Victoria’s Secret: Free Shipping on ANY Order PLUS Secret Reward Cards


Take advantage of FREE Shipping when you shop Victoria’s  Just use the code SHIPFREE (code is good TODAY 11/6 ONLY).  PLUS, on any orders over $10 a Secret Rewards Card with a minimum value of $10 (and as much as $500) will be added to your order. You won’t know the value of your order until you get your package in the mail. But if you order something around $10, with free shipping, and get a Rewards Card of at least $10, that’s a pretty great deal think.

OK, here’s my confession, I know that you can order and combine codes when you shop VS online, but I have never done this. I want to hear your scenarios if you are an experienced Victoria’s Secret buyer. Please share with us in the comments section.

Here are a three codes that could be used. You can use up to three codes per order:

VSPINKBAG – Free limited edition tote with any Victoria’s Secret Pink purchase. Automatically added to your purchase at checkout exp 11/18/09
FREERUSH – Free lipgloss with purchase of sweaters ($21 value). Automatically added to your purchase at checkout exp 11/18/09
CLOTH20 – to get 20% off one piece of clothing

Here’s a scenario shared by Vicky:


  • Paid $15.64 for the sweater, got the gloss free ($21 value) and free shipping.

Plus if you are new to Ebates and go through them to complete this purchase you get $5 bonus and 4% Cash back.  Pretty sweet deal!  Thanks Vicky!

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  • Diana Wolf

    I just ordered a silk and cashmere sweater on sale for $39.00 there is acoupn code CLOTH20 to get 20% off one piece of clothing and I also used the free shipping code SHIPFREE with no problems. Thank you for the code for free shipping! Happy shopping 🙂

  • krissyg89

    This is my first purchase ever with Victoria’s Secret. I’m ordering a sweater for my sister for the holidays.

    Sweater on sale for $19
    Victoria’s Secret Pink® Lip Butter on sale for $5
    Free Tote (valued at $12.50)
    Free Lipgloss set (valued at $21!)

    With free shipping it comes to just under $25!

    Awesome deal! And the lipgloss set looks like it would make an awesome gift by itself!

  • elisabeth

    krissyg89, yes the lipgloss pack makes a great gift by itself! i received it 2 years ago for Christmas. Very nice, and I didn’t realize (or care) that they got it for free! Hey one more person to cross off that list, lol

  • Andrea

    I did combo deals like that last year – I was getting to the end of nursing my son and wanted “real bras” (you know, PRETTY ones. *sigh*). They also handed these cards out at the store last year…

    and I was blessed enough to get $100!! It was pretty neat! I’ll probably do this for a Christmas present or two…free shipping and discount codes when you’re 8 months pregnant and have NO intention of stepping foot in a mall? Priceless! 🙂

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  • Vicky

    I was unable to use the free tote – said I needed a Victorias secret reward. I ordered sweater $19 only and added the following codes –
    Paid $15.64 for the sweater, got the gloss free and free ship.


  • pennyscents

    What do you have to buy to get the free tote?
    What do you have to buy to get the free lip gloss set?
    Can I use my free panty card that I got in the mail online?

    • VSPINKBAG – Free limited edition tote with any Victoria’s Secret Pink purchase. Automatically added to your purchase at checkout exp 11/18/09
      FREERUSH – Free lipgloss with purchase of sweaters. Automatically added to your purchase at checkout exp 11/18/09

      you can use free panty card as long there’s a code to use online and you are using under three codes in your purchase.


  • Kellee

    Use can use up to three codes with Victoria Secret online purchases. I’ll have to check it out tonight. Thanks for the tip!

  • Leanne

    I’ve used multiple codes before just fine.

  • VanM

    I ordered a sweater for $19 and “Pink” Panties 5/$25. I got the free shipping, free tote bag, and free lip gloss set. I tired to use CLOTH20 also, but it would only let me use 3 codes. I am very picky about sweaters. If I end up not liking the sweater and have to return it to the store do I need to take back the lip gloss also since it was free with the sweater?

    Thanks for posting this deal!

  • pennyscents

    It would not take the FREERUSH code at checkout. I had a sweater in my cart that was on clearance for $24.99. For the other two codes (cloth20 and shipfree)there was not a problem. When I entered the freerush it told me to review the details of this code. I will have to look into this later. I just spent a lot of time picking out what I wanted, looking at everything, and then it didn’t work. Kinda irritating. I will come back to this later. If anybody has any advice as to why this didn’t work that would be great! Thank you! Thank you Mercedes for posting this too!

  • THANK YOU so much for this post!! My SIL emailed me your post … and then I read through your reader comments to find KILLER scenarios – so I linked back to you AND your readers… that was awesome. I was able to get a darling sweater, the free lip kit and free shipping …. $16.11 shipped to my front door. Love it, thank you!!!

  • Megan J

    Does anyone know if these work on clearance merchandise? If so, this could be an even better deal – thanks for posting these, Mercedes!

  • KMS

    OK I bought 2 – $5 PINK Body scrubs for a total of $10 got the free tote and free shipping. WILL I GET THE REWARDS CARD???? Is it that you get one with a $10 purchase or a MORE THAN $10 purchase???? Thanks for the help and this great site!!!

  • Laurie

    anybody know if there’s a limit to how many times you can use the codes? do you have to put it on your VS card? i really want the tote and the lipgloss (and the discount and free shipping) which makes 4 codes- greedy, aren’t I? 😀 so, I thought about putting in 2 different orders… any thoughts?

  • KMS

    I know you DONT have to put it on a VS card, I don’t have one and the website took my codes. I got the tote and free shipping. You can only use 3 codes per order so keep that in mind. I don’t know about the limit as I only did 1 order, It was exactly $10 and I’m hoping to get my rewards card!

