Victoria’s Secret: Free Shipping Today 12/10 Only = FREE Sweaters!

vs sweater

Just wanted to give you the heads up on this.  I know some of you have some VS Secret Rewards Cards that you got from buying the sweaters last month.  Well,today is the day to fmaximize them as Victoria’s Secret is offering free shipping.  Just use the code SHIPFREE.  This is how you can get a Free sweater after your VS secret reward:

  • Sign up or login to your Ebates account.  Look for Victoria’s Secret in the Ebates search bar.
  • Once you are at the Victoria’s Secret website search for item #244-859. or click on Clothing and look for other sweaters that are $12 or so
  • Head to check out and select or check where it says if you would be using an Offer Code:

Use SHIPFREE to get free shipping

Enter you VS Secret rewards card and pin #

Your total should be $0.00 plus tax after secret rewards and free shipping code.  Plus you will get 2% cashback from Ebates.  Don’t want to bother with Ebates.  You can find the cheap sweaters here.

PS.  Does anyone know if you can use the $10 certificates from playing the game? I haven’t won yet so I can’t check.

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  • Wow – great deal!! Thanks

  • misty

    ebates is only 2%; how do you get 6%?

    • I am sorry Misty. that’s what it was last time.


  • Heather

    Just bought a sweater for .76! So awesome!

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  • J Weekly

    I won the $10 Pink Certificate. It can only be used for an in- store purchase, and prints out with your name on it, so that only you can use it. Bummer. I had my eye on some items on the VS site also!

  • Rose

    Wow, I thought you can redeem the VS secret rewards card in store only. I’ll have to give this a try. Thanks a lot!

  • amanda

    I got an email from VS. They have Pink panties on sale 7 for 24.50. Use code PANTY7.

  • So excited! It only cost me .59 cents. Gotta love it! Thanks!

  • Sarah

    Thanks Mercedes! I just got my order of sweaters yesterday and got the secret reward. So of course there you are with another great deal! I just got the leggings 2/$20 so one pair was $0.69 after the $10 off and the free shipping.

  • Shelly

    Is the VS Secret rewards card a credit card? If not, how can I obtain one? Thank you.

  • KC

    The site is telling me the SHIPFREE is not a valid offer code. Anyone else having this problem?

    Shelly, the rewards card is something that was mailed to you when you placed an order recently. Those of us who got the 3 sweaters for $30 a few weeks ago got one with our order. If you haven’t bought anything recently from VS I don’t think there’s any way to get one.

    • Lisa

      I just got it to work, take OFF the caps lock and do it lower case letters!

      • KC

        THANK YOU–that worked!

  • Lisa

    The SHIPFREE code is not working for me…. anyone else having this problem??? HELP! I put it in under the 1st offer code and this is what pops up:
    This offer has expired. Please review the terms and conditions of your offer or call 1.800.970.1109 for assistance.

  • Deanna

    I just used the SHIPFREE code and it worked for me. Maybe it’s because I am an Angel card holder? Try calling in to customer service…

    • Lisa

      WE GOT IT! For some reason it only worked in lower case letters for us

  • vicki

    I just tried and it said the website is down for maintenance. What is up with that????

  • Kristin

    Just paid $0.53 for a sweater! Thanks for the shipping code!

  • Audra

    Just got my sweater for 81 cents!!! Thanks for the info!

  • Great offer I am wanting to get the 2/20 leggings for my daughter and just was not wanting to pay shipping. I am still waiting on my sweaters for daughter as well. Maybe they will come today!

  • wow, this ding dong was so flustered – i kept typing freeship instead of shipfree. oye! free sweater!

  • theresa g

    Great! Paid .50 for a sweater!

  • Rini

    Great deal! All combined, I’ve now gotten four sweaters, a scarf, and a pair of panties all for under $35!

  • Amanda

    I know this deal is dead now, but just wanted to chime in and say that these sweaters are wonderful. True to size, comfortable, well-fitting. I’ve been wearing the three I got initially all the time, and with my mystery GC I ordered two more. Great, great sweaters.