Victoria’s Secret: Sweater + Lip Gloss Set + $10 Rewards Card for $12 Shipped!

Here is a variation of the hot deal I shared with you last month. Right now, VS is offering a free mystery rewards card with any purchase. The value of this rewards card is at least $10 but could be as much as $500. You don’t know the value you get until you get the card and check online. Here is a deal you can grab through Wednesday. VS is offering free shipping on Sweater purchases until then plus you can get a free lip gloss set with sweater purchase. So in essence you can buy a $12 sweater and get a free lip gloss set. Plus you also get a VS rewards card that is for sure $10 in value. All of these shipped free! Here is what you need to do:

  • Visit Victoria’s Secret and add one of these sweaters to your bag (you can add any other sweater if you like but this one is the cheapest). but there are nice sweaters for $19 too.
  • Head to checkout and use the following three codes

LIPGIFT10 Free Lip Gloss Set with Sweater Purchase
WARMSHIPVSFree Shipping & Handling with Sweater or Sweater Dress Purchase

When you get this order delivered it will include the free rewards card.  For sure it will be a $10 value but there are other values also, as much as $500.  Here is what the lip gloss set looks like.

One more thing you want to check out is that Victoria’s Secret is offering 7 panties for $24.50.  Just select from the included models and use code VS7PANTY at checkout.

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  • Casey

    FYI it reads that the free shipping code is expired.

    • Thanks for letting me know. I updated it with the right one.


  • Carrie

    Did this deal twice already- may have to do it again!

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  • Erin

    Free shipping worked for me! THANKS

  • Melissa Hiday

    The turtleneck sweater shown now says ‘Discontinued’.

  • Michele K

    WOO HOO!! $10 free is awesome, more would be even better!! I’m just happy to get a great deal on a gift for my sister 🙂

    • Michele K

      Free shipping code worked for me and I got the turtleneck sweater for $12 with free lipgloss – paid $12.60 for the whole deal

  • This may be a duh question, but the Rewards card is for VS only, or is it one of those preloaded Visa type cards?

    Thanks 😀

    • it is for VS only. I believe beginning December 1, you can redeem your rewards card at VS. I have always used them on the $10 body spray.

  • Kerri

    Site says that particular sweater is $19. Is the $12 a typo?

  • Tricia

    Ok…just tried deal. Said to get a rewards card I was not purchasing enough…just checked…need to purchase at least $100 for reward card deal.

    • Michele K

      * Spend $10 or more now through November 30, 2010 to qualify for Rewards Card according to the VS site

  • Joye

    WOO HOO both worked for me thanks

  • Judy

    They both worked for me.. Thanks so much

  • I got a $19 sweater, really cute looking and perfect for winter. I had to call to order though because the site wouldn’t take my victoria’s secret credit card :(.

  • Sally B

    Thanks so much, one more Christmas gift crossed off the list.

  • Sandra

    Theres 2 other sweaters – the lace ones, they arn’t exactly warm but they are cute! They’re cotton but fun, I already have one. Click on the second long sleeve one the first one is out of most of the colors and they are the same thing. There is a crop version too, all $12.

  • Bridget Boehm-Garcia

    I just did two separate transactions so I could get 2 rewards cards. Both codes worked for me both times. THANKS for the info!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sandra

    so…lipgloss appears to be gone. Can’t believe that bc it is advertised EVERYwhere, like in print in their magazines, so just keep in mind it may not work when you order.

    • Melanie

      The lipgloss is on backorder. I just ordered and both codes worked, but it said the lip gloss won’t be shipped until 12/1. Which is still fine for a Christmas present. Thanks for the tip! This is perfect for my teen niece.

  • tammy

    how long is this deal for?

  • Says the free gift is no longer available, due to popular demand. Doesn’t give backorder option.
    It still gives the reward card option – but be careful. You have to use them between Decemer 1 and December 19.

  • Danielle

    no backorder option for me, either on the lip gloss. Oh well. I also went for a pricier sweater – I don’t think I’ll ever wear the one you listed. But it’s still a good deal.

    I also went through ebates for another 2.5%.

  • Sandra

    Got my orders today and 1/2 them did not include the lipgloss (which said DISC) even though I got an email confirmation that I would receive them. Kinda feel cheated. I called cust serv and they said they didnt have anymore to send but would send a $10 gift card but I think they are only sending 1 even tho 3 of my orders didn’t have the lipgloss, I will have to see..I may be calling them back. There is a scarf promo they could offer or just shipping each lipgloss that was in the gift box bc they sell them regularly!

  • CrazyCatLady

    Got my sweater and lip gloss, but there was no gift(rewards) card. I want to call them and ask about it but I don’t have anything from Vic Sec about the card. Can anyone link to or email me something where they said there would be a rewards card in with the sweater/lip gloss? I don’t think telling them that “common sense with money said there was a reward card” would hold any weight.

    • Crazy Cat Lady,
      This offer is advertised on the vistoria’s secret homepage. Scroll down a little bit and you will see it there under “Free Secret Reward Card”


    • Sandra

      did you get a little booklet that looked kinda like a magazine? the card is in there.

  • Sunshine

    I’ve got a magazine with coupons for a free scarf with sweater purchase, and free fragrance gift with sleepwear purchase.. and information about how to redeem the mystery rewards card, but nothing in my package looks like the actual rewards card… am I missing something or did I just not get one?

    • Sandra

      If you ordered it before november whatever (end of the month I believe) it should be in a booklet kinda the size of the one the mail out or like bath and body works mails out but with like a dozen pages and it will be in the first page and be stickied to the inside. If its not there – call!!

      • Sunshine

        My order was processed before November 30th so I should’ve gotten one.. Lame! I’ve got the booklet/small magazine, but no mystery gift card 🙁 I sent the company an email yesterday hopefully they will reply soon or I will just call and figure out what happened.