  • KMS

    I just called VS customer service about the Reward Card because I wanted to know if a $10 [exact] purchase qualified. The rep. told me the cards are “randomly placed” in the shipments, so you may or may not get one no matter what your total is. This REALLY bums me out because I was really working this deal, anyone else had the same answer? I called Customer Service: 1.800.411.5116 then said “Customer Service” (Its voice prompt) If anyone else hears different please post!

  • don’t think you can use clearance items (just SALE sweaters) for the free lip thing (I played with this forever )
    I love the sweater I got…anyone know if you can use these codes twice, lol 😉

  • Tina

    It says the FREESHIP code has expired. 🙁

  • Tina

    Ok, searched online, and SHIPFREE works. 🙂

  • Vicky

    I just did another transaction using ebates (forgot to first time) and I did
    Sweater – $10
    Got $5 Ebates cash back!

    I did use a different email address just incase. =)

  • Vicky

    Correction – sweater was $19 above, not $10, that was a typo but the main point was I was able to do this more than once.

  • I placed a sample order with images showing the step-by-step instructions on combining codes. Seems to be causing quite some confusion in the blogsphere 🙂

    Sweet deals!

  • Alisha

    I received an email from VS that told of this deal. The fine print says

    “Receive a Secret Reward Card with your purchase. Valid only on in-stock purchases made now through November 30, 2009. Offer valid while supplies last. Maximum of one card per order. Not valid on previous purchases. We cannot replace lost or stolen cards. Secret Reward card is redeemable December 1-24, 2009 in stores, online or by phone. Card has no value until 12:01 a.m ET on December 1, 2009. We regret that we cannot divulge card’s value. Card’s value will be revealed at time of checkout. International customers: to ensure timely delivery of Secret Reward card in order to redeem by December 24, we urge you to make your purchase by November 21.”

    It doesn’t say that the purchase has to be at least $10, just “your purchase.”

  • Tara

    The free shipping code is not working for me! Does it work on clearance items?

  • Mary

    I couldnt get the code to work either : (

  • Anna in IL

    I just can’t get the site to accept the codes! I enter one, and the little bar moves and moves, but nothing ever happens! FRUSTRATING! I usually love ordering from VS!

  • I think the site is being overwhlemed with traffic. I was just able to place another order using the following codes:

    * SHIPFREE – TODAY ONLY get FREE shipping on any order!

    * CLOTH20 – Take 20% off any single clothing item at Victoria’s Secret now through Monday 11/9 (I didn’t work when I added a sleepshirt or a Pink item. I think it has to be a regular clothing item.)

    * VSPINKBAG – FREE limited edition tote with Victoria’s Secret Pink purchase through 11/18 (Tote is automatically added to your purchase upon checkout

    I bought a sweater for $19.99, a $5 PINK lotion and the bag was added automatically. My total was $21 and change. I had to refresh the screen a few times and enter and re-renter the codes.

  • jen

    I did the original sweater deal that Mercedes said and paid 16.10 after tax! Not bad, just hope I get a “good” card!!!! Thanks for the heads up and so happy I passed up the sweater at Old Navy tonight so i could buy this one 🙂

  • erika

    Hey I just paid .89 for 2 totes, plus i get a rewards card. I bought a tote from the Pink collection priced @ $10. And I used the free pink tote code, free shipping code and my $10 bday reward card. It would be a awesome present if i got a high value card.

  • Laurie

    Loved this deal! 2 sweaters w/ 2 lipgloss sets, in 2 separate shipments, was $32! Thank you so much Mercedes for posting this! I love your blog for this exact reason- it’s so nice & refreshing to see some GREAT deals on things other than the norm/necessities (Wag’s/CVS etc)! We’re all gearing up for the shopping deals this season and looking forward to more posts like this! 🙂 Thanks again!!

  • krissyg89

    Just wanted to mention that I got my order today. The lipgloss set looks awesome! Definitely will make a great gift! And the free tote is HUGE! I’ve never seen their totes before. Are they all so big? I am very pleasantly surprised! And I got the Rewards card too! I can’t wait to find out how much it’s worth ^_^ Thanks for the awesome deal!

  • KMS

    I received my 2 orders today! Each one was $10.70 WITH tax I got 4 lotions 2 of the free totes which are GREAT! Huge and well made and cute 🙂 I also received a secret card with each shipment! I had been worried that I wouldn’t. Even “worst case scenario” all my stuff today was FREEEE Best case is I have $200 shopping spree 😀 – THANK YOU EVERYONE HERE FOR HELPING ME SCORE GREAT DEALS LIKE THIS

  • paty

    I tried to order a sweater because the have the free scarf promo. I wanted to use two codes one for $10 off and the free scarf but It only gives me one code slot. Will it give me more slots after I put my credit card info?

    • HI Paty

      Did you try again? I just did what you were trying to do yesterday and was able to use three codes. With the scarf code you need to make sure you have added the scarf to your cart first. I also use $10off$10 code they had sent me AND ITEM20 for additional 20% off one item.
      I paid $21 for $29 sweater, scarf and included shipping.


  • paty

    Thanks Mercedes, I will try again. When will it give the chance to put the codes? Before credit info or later?

  • Amanda

    Try Mr Rebates as well… get 2% back plus a bunch of coupon codes to pick from….also try this site for codes

  • Tdy

    I just ordered a $40 pj set with free slippers ( pjgift) and got 30% off my order with (item30) and used my $10 rewards card I got Saturday… In all I paid $26 and change! I’m so excited… I just hope I am going to get a rewards card with my purchase… Does anyone know if you can still get one online with your order or do u have to have a code or something specific…