Virus Problems When Trying to Print From

It has been brought to my attention that some of you are getting virus warnings when you try to print a coupon from  It looks like there is a redirect virus going around and this is causing people to get sent to another website when they try to print from or causing them to get alerts from their anti-virus protection programs.

This is what posted on their Facebook page about this issue. Please if you are having any problems make sure to follow the link and read more about how to deal with this problem on your computer:

There are some posts about a virus being passed around the Web. This issue is unrelated to There is a Fake AVG Anti-Virus virus that is redirecting users’ browsers when they visit certain websites. See: Users who are seeing this redirect should search the Web for “Fake AVG Removal” for removal information. We can assure you that is not distributing viruses of any kind.

I hope this information helps you deal with this.

  • Julie

    Than you for posting this! It has happened to me!! I just shut it down and run Norton as soon as it happens.

    • Cathy B

      Thank you so much for posting this. Glad to know it wasn’t just me getting this.

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  • Angie

    I had this same thing while on Facebook tonight.

  • pennyscents

    I recently had my PC cleaned out & my PC tech said to stay away from & I said why, how can that be that they would be viruses they are such big sites??? He had never even heard of them (Gasp! what planet is he on, right!!!). He started to tell me that his software kept pulling them up saying that they were tracking ?something? I told him that they do track how many you print, because you can only print out 2 per pc. He agreed that is why they came up as possibly being a problem. When I went to re-install the coupon printing software back on my pc my newly installed virus software did give me a warning. Again, I was told that this is only because they have to track how many you can print. I did re-install it & have not had any problems. ppl should be very careful of opening PDF coupons!!!

  • Erin

    I don’t care what posts on their website. Of course they have to say this, what would we think if they said, sorry, but when you visit our website we ARE causing viruses? They can claim all they want, all I know is that it has happened three times to me, and it’s after I have checked a few of the non-redirecting coupons, then hit next page and that is when it redirects me to the virus junk. It isn’t when you click on one of the ads that redirects you to flowers or sephora or whatever (I never click on those by the way, I am only ever there for the actual printable coupons.) How do they explain that? It really sucks that they aren’t doing anything to actually try to fix this, and instead are blaming me, the consumer. That is all that statement says…..that it is my fault. That’s right. It’s my fault for using And I can’t wait to tell everyone I know about it. That just isn’t good business, Mercedes.

    • pennyscents

      Are you talking about the coupons that say “click & save”? Please explain in detail if you can. I am really trying to understand what is going on. Right now it sounds to me like advertisers that are advertising on (the click & save coupons, etc…) may have embedded viruses or malware in them. ???

      • Erin

        That’s just it. I never click on the click & save coupons. I only ever check the print box for printable coupons, sometimes use the sort filters (rarely), click the previous or next page buttons, and of course the print now button. It almost always seems to redirect me when I’ve hit the “next page” button, instead of loading the next page it redirects me to the virus thing.

        • pennyscents

          Wow!!! After reading all of these posts I am definitely staying away from for a while. The .50 or $1.00 off coupon is definitely not worth it. I hope they get this problem fixed soon. The virus info link above & is also posted on their FB wall just leads to information about the virus & then where to go to learn how to get rid of it. Obviously, it has somehow gotten it’s way into system if this many ppl are having problems when they go to their site. It does bother me that they are acting like it is not their site/problem! I will be posting this comment on their FB wall too. I hope they get this fixed soon!

          • Erin

            It does seem a bit like they are accusing us of not knowing what we are doing. How can coupon clippers know anything about computers? I know plenty about computers, and I never click on those stupid pop-up boxes when they (rarely) show up. So while no harm has been done, the site’s reputation is at stake, and if they treat us like children and try to give us some lame explanation that doesn’t actually solve the problem, I think they will find themselves sorry that they didn’t handle this problem better.

        • Emily

          I had the same problem. My husband is an IT guy so our computer is like Fort Knox. I was simply clicking on the next page arrow in and the anti-malware thing pops up and says it stopped something from running. I don’t know how they can say it’s not their site. I didn’t click on any banner ads, or a click and save, or anything. Just checked some boxes to choose to print and was going through the pages to see what else I wanted. I don’t really buy their story.

  • pennyscents

    Posted by someone on FB wall:

    I am a computer consultant and am well familiar with this virus. It attempted to run when I tried to print a coupon, however if you don’t answer ANY of the prompts, use task manager, click on processes and then end task for iexplore.exe, it will prevent the virus from executing. The virus want you to install their software to give you the virus. Run YOUR virus scan software to insure the virus is not present on your computer., hope this information is helpful to your users.

    • Cathy B

      I had the same problem. I didn’t install what it said, I just closed and went to my virus scan program and ran a complete scan. It was very unnerving for “” to say what they said. It was also scary for it to say you had a Trojan horse virus and that you had to install some program to get rid of it.

