer available for Victoria’s Secret Pink Nation Members:  You can play to win a $10 Pink Nation certificate on their site.  No purchase necessary and the certificate is towards $10 off your purchase of $10 or more.  I know there are some things that can be had in-store that are less than $10.  There are 10,000 certificates available to win!  Make sure to have your printer ready if you win, as you will only get one chance to print this certificate if you are a winner.

Not a member of VS Pink Nation?  Then good news, sign up to become a member and you will get a coupon for a free VS tank top with any Pink Purchase.  Maybe one of you can confirm if you can combine with the free $10 certificate for a really good deal?  Believe it or not, I am not a huge VS shopper but with so many good deals they have had these past month I have three $10 Certificates to use and plan on playing the game for one more.

If you have any of these certificates, what’s your plan of action?  what kind of freebies are you planning on getting with it?

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  • Stephanie

    Can you buys what you want with the 10 or is toward a special item?



  • KMS

    Whoo! After 30 minutes of playing I won! Thank you so much!!

  • KMS

    Haha I just won again! You can win/print more than one! 😀

  • linda

    do they have unique bar codes?

  • Jaime

    I won twice..I just kept hitting play until I won…didn’t take too long. Sweet!

  • Nicole

    Not available to Maine residents due to a new state law?!? Waaaa! Guess I’ll have to try using my sis’s address, LOL. Gotta wonder what that law says, though….

  • Tara

    FYI – I tried to use one of these to purchase a $10 item and the cashier would not let me. She said it had to be more than $10 even though it said that NOWHERE on the coupon. She was quite rude about it, so I left with nothing. Hope you have better luck!

  • KMS

    I won twice and both of my offer codes are 3202 and my barcodes are 1 432020 010001

    Anyone else the same??

    • Noreen Wasz


  • Julie

    Thanks! I just won!

  • krissyg89

    So can these be used with other ones? Like if I win one, can I combine it in store with another $10 off $10 coupon card and a $10 Rewards card from the November promo where you had to buy something.

  • Natasha

    I highly doubt they can be combined. Last week I tried to use a different 10$ off pink purchase and I tried to combine it with the 10$ mystery card and they made it clear that you could not combine different cards together. Even if you have multiple mystery cards, they still can’t be combined.

  • linda

    Mine has the same barcode

  • Last week she said the purchase had to be OVER $10, even though it didn’t say that on the coupon. I was trying to get a $9.50 pair of undies. She suggested I buy a lollipop for $1.50 to get my total over $10.

  • Mari

    Thanks for the heads up! It took me 5 tries and I won.

  • kristi

    yeah i just won…took me a while =)

  • jen

    finally won, now i can move on with my night, haha, its addicting!

    • lol! i haven’t gotten lucky yet.


  • Chriscia

    My 3 year old is running around the house saying “mommy needs free panties” now. I still havent won though 🙁

  • mindy

    I won! Thanks!

  • Lori

    Finally — took ’bout 1.5 hrs, but I got one! Keep trying everybody! See ya a V.S.!!!

  • Lora

    I finally won!! It took me 2 hours, but I finally got one!

  • Chriscia

    I tried and tried…nothing. DH gets on the computer and 2 minutes later won.

    • Yay! I am trying again! I hope I win soon cause I want to go to bed.


  • I went to VS today to try and use this coupon with my secret reward card. No Luck! The cashier said that I could only use one per transaction. Right now you also get a FREE pink panty with any PINK purchase (signs all over store…I didn’t need a coupon). I bought 5 pink panties for $25 plus 1 pantie FREE, then used the $10 off coupon to pay $15 OOP for 6 pairs of panties.

  • kristi

    thanks for the info karissa, i was planing on going to vs tomorrow to use my $10 and was wondering if it was good on the 5 for $25…and now i know i can get an extra one…great deal, thanks!

  • Carol

    I won! Thank you. Those of you that have not won yet, after trying a few times I closed out the windows and reopened. Won the first spin!

  • Kristin

    Took me about 5 minutes to win one. I wondered about combining with secret rewards, too, since to me it is being processed as a gift card and not as a coupon. I have that $10 off any purchase q they mailed pink nation members, too. That’s $30 in free stuff!

  • mallory

    ive been trying for 20 mins and nothing 🙁

  • I got the coupon earlier this morning after about 15 minutes and went into the store today and bought a $12 “Drenched in Pink Fresh & Clean Supersoft Body Lotion, 500 mL”. I plan to give it as a birthday gift with another item I purchased somewhere else.
    A few weeks ago I received a $10 card/coupon in the mail for a Pink Purchase and bought a pair of Pink panties that were $10.50. At the time the cashier told me that she had noticed people trying to buy an item worth exactly $10 with a $10 coupon were having trouble with the coupon working/scanning, but as long as it was $10.01 or more the register was accepting it.

  • debbie lynne

    Looks like everyone gets the same barcode and offer code so this coupon could spell trouble for VS. I hope they don’t pull them.

  • Vivian

    at my victoria secret i was able to 5 pairs of panties for around $6. they let me combine the $10 coupon mailer and rewards card :]

  • Darn! I don’t see any game links on the Pink site now. Did they take it down?

  • Lizz

    Jessicatkc, it’s still there. On the left side click on holiday jackpot, it will take you straight to the game!

  • phuong-anh

    I know this is abuse but could you plz send me the pdf file of yr coupon pic cuz i plan to photoshop it.

    sorry it sounds so cheap but i couldnt win after hours playing

    and now the deals seem over.

    TIA .:)
    i really appreiciate it.

    • KMS

      Are you serious? No one is entitled to any of these deals, especailly people like you. Don’t ruin it for all the honest couponers out here by knowingly altering coupons and committing fraud. I truly hope you never get this coupon in your possession.

  • jka

    I have seen that alot of people won yesterday, has anyone won today? I have been playin for about 4 hrs and nothing. My cousin has also been playing for a while and she has not won anything either. Anyone had alny luck today?

  • Jess

    Nothing for me yet. Been playing for the last two days and in both Firefox and Safari. Darn it.

  • Aimee

    i have been playing for hours yesterday and now this morning and nothing 🙁 I really want one.

  • KMS

    If you get in a rut, try closing your browser and opening it back up. That’s what it took for me. HTH

  • Shana

    I’m thinking they might be out. I’ve been playing off and on since 8am and not a single win 🙁

  • AC

    I’ve been playing for three days, even have my husband played for me…no winning yet 🙁

  • mel

    yes they have to be out ive been playing off and on for 8 hours and nothing!