Vinegar : Frugal and Green Cleaner

I was checking out the Dawn dish soap website the other day when I noticed that they are coming out with a new soap that has Vinegar in it.  It got me thinking:  Pay to have Vinegar added to my dish soap?  that’s crazy!

Vinegar is the ultimate frugal AND green cleaner.  I have shared my love of it with you before.  But today I wanted to share some of MY favorite uses for vinegar around the house:

  • Degreaser
  • Drain deodorizer
  • Coffee maker cleaner
  • Window cleaner: mix with ammonia and water in spray bottle
  • Bathroom cleaner: mix with dish soap and water in a spray bottle.  What I like the best of using vinegar in the bathrooms is that it leaves no soapy residue.
  • Carpet cleaner:  This tip came from the professional carpet cleaner I hired to shampoo our carpet.  For years we have been paying a lot of money buying commercial carpet cleaners for the times our dogs have accidents on the carpet.  The cleaner said use  a 50/50 mix of water and vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the spot with it.  Sure enough that worked like a charm for us.

How do you use vinegar in your home?

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