  • Daphne Gray

    I had to shut pc down due to this. Have had it happen before and always on Grr how irritating.

  • kelli

    I was on there just the other day andlooking for a coupon. I did not click on anything and this happened to me. I shut down the computer and ran norten when started back up. I hope that was good enough. I have not gone back to the site

  • andy

    This happened to me this week. I had no idea what caused it but now that it’s been mentioned here, I was in Had to get our computer tech to fix. Took him 25m to fix. What a pain!

  • gfb1


    coupon printers are not entirely what they seem. it’s amazing how much privacy we’re willing to give up for $0.50/2.

    but, I’m not sure which bothers me the most:
    the fact that they modify your system;
    or the fact that they claim that they don’t.

    check it out.

  • Layla

    This happened to me Tuesday night when trying to print some coupons for a Wednesday Target trip. It crashed my computer and I never did get those coupons, LOL. I ran our McAffee Anti Virus and it didn’t find anything, but the computer was in an unending loop that I couldn’t stop without shutting down.

  • Valerie

    Hey Mercedes!

    Yesterday, right after I printed coupons for Meullers Pasta, WHAM!!!, a virus invaded my brand new, 2 week old Dell all-in-one computer! I could not believe it! I could not open up any programs because this virus, disguised a “Security Shield”, was taking over everthing, trying to get me to “register” to get rid of “33 bad viruses” on my computer. I called customer service at Dell, the IT guys fixed everything (at a cost of course), and I had Norton 360 installed. My computer came with 6 months of McAffee free but I had that removed. Please, everyone, be carefull. Immediately delete any emails that are the least bit suspicious and ignore all pop-ups (Dell said this virus most likely came through a pop-up).



  • Jen

    I had the same thing happen to me. Shut down and ran virus protection, Said I had no viruses. Hope that is correct. The next time I wanted to print coupons, per advice from another blog, I went through Swagbucks and had no problem at all. HTH

  • Danielle

    I literally never download anything besides coupon installers, and it has caused me sooo many problems with computers

  • Heartland Hannah

    This has come up several times for me with also. Always when I hit the “clip” button on their website coupons so there is no way they can say this isn’t something on their site. They have a trojan in their system somewhere that is causing this and they need to find it. Their story that this is a “latent” virus sitting on our systems that just happens to trigger when we print their coupons is a bunch of garbage.

  • Support Team

    Thanks for raising the issues everyone. We have looked into the matter and have been unable to reproduce the issues ourselves. We worked with both McAfee SiteAdvisor as well as our external security consultants to review our sites and they found no security risks or viruses. We will continue to work with our providers to ensure the security of our sites.

    In talking to users who experienced a fake Anti-Virus pop-up, standard anti-virus clean-up tools have generally resolved the issues. If you are having issues while visiting, please send us a note with the name of your anti-virus provider to

    A good rule anywhere online is if you see any suspicious pop-ups on any site, do not click on it, use ALT+F4 or CTRL+ALT+DELETE to open your task manager to close it. The safety of our users and internet security is of utmost importance at Thanks for your continued support. –The Team

    • Emily

      My husband has a program called AVG loaded on our computer. It stopped a virus from loading. Here is the info the program came back with. This happened when I clicked one of the arrows to tab through the coupons.

      Exploit Rogue Scanner (type 1652);””;”Object was blocked”;”2/10/2011, 6:49:07 PM”;”file”;”C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe”

      • pennyscents

        Did you let know about this, or did you post this info on their FB wall? I spoke with my PC person yesterday & he said that one of the advertisers on that site is infected & causing this to happen. That is why it is only happening on their site. they can say whatever they want about it not being their site, but it’s BS. Actually it kind of, sort of really isn’t their site. It is the advertiser that is on their site, but they are ultimately responsible for finding out which advertiser it is, and correcting the problem.

  • Renee

    Be careful when when visiting sweepstakes websites, too. One of the IT guys at Office Depot told me that some of those are infected. I had a brand new laptop that I’d had for about 6 weeks that got infected even though I had McAfee. My computer wouldn’t let me access any websites, but would direct me to a Viagara site and a porn site. Office Depot wanted $169. I decided to use the library computer and my son’s jump drive to download a few computer clean-up and anti-malware programs (I googled “Step-by-step instructions to get rid of a computer virus.”) I was successful! One IT guy said to be careful that the virus is totally gone. It’s been about 3 weeks and I’ve had no problems. One tip I have is to use a browser other than Internet Explorer. I like Mozilla Firefox. Another good one is Apple’s Safari.

    • Mercedes

      That’s great advice Renee!

      From what I have read this virus seems to affect IE users mostly.