Vocalpoint: Free Samples, High Value Coupons and More

I have mentioned Vocalpoint before, mostly when I have alerted you to new sample offers from them or high value coupons available exclusively to members.  If you are new to this and have not hear about Vocalpoint yet, then let me share a bit more about this program.  Vocalpoint is a word of mouth program that offers women the opportunity to try new products by offering samples and coupons for free items.  All of the brands available in this program are from Procter & Gamble and just to give you an idea here are some of the full size sample I have received lately:

  • Free  full sized Bounce Bar
  • 28 day sample Olay Pro X (plus I received five $10 off one coupons to use as well)
  • Free full size Secret Clinical Deodorant
  • Coupon for a Free box of Kashi cereal plus high value coupons

And so much more.  I have been a member of this program for more than a year and a half so I have gotten tons of freebies from them.  If you are not a member yet, you really are losing out on this opportunity to have samples and coupons mailed to you.  So, don’t wait any longer and sign up for this program here.

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  • Jen

    Wow. Those sample are amazing! I have been a part of Vocal Point for 6 months and only get coupons. 🙁 Wonder what I need to do to get full size samples of products.

    • Dawn

      Jen, I have been a member of Vocal Point for a few years & get coupons quite often, I got 2 batches today. They do send out samples but not as often as coupons. Try updating your profile cos maybe they just don’t have anything yet that fits your profile. It is a GREAT website!

  • Flo

    To Jen,

    Try shespeaks.com, bzzagent, vocalpoint.com , I am a member of all three, and I love it. So try the other two sites and good luck.


  • Wendy

    Don’t forget Psst!

  • jen u

    I also signed up for VP. I haven’t received anything! I have only been to the website when they send an email. Do I need to active on the website (posting, surveys, etc) to get coupons and samples?

    • Dawn

      I do believe that you have to be active, they have let me know when I wasn’t, ie; interact w/an article, but I’m not sure if that’s why you wouldn’t recieve coupons or samples. Go to the bottom of the page & contact them! There was a long period, maybe a year, when my daughter was getting coupons & samples & I wasn’t. So when I contacted them one of their responses was to update my profile.